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  • Sweet Surprise
  • Welcome to the Siddha Yoga path
  • Welcome to the Siddha Yoga path

Shri Guru Illumines All Like the Sun

Shri Guru Gita Verses
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I was so intrigued by the deep blue color in this image. It takes me to the stillness of the meditation hall, the vibrancy of the Blue Pearl, and indeed to a part of my heart which sees this color as the hue of the Self.

When I recite Shri Guru Gita, this is the color I see in my mind’s eye.

Montreal, Canada

Each morning since a recent eclipse I have been watching the sun rise through darkened eclipse glasses. The sun first announces its arrival with a golden glow appearing behind the mountain. Then a sliver of brilliant orange light appears amidst the dark mountain outline. Silently, slowly, the sun’s breathtaking, radiant form rises and grows larger and more beautiful.
These verses of Shri Guru Gita have been particularly filled with energy for me each morning. I experience that the Guru brings her awesome presence into my life daily. All I have to do is watch for it.

New Mexico, United States

It is the greatest wonder to have this illuminating, warming, loving light of the sun and the Guru in my life. May I always be aware of this miracle and be grateful.

Hindelang, Germany

What joy! Some other Siddha Yogis and I decided to recite Shri Guru Gita at the same time this morning in our own homes. Before the recitation we viewed the Siddha Yoga path website and were delighted to find a focus on Shri Guru Gita and Surya Devata. This focus strengthened and illuminated my connection to the Guru, my fellow Siddha Yogis, and my Self as I recited Shri Guru Gita. After the recitation, a beautiful rainbow appeared. What a glorious way to celebrate the light of Lord Surya together.

Hawaii, United States

During the hours I was in labor with my son, I kept hearing verse 37 in my mind. Afterwards I looked up the meaning of it. Months later it took on much greater significance for me. My son was diagnosed with an intellectual disability, and there were times when the going got rough. Through it all, however, I would always remember that it is the Guru’s love that fills me with love for my son. To this day, verse 37 always makes my heart smile. 

California, United States

On New Year's Eve, I spent time in nature contemplating the previous year and forming an approach for the coming year. The intention that arose within me was to focus on being filled with the Guru’s light.
I was so happy when I read these verses from Shri Guru Gita, with the heading “Shri Guru Illumines All, Like the Sun.” When synchronicities like this happen, it makes me feel that Gurumayi is, indeed, always with me.

Taupo, New Zealand

On New Year’s Eve, reflecting on the previous year and recalling the tidal wave of losses I had experienced, I decided to recite Shri Guru Gita. Afterwards, I found myself shouting with joy, “I am free! I am free!” The feelings of loss were gone.

That night I dreamed about Gurumayi, and waking up in the morning, I realized for the first time in my life that I had actually stepped into the brilliant power of the new year. I felt so full inside, and I still do.

Reading verse 23, I recognized that my transformation had been the result of Gurumayi’s grace guiding me through my darkness to the light of the Self.

New York, United States