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Happy Holidays Gallery 2016 II

Happy Holidays Gallery 2016 I
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There is a beauty, calm, and peace in these images which uplift and inspire. It is as though nature has taken such care with the beautiful crystal mandala within every snowflake. And in the quiet of the great blanket of snow, each and every sevite has also taken such gentle care—with the detail of a decoration, the color of the icing on the cookies, the angle of a photo, the respectful acknowledgment of another's presence.
Thank you so much.

Melbourne, Australia

What stands out for me in these images is gentle, benevolent light in the midst of darkness. Small lights twinkling on an evergreen, a candle, the sun breaking through—all signify to me the return of light at the darkest time of year here in the northeastern United States. I’m deeply moved by this reminder of the heart of our Guru's gift: guiding us from darkness to light.

Connecticut, USA

Through their light and grace, these photos take me to my heart and fill me with gratitude for this path, for Gurumayi, Baba, and Bhagavan Nityananda.
What a wonderful reminder of abundance—and God's love.

Georgia, USA