Welcome to the Siddha Yoga path
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Welcome to the Siddha Yoga path

Sadguna Vaibhava – Splendor of Virtues
Virtues from Gurumayi for Birthday Bliss

Sadguna Vaibhava
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I was scheduled to go to the gym this afternoon. It was cold, and there was heavy rain. I watched the water hit the windows with some dissolving particles of ice. I did not feel like working out! I paused to tune into my intuition, and the answer was clear: go and exercise.

It was still raining softly as I left the office; however, the trees gleamed green and glistening in the brightening sun. By the time I reached the car, the sun was streaming through the windows! When I turned down the road to the gym with the sun at my back, I was greeted by a full, immensely bright, double rainbow. I was awestruck. I paused in the nearest carpark to absorb its glory and take a picture. I felt I was experiencing Birthday Bliss on my way to taking care of my body with disciplined exercise! 

Canberra, Australia

For me, intuition is a virtue that helps me to live my own divine self and therefore, for me, intuition is one with the Guru and God.

My experience is that there are different “voices” within me. My mind, my emotions, and my body each have a “voice” and can speak to me. In this jumble of voices, I recognize intuition as a very quiet, gentle, loving, and benevolent voice. Intuition never demands, and never pushes or commands me. Instead, it always sounds to me like a positive, highly intelligent recommendation of my best friend.

Unterlangenegg, Switzerland

For me, intuition is following God’s command.
Once, I was in a dangerous position and I asked God for his help. Without thoughts in my mind, I took the perfect actions and became safe in a short time. Afterwards, I experienced a deep feeling of freedom. I felt connected to my Self and through this deep awareness, I was fully present, experiencing perfection in my life.
Now, as a Siddha Yoga student, I cultivate the virtue of intuition with a regular practice of meditation.

Rodez, France

I was fascinated to notice the intricate grid of a honeycomb in the background of the design for this virtue. I recently learned that the honeycombs that bees make contain perfectly mathematical hexagons. It is amazing to me to hear that bees instinctively know how to do this.
Hearing this along with noticing the design here expands my understanding of intuition as something innate, as an aspect of inner wisdom that is a vital part of who we all are.

Vancouver, Canada

Intuition, in my experience, is inspiration surging from the Self. With the support of spiritual practices, my attention to the presence of inner silence strengthens. As meditation, chanting, and contemplation develop my capacity to listen and perceive the inner presence, my mind becomes silent, and more and more, I am guided by the Self.

To cultivate intuition, I make the effort to improve all forms of listening and to look for answers from within. Listening when others speak, listening to the sounds in nature, listening to my body, sensations, and feelings, listening to the sound of the mantra, listening in meditation—all prepare me to receive inspiration from the Self.

Ramonville-Saint-Agne, France

Intuition is a priceless support in my life, allowing me to choose actions and words that are beneficial for myself and others. Over many years, I’ve seen that doing the Siddha Yoga practices has strengthened this virtue in me. Meditation and contemplation have taught me to turn my awareness inward, beneath the level of thought, to the wisdom of the Self. And the practices of chanting, svadhyaya, seva, and dakshina have put me in touch with the stream of shakti that flows constantly within.
As a result, I’ve discovered that no matter what situation or activity I’m involved in, I can pause for a moment, turn my awareness inside to that abundant stream of wisdom, and be guided in the right direction.

Massachusetts, United States