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April Nature Gallery

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Earlier today I was thinking about the steady practice of inviting the presence of God into the mundane moments that are strung together in any given day. It was clear to me that this is not a passive stance of waiting around for a moment of revelation to strike.  Instead, it’s a conscious choice to go toward the truth.
The photo of Baba surrounded by the arrangement of flowers with a light in front is a perfect reminder for me of this steady practice. The richly-colored flowers remind me of the softening my heart undergoes to ease into the presence of God. The delicate petals let me know that if I continue to use my intellect and listen to the wisdom of my heart, the richness and beauty of God’s presence will be with me. 
What a wonderful world we live in!

California, USA

When I discovered the picture of the reflection of the tree that looks as if its head is pointing down, I was so inspired! Instantly, my awareness was directed toward the heart, and I felt a great wave of joy.
It was as though this tree were clearly telling me to shift my perception—to move from a focus on the outside to the inside. What a great and natural illustration of Gurumayi’s Message for 2016!

Annecy Le Vieux, France