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  • Welcome to the Siddha Yoga path
  • Welcome to the Siddha Yoga path

Dharana from the Vijnanabhairava: Meditation on the Rise of Creation

The Four Princes and the Semal Tree
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As I read this story twice, I understood that just as the seasons change, our lives are also changing. Not every time period is the same; happiness and sorrow come into our life one by one, like brothers. I have to accept both of them because each one comes to teach me something. I can see that just like a steady semal tree, my soul—my true Self—is always present and my task is to turn within toward it.

Allahabad, India

My favourite "semal tree" experience relates to the golden column of light within. I had never seen it—or so I thought. One evening in meditation, I prayed to have a vision of the golden column. Then I heard a kindly, loving voice tell me, "You do see the golden column of light. But to you, it looks like this." And a heart shape appeared in my vision.
Some time later, I started to wonder about experiences of Kundalini Shakti that I thought I did not have. The same voice gently informed me that I do have experiences of Kundalini. It said, “She appears to you as this: a rainbow.”

Sydney, Australia

I am grateful for this lovely story with the beautiful illustrations. I work with the elderly, and this story reminds me to recognize in each person— despite the outer appearance of age—their inner Self, always youthful, and full of wonder, joy, and enthusiasm.

California, United States

Reflecting on this story, I see that my life over the years has taken different forms, like the tree changing in appearance over the seasons. Nevertheless, deep inside myself, I always remain the Self and that’s what I really am. The So’ham mantra continually keeps me reminded of this Truth.
Like the father of the four sons, the Guru made me aware of this unchanging and eternal identity.

Rodez, France