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What a comfort to read these passages from the ancient texts. I found it soothing to my soul to know that everything I truly want and need is within my reach through my own self-effort and the grace of the Guru.

Reading through the verses, I received a life-changing understanding that I am not alone in my search for the Truth. I felt that with continued practice and trust in the Guru’s embrace, I can reach my goal.

Roma, Italy

This verse from the Hatha-yoga-pradipika speaks volumes! I have often experienced the Guru's grace. And I recognize, as the verse affirms, that without the Guru’s grace I could not go deep into meditation no matter how sincere an effort I make. I could not remain calm in challenging times, or withdraw my awareness from the external world and stay anchored in my Self.

Cuttack, India

Guru kripa is a profound term that is one of my favorites. On my morning walk today, instead of repeating the mantra, I decided to repeat “Gurumayi's grace.” I continued repeating these words throughout my walk, along with a prayer that I might have the Guru's grace with me always, at every moment.
Then I suddenly started telling myself, "It is only thanks to Guru's grace that I have a longing to merge with my own inner Self. It is only the Guru’s grace that has enabled me to follow the Guru's teachings. Thus, all the efforts that I have been making to carry out my sadhana are also the result of Guru's grace. Without my Guru's grace, nothing is possible.”
And now, when I was studying the teachings on the Siddha Yoga path website, I saw this posting on guru kripa. I felt as if my Guru had compassionately showered her grace on me once again to tell me, "My grace is always with you."

Thane, India

This beautiful illustration for Guru Kripa immediately captured my attention. I realized this image gave me the direct insight that all these elements exist within me—my inner Self contains all these sacred gifts.
Gurupurnima is such an exceptional time, as I watch the moon grow, and take refuge in the Siddha Yoga path website. Shubh Gurupurnima to all!

Hampton Hill, United Kingdom