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  • September 2022
  • September 2022
  • September 2022

Commentary on Virtue of June 24, 2022

Commentary on Virtue of June 24, 2022
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The story of the zookeeper touched my heart. When I practiced the dharana, I went back to my childhood and remembered caring for an orphaned baby rabbit. I could see myself sitting on the grass with the baby rabbit on my lap, feeling compassion and tenderness. I also felt this tenderness when saving a little squirrel who lost his mother. Now I have a cat who was sick when I got her as a kitten, and I find it very easy to feel this quality of sweet tenderness towards her.

I try to remember this feeling of tenderness as I connect to other people and all living beings, knowing that all souls are pure and tender even if their behavior might seem different.

Hindelang, Germany

During my childhood, a lady living in my village told my parents that she was going to keep for me all the little toy soldiers that were included as a gift in packs of coffee.

Sometime after, on a soft sunny morning, I went to visit this kind lady. She welcomed me by saying my name with great sweetness and invited me to enter her clean house. Then, she opened a pack of coffee and pulled out a silvery soldier. Carefully, she put the soldier into my hands while the scent of coffee was entering my nostrils and her gentleness was permeating my heart.

Many years later, on the very day Gurumayi gave her talk on gentleness, I was offering seva as a cashier in the Ashram bookstore. As I was slipping one customer’s item into a bag, he told me: “Wooh! It’s gentleness in action!“

I understand that by infusing gentleness into all my activities—whether it be walking, driving, speaking, meditating—I experience the happiness of the divine Self.

Rodez, France

I was so touched by the story of the little zookeeper. Until a month ago my own daily responsibility was taking care of horses. I took them into my heart and adopted them as part of my family; attending to their well-being became my way of giving back to nature. By staying in my care, they were protected and kept free from commercial interests. My mission was granting them freedom to be themselves within the human boundaries that the world gives us. 

A month ago I had to give up taking care of the last one, my sweet and gentle mare. She was as courageous as the goddess herself. And with the gentleness of a flower petal, every day with her head leaning in to me, she would seek connection with my heart. I owe her and the other horses that have been part of my life for over forty years the gift of unconditional love.

Hørsholm, Denmark

This dharana on gentleness almost immediately made me aware of bodily tightness that soon relaxed, melting away with the preparatory movements. A filigreed, crystalline chariot and horses then appeared in my vision, taking me away over beautiful natural expanses; as they rose higher, I wondered where they would take me.

Suddenly, I was surprised to find myself right back in my childhood home, at the age of fourteen—a time of dynamic life change for me. I was in the living room, while aromas of comfort food wafted from the kitchen. My little dog of many years trotted up to me, and as I stroked his silvery beard, his little tail wagged, which brought a smile up from my warm, tingling heart area. I felt my eyes soften and moisten. This energized feeling spread to other parts of my body too, which then became wholly suffused with a lighter feeling.

I now have work to do in bringing forth the quality of gentleness that this dharana brought me to see welling up from within me.

Colorado, United States

It was so heartwarming to read another story that belongs to the heritage of the Siddha Yoga Gurus. The authors’ openness and their transparency about their own emotions, thoughts, and the nature of their own hearts are pulling me toward a place of deep knowledge and contemplation, where I can find happiness and a sense of gratitude for this beautiful path. It is an opportunity to walk this path with the gentle guidance of Gurumayi ji. It is a blessing for me to be able to access such knowledge with ease and clarity.

Rome, Italy

I have been doing the dharana from Part VI every day and enjoy feeling gentleness in my body and my being. My whole body relaxes and becomes very soft. Feeling gentleness in my heart always gives me a shiver of joyful energy. Experiencing gentleness in my inner being connects me in a loving way with my higher Self. 

These beautiful experiences are stored in my whole being and when I have to respond to a situation during everyday life, it is much easier for me to respond with gentleness.

Unterlangenegg, Switzerland

Each part of this commentary on samanubhuti is so rich with discovery and understanding and the writers are so generous in sharing their own experiences.
My experience with the dharana stayed with me as I followed my tasks throughout the day. The childhood memories that came to me, of my own gentleness, all had one thing in common—the gentleness I recalled was that given to me and modeled for me by my family, my teachers, and dear friends. Though my gentleness may have been inside me all along, they showed me how and when to use it. On this day as Pitru Paksha culminates, I thank them again.

I am also very thankful for this opportunity to study this beautiful word, laden with treasures, and to the intrepid writers for their splendid unpacking of its many dimensions.

Texas, United States

As I followed the dharana in Part VI of the commentary step by step, I felt lighter and more comfortable. I went back to being a little girl of about five years old. I was in a beautiful garden in front of my house with other girls and my sister. One day, as I looking at my building, I saw that on the third floor a girl younger than me was squatting there and looking at us. At a certain point I asked her, “Do you want to come and play with us?” And with a huge smile and irrepressible joy, she replied, “Yayyyy!”
After that day, every time I was in the garden I would see her face and ask her the same question and she would give me the same answer. She never came without me asking, she was waiting for my question, she wanted that sweet gesture, and I was happy with her response.
Now that I have recalled those episodes, I feel tenderness for her and for myself.

San Giorgio a Cremano, Italy

When I practiced the dharana in Part VI of this commentary, I was propelled back to when I was maybe three years old, and I would brush my mother’s hair at the end of what would have been, for her—a mother of two young children—a very long day. She loved the feeling of having her hair brushed; it was like a little head massage. I remember vividly how her whole being would relax at the first touch of the bristles. Her eyes would shut, and for those few moments, all the tiredness, all the tension of the day would just melt off of her. And I could feel this happening. I was always so happy that I could do something like this for her, that I could, in some small way, make her feel better.
I am deeply grateful to Gurumayi for her guidance to do dharanas to get in touch with the qualities of samanubhuti. Because of Gurumayi’s guidance, this most precious memory and experience of gentleness has been rekindled within me.

New York, United States

The dharana took me back to the moment when I, as a ten-year-old girl, was bottle-feeding my baby sister in my house. She was wrapped in a beautiful warm blanket, and as she drank her milk, her eyes shone delicately and divinely. My mother and brothers were nearby, each one focused on different tasks.

The lullaby that I offered to my little sister spread itself throughout my being. The angelic delicacy that emanated from her covered my body, which gave itself over to taking care of her with great softness. In recalling this, I understand that following my family dharma has always been a path I can revisit to remember those moments of softness from my childhood and throughout my life.

Mexico City, Mexico

When I found Part VI of the commentary this morning, I was delighted like a child on Christmas morning receiving a beautiful gift with a big golden bow. This gift is unfolding in my heart in the most gentle way. The dharana opened the gateway to the gentleness of my childhood, which I will continue to visit. As I tread this new path of remembered gentleness, it will flow into my present life as I pause, and choose to consciously practice gentleness for myself and others again and again—as my second nature. This practice is so timely for me and I welcome it with all my heart!
It’s changing the way I view the world at this time from feeling like a victim of circumstances to understanding with deep empathy my part and others’ part. I see we are gentle souls doing the best with what we understand at this point, and through the practice of samanubhuti new ways of being and understanding are possible, opening the world in more beautiful, gentle, and loving ways. The gift of samanubhuti continues to unfold in profound, gentle, and practical ways in my daily life.

Nora, Sweden

The moment I read about the quality of gentleness being an innate part of the life force within me, I felt gentle and relaxed, with a slight smile in my eyes, aware of my precious heart beating, aware of the sweetness in my dog, the trees, my son. I felt connected to beauty and felt peaceful. I’m so grateful to know how to discover and linger in this space of gentleness.

South Melbourne, Australia