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January 2022

The Pure Effulgence

Meditation on the Sūrya-gāyatrī
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Tonight I meditated in silence on the content of the Surya Gayatri mantra. I created space in my heart and asked Savitri, the Sun God, to take a seat inside and illuminate my heart.
As my heart began to open, I experienced a bright light filling my heart. The gentle rays of this light flowed through my whole body. My mind became still and humble, and then the impermanence of my body, my relationships, my abilities, my wealth, and my life revealed themselves to me. With great love I realized that I, as the observer of everything, am imperishable.
When I came out of this meditation, I was filled with a feeling of complete humility.

Unterlangenegg, Switzerland

Listening to the Surya gayatri mantra, I feel my whole being relax into a deep and quiet place where my worries are dissolved. I am left with boundless gratitude for having a Guru in my life and for her ever-present grace.

Queenstown, New Zealand

Tonight as I was listening to and meditating with the Surya Gayatri mantra, I experienced deep peace pervading me. I felt I was melting into Gurumayi’s love. To experience such peace during challenging times is a truly precious gift!

Unterlangenegg, Switzerland

As I listen to and recite this beautiful mantra, I feel I am becoming one with its radiance. I feel it illuminating my being and providing me with an armor of strong protection.

Mersin, Turkey

Over the last few days, before I sat for meditation, I listened to the recording of the Surya Gayatri mantra. I focused intently on the mantra’s vibrations and on the sound and meaning of the Sanskrit words. As I did this, I saw that I was filled with the light of Consciousness.
I felt the mantra lead me into a state free from identification and attachment. In this deep space, I felt protected, peaceful, and fully present.


Paris, France

Since the first time I heard the Surya Gayatri mantra, it has been repeating inwardly in my mind. Its presence is a blessing for my sadhana and my well-being during the dark days of winter.
Whether it is grey and wintery or the sun is lighting up the sky and the trees in my garden, I am aware, more than ever before, that the sun is always there! This is a constant reminder of my true Self.

London, United Kingdom

Gurumayi’s teachings about the sun and the sky are a key to joy for me. When I feel constrained, I make my way to a place where I can gaze at the sky and recite the Surya Gayatri mantra.
This practice reminds me that, just as the sun illumines the Earth and our solar system, the light of God permeates me and the realm in which I exist. This awareness immediately uplifts me.

Vadodara, India

On this beautiful, clear morning of Makara Sankranti, I recited the Surya Gayatri mantra and meditated while listening to it. As I did this, I experienced Lord Surya in the power of the sun vibrating within me. My body became so alive. I felt strong, full of clarity and gratitude for life.

Oslo, Norway

Today in honor of Makara Sankranti, I stood on the bank of a dam in the early morning stillness and recited the Surya Gayatri mantra as the sun rose. I watched the sky turn golden and gazed at the mist rising from the water.
As the sun’s rays illumined both the sky and landscape, I understood why the mantra invokes “… Earth, Sky, and Heaven!” I offered my gratitude not only to Lord Surya, but also to everything that his light illumines within and without.

Lake Bolac, Australia