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Season's Greetings 2012

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I was so touched with the offering of the study guide details about the greeting card elements.

When the Season’s Greetings card was first posted on the website, I looked at it carefully, listened to it, and searched for all the virtues and symbols and elements. I appreciated a lot its grace and harmony. When I read in the study guide that every element is real and that some of them have been chosen on the Ashram premises, my heart was filled with so much gratitude and love. The melodious sound of the water brings me back to the silent path and Lake Nityananda, the Temple in nature. I am so touched to be taught by such a compassionate Guru in this life. A Guru who offers to each one of her disciples great greetings and priceless treasures. Now, I begin every meditation by easing every one of the 51 elements into my heart, and savouring their sweetness.

With deep, deep gratitude and love,
Annecy-le-Vieux, France

This morning in meditation, I kept seeing very delicate and closely spaced horizontal lines. These closely spaced and slightly undulating lines were like flower petals about to open, and focusing on them I was better able to align my awareness with the stillness and energy pulsating in my being.
After meditation I visited the Siddha Yoga path website and discovered the new Study Guide for Gurumayi’s Season’s Greetings card. I delighted in reading the descriptions of each exquisite element that is included in the card.
Then I was struck by the graphic of the three gently undulating lines, which reminded me of water, and remembered the image in my meditation. I felt as if the energy of grace within me was giving me a preview, a hint about the Study Guide.
After viewing and reading the Study Guide, I reflected on how present and pervasive the element of water is in the Greeting—as the three-waved graphic, in its visible and audible form, and as the medium in which the other sacred articles, symbols, and words rest. 
I had the thought that this clear, sweet water is like the abundant, pure, nectarean grace of my Guru. I felt immense gratitude for this insight.
The water of the Guru’s grace: 
It is the underlying support, and the unifying force. 
The water of the Guru’s Grace is the life-giving,
    the life-sustaining,
       the life-transforming principle
          that permeates our hearts, this world, and the subtle atmosphere as well.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for the ever-fresh and beautiful ways you teach us how to recognize and experience the Truth in everything. 

New York, USA

The word that drew me in was: "Sing." I find I'm just singing away all day—chants, carols, uplifting songs—they bring me so much joy. And thanks for a wonderful way to explore the other attributes through the Study Guide!! All my Love and Gratitude!!

Florida, USA

The first time I read the card it was to see what it was, and peruse the words written there. After that, I read it to imbibe the contents. There are so many gift stones to really contemplate but the one that seemed hard to read, yet drew me in, was Tough Love. As a parent, there are so many times when you wonder if you are making the right decisions regarding growing children; times when you have to stand up and be courageous enough to make decisions that may be painful, yet absolutely necessary.

It is also a reminder that when I'm feeling as though the Guru is using Tough Love with me, that my best interests are all that is important to her as well.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for such loving grace!

Massachusetts, USA

I am truly captivated by this work of art from Gurumayi! Thank you, Gurumayi!

Today, as I was contemplating the Season’s Greetings card, I understood that unity is a very needed quality for our sadhana. I came to understand this because it dawned on me that each stone was one of us. And these stones are touching each other. So, by staying together and practicing a virtue—each one on our own and all together—we all benefit; we all grow and contribute to each other’s sadhana. I understood that through being with each other, performing our practices together, interacting and working with each other, and helping each other, we can grow and reach the best in each of us, for the benefit of all.
Thank you again for this gift!

Madrid, Spain

FUL is on the right and NESS is on the left. We are together in spite of seeming to be away under the waters of our day-to-day lives—together with all the virtues... :) Insightful!

London, United Kingdom

What a wonderful image of water washing over stones. As I contemplated it I saw my heart being washed clean by Kundalini Shakti in the form of water, revealing the virtues in all their colour and variety. Thank you, Gurumayi, for this wonderful greeting.

Ironbridge, United Kingdom

Today the japa ring glimmered through the water. The word that popped into my mind and heart was “commitment.” It's a commitment ring. Commitment to entering into and exploring one of these qualities each day. The birds happily applauded!

Thank you, Gurumayi, for this moment of sitting by a running brook every day.
I feel inspired and blessed by it every time I open it. 

New York, USA

Each morning since the Season’s Greetings card from Gurumayi came to the website, I have visited and experienced the calmness of the flowing water, the sounds of the birds, and the vision of beautiful stones. This morning, I thought, "How can I make this viewing a spiritual practice?" So, for the first few seconds, I focused on the center stone and repeated the mantra. And then I let my eyes intuitively move to one of the stones. This will be my contemplation and practice for the day! Today, it is “Empathy.”

Deepest gratitude to Gurumayi. And thank you to all of the dedicated sevites.

