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Gurumayi's Guidance

Gurumayi's Guidance - Assurance of Being
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What a surprise I had when I opened the Siddha Yoga path website this morning! I knew there was something wonderful the moment my eyes saw the light-blue sky in the image on the screen, drawing me in—into what? Into yet another portal to “Gurumayi's Guidance.” I was so excited!

After following Gurumayi's instructions in the beautifully read audio version, I had the experience of being the energy of the body and around the body. As my heart felt delight and a gentle sweetness sweep into it, I stayed near it yet separate from it. I am left feeling bathed in the energy that is me, but which is not emotion or thought. This is a wonderful, expansive experience. 

How blessed I feel to receive Gurumayi's prasad and love in this form.

South Melbourne, Australia