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  • March 2023
  • March 2023
  • March 2023
  • March 2023

Verses on Mind and Meditation - Bliss of Oneness

Verses on Mind and Meditation - Bliss of Oneness
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After reading this beautiful verse, I contemplated what meditation is and how it affects my mind. Then, during my recitation of Shri Guru Gita, I practiced calming my thoughts by focusing on my breath as I recited the verses.

Afterwards, in meditation, a bright blue light filled my whole being with bliss. I understood that a thought-free state releases bliss in me, and that with practice and grace I can deepen the thought-free state. 

Unterlangenegg, Switzerland

As I arose from my daily practice of meditation today, I was aware of the stream of joy bubbling within me. I prepared breakfast and then drove to my daughter’s house to celebrate my granddaughter’s first birthday.
While conversing with my family, enjoying lunch, and playing with my granddaughter, the underlying bubbling joy continued to permeate my awareness. On the drive back home, I was filled with gratitude for my experience of “the bliss of oneness” that had filled my day.

New Jersey, United States

This morning I chanted the mantra Om Namah Shivaya as I do most mornings as I prepare to meditate. And then there it is—the merging, becoming one, “the bliss of oneness.” It slips into my meditation so easefully and each time I am surprised and so pleased.

Sydney, Australia

This morning as I meditated, I focused on consciously releasing my mind from its many thoughts and repeating the mantra over and over. After a while, I became aware that my mind was completely still while the mantra was humming in the background. I experienced a contentment throughout my whole being and felt completely at one with myself and with everything.
Afterward, when I read the verse on “The Bliss of Oneness,” I was so happy to realize that this had been my experience in meditation.

Ripon, United Kingdom

This morning after a deep meditation and my recitation of Shri Guru Gita, I recognized that, instead of the usual sweet stillness and well-being I usually enjoyed at this moment, I was experiencing discontent. I watched this feeling and asked, “Why are you visiting me now?” 
Immediately I saw in my mind that the discontent of feeling separate has been there since my very first breath and has nourished my tendency to grumble, groan, and growl so easily. Then, the title of the verse from the Viveka Chudamani that I had read before going to sleep visited my mind: “The Bliss of Oneness.” And I understood why I like reciting Shri Guru Gita so much—because it guides my mind to a state of stillness and prepares it to “merge in the Absolute,” which has been my deep longing all my life.

Plougonvelin, France

Ever since I have been practicing svadhyaya and meditation, I see that my mind gets completely still and I can better understand the language of the heart. I feel that my Self is perfect. I have a deep longing in my heart to be one with this vibrant Shakti and with Gurumayi ji. I would love to have such serene inner company forever!

Bhandara, India

This evening, as I was engaged in the ordinary act of changing my clothes, I suddenly became aware that I was the Witness. I experienced bubbling joy and a surging energy within me, and felt it was none other than “the bliss of oneness.” As I allowed my mind to revel in the delight arising within, I mused how this joy really exists at all times.
Gazing at the room, I perceived blue dots dancing and sparkling before me. I embraced their joy, their grace, and drank deeply of the gift that had opened before me. As the experience subsided, I thanked the Siddha Gurus for their wondrous blessing and went to sit for evening meditation.

New Jersey, United States