Maryland, USA

Looking at and contemplating the Season's Greetings card from Gurumayi, I feel that this is a complete view of our spiritual journey, sadhana, which includes: Siddha Yoga practices, cultivating virtues, following teachings, and the Guru's grace. All this leads us to the final goal shown on the top stone with the thousand-petaled lotus with the triangle and blue pearl, the Self.

What a beautiful presentation of our spiritual journey.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for initiating and guiding us on this divine path.

Pune, India

Thank you, Gurumayi, for your Season's Greetings card to us all! I love the virtues engraved on the rounded pebbles. They remind me of the benefits that putting forth a virtue in our daily life can have.

The pebbles are under the water, and with its support they constantly move, making them round. The water makes me think of the Guru's grace that always surrounds us, and it also represents the benefits of the Siddha Yoga spiritual practices that help us become aware of the presence of grace and open us to receive its cleansing waters that purify us constantly. In this way, I have understood that through practicing the virtues and putting ourselves in the channels of grace we become rounded: our character is molded, its rough edges are trimmed away, making it smooth and adorable!

Thank you for this great teaching that we can remember through this easy-to-recall image, which impels one forward!

Madrid, Spain

One of the stones represents the sahasrara, and inside it is the sacred triangle and the Blue Pearl. Under that stone are: contentment, grace, and trust. This made me think about why these virtues are in that position, and about the magnitude of these qualities.

Thank you, Gurumayi!

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Thank you for the soothing card. I love all the peaceful sounds, and it makes me feel like I am in a rainforest and sitting right in front of a rippling lake. And I love how all the stones have beautiful words and the colors are so pretty. I like how some of them are hidden beneath other stones so it was fun to find them. And my favorite stone is the one that says Joy on it!

an eight-year-old Siddha Yogi from California, USA

Every time I look at the video I see something new.
In the bottom right corner I spotted a smiley face.
My mom found a peace sign in the top left corner.
I also really like the sound effects.  
The image is very soothing, and reading the words makes me feel really happy.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for this very pretty video.
I love you.

a nine-year-old Siddha Yogi from California, USA

As I looked at the greeting this morning and read the virtues displayed on each of the stones, my whole being lit up! Memories and feelings in my body about each of the virtues started to surface. I remembered teachings, New Year’s messages, books, talks, meditations, contemplations, and how every virtue has been engraved in my heart throughout the years. 

Thank you so much for the teachings, Gurumayi!

With love,
Montreal, Canada

I just can't stop listening to the sounds of nature that come with Gurumayi's Season’s Greetings card. These sounds make me feel so much peace, and I just want to close my eyes and listen and play it again.

Mexico City, Mexico

Delicious!! Thank you, Gurumayi. Every time I come to the site, I become more happy and calm.

Belo Horizonte, Brazil

The word "discipline" on one of the stones in the lovely video inspires me to strive for discipline in all I do and in all I speak.  

Thank you, Gurumayi, for this Season’s Greetings card on the Siddha Yoga path website.

Michigan, USA

All the pebbles on my path become precious gems when I cultivate the divine virtues, when I follow the yoga of discipline, when I cleanse my mind with spiritual practices.

May this path be a pure stream dancing and singing with the birds.

Thank you!

Oloron Sainte-Marie, France

My heart opened this morning as I listened to the sound of running water.
My mind became calm as I looked at each stone, each message, each symbol.
My awareness was then drawn to the golden nugget on the lower right side.
It reads, "Tough Love," and it reminded me of the Guru's compassion.
I know that out of love the Guru does what must be done.
Thank you for your love.  

Washington, USA

Every time I connect to the Siddha Yoga path website today, the sparkling water of Gurumayi's love washes over me, reminding me of her many blessings. Each time I look, different stones appear to stand out. What a wonderful way to connect!

Thank you, Gurumayi, for caring about connecting to us in so many touching ways!


What a wondrous surprise I received upon opening my computer today! I was so captivated by the water and the colors and each little detail of the gift that I played it five times in a row. 

Then I looked down to the shares and the first share mentioned the sounds. I hadn’t thought about sound—my speakers were off. So I played it again a number of times with the sound. Just when I thought it couldn't be more beautiful, that my heart could not be more moved, the sound delighted me even further. 

There is no end, no limit, to Gurumayi's ability to astound me. I am honored to receive this magnificent gift. Thank you, Gurumayi.

Florida, USA

When I opened the website and saw the Season's Greetings stream, I was so intrigued. My eyes searched among the pebbles attempting to read all the words and seeking to find all the treasures. When I played it again, I thought I saw new things and wondered if every time the greeting played, different words appeared?! So I kept playing it again and again. I realized that it was not the stones that changed, but the energy that was focusing my attention on these different representations of the divine Kundalini Shakti. I reflected and thought how this greeting is teaching me about the ways in which the Shakti is ever new in every moment, and how important it is to be present to perceive that newness.

Then I thought, “What is really going on here? I don't always look at something and get this kind of a lesson.” Reflecting further, an understanding arose that the effort I, as a seeker, am putting forth to reach out to connect to the Siddha Yoga path website was connecting me to your gift of grace and this incredible alchemy was bringing to light a sacred teaching about the nature of pure Consciousness.

Your grace-filled teaching, through every expression, is the most incredible gift
and I am so grateful to be alive with you in the world.

Happy Holidays, Gurumayi!

Illinois, USA

When I saw the Season’s Greetings card from Gurumayi, I was so moved, feeling her immense support for our lives. Every day is a chance to practice the virtues and the smile!! :)

Reading the stone with the words, "Thank you," I felt that Gurumayi loves us and asks us with love to follow the great teachings. Gratitude exploded in my heart.

Saying, "Thank you," is for me a practice full of love.

Thank you, Gurumayi. You are the light that guides all my life.

Livorno, Italy

Today when I opened the Siddha Yoga path website my heart was immediately infused with love and excitement, just like when you vigorously blow up a balloon. The sound of the water felt like soft caresses to my heart, mind, and my whole body. It was so refreshing.

Thank you, beloved Gurumayi, for this sacred greeting.

Mexico City, Mexico

My heart filled with gratitude, joy, and love after reading this line, “With love from Gurumayi.” I paused and sent my love to Gurumayi and thanked her for sending us a greeting. I felt a great connection with her. Thank you, Gurumayi.

It’s delightful to watch the card filled with all the good things that make your life a beautiful journey towards your goal. As I was looking at each stone—the virtues, the details of the pictures—I could see that the feeling of each virtue was arising within my being. The water sound was giving me the feeling that grace is constant. Such a wonderful experience! My eyes stopped at one particular picture—the white flowers—the same flower I see in Baba Muktananda’s Samadhi Mandir on his padukas every day; and after seeing it, my head bowed to it. What a connection! I am blessed.

Dhanyawad, Gurumayiji.

Prem Sahit

Gurudev Siddha Peeth, India

Thank you, Gurumayi, for this calming, beautiful gift.

Thank you for creating this oasis for our hearts.

Every word and virtue my eye falls upon is like a light settling into place in my being.

Cirencester, United Kingdom

After seeing the Season’s Greetings card, I felt that these are Siddha Yoga virtues that are in the heart of each one of us. The running water is the world around us, and the virtues are in our hearts. 

Many things keep happening in the world that we may experience as good or bad, and these virtues play a vital role in our lives. These virtues stand strong, soft, and subtle in our heart.

I thank Gurumayi for these teachings in my life. I also thank my parents for bringing me into Siddha Yoga since childhood.

Sadgurunath Maharaj ki Jai!

Mumbai, India

What a beautiful surprise this morning! The extending of a warm welcome, great respect, and love. All this through the fascinating scene of the water running over the lovely stones reminding me of the virtues, and water reminding me of the Guru's love that is always
flowing to us all. 

Thank you, Gurumayi, for illuminating the path of the Heart for us all.

New York, USA

I am at work in the wee morning hours at the office, and look eagerly to see what is happening on our "Shakti Cyber Highway." And what do I find? What are we all given? Beautiful wishing rocks, stones, babbling brooks, bird song, power word contemplations, and tinkling gifts. In the midst of what sometimes seems like the "daily struggle," we are once again given the ultimate grace to remember that instead of the “daily struggle” it is the "daily opportunity." 
The compassion of the Guru is completely beyond words—I am humbled and delighted to know that God really is walking this earth, just as I had secretly always hoped for.
Go raibh míle maith agat (warm thanks in Irish Gaelic).

Ireland living in Hawaii, USA

Thank you, Gurumayi. Wishing you Sweet Season’s Greetings, too. 

This truly is a sweet surprise! Joy, hope, and gratitude arise in my heart while watching the gemstones.

I am looking forward to visiting the website with my 20-months-young granddaughter and to showing her the precious stones while listening to the flowing water and the birds. It's so much fun to visit the Siddha Yoga path website with her. She loves it and likes to see it over and over again.

Her favorites are the Nityananda Arati and the Birthday Bliss Pilgrimage. She knows by heart what's next and starts conducting, clapping, blowing out candles, or is very quiet. During the Nityananda Arati she is swaying with her body and waving with her arms and hands ... totally in the moment.

With all my heart, thank you, Gurumayi, for the great, great gifts you offer so generously. Our whole family loves to receive your sweet surprises every day!

With love and gratitude!

Bussum, Netherlands