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February Nature Gallery II

2016 February Nature Gallery 12016 February Nature Gallery 3
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Nature is really astounding in these photos. I imagine it must be very cold this winter for the photographers who walk out into nature to take these photos for us. I consider the seva they offer, day after day, to be "love in action," which enables us to remain so connected with nature and with Shree Muktananda Ashram.
Thank you! And Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!

Hong Kong

These photos are a feast for my heart and my eyes! The sky is so magnificent. As I view the images, I feel I am training my eyes and all my senses to be present.
I am so grateful to have this exquisite gallery as a way of visiting the sacred grounds of Shree Muktananda Ashram. 

New York, USA

When I saw the brilliant red cloths in the Bhagawan Nityananda Temple in honor of the Chinese New Year, I felt so much joy that I dressed my murti with red clothes and offered Bade Baba special food. Then my daughter, who studies the Chinese language, wished him Happy New Year in Chinese. We are so happy!
Happy Chinese New Year to everyone! 

Milan, Italy

Seeing that chair on the edge of Lake Nityananda is quite an experience! Since it's a photo, I can't hear any sounds—only absolute, profound silence. Then I start to feel the subtle beats of my heart.

That immense silence is still within me but this time, movements of love are blossoming in great sweetness within myself.

Milan, Italy

As I looked at the pictures, my heart opened and I felt so much joy. My attention was drawn inward and I felt as if my heart was so large and full of love for everyone around me.
I loved seeing so many beautiful colors in these images. This made me realize how beautiful my own life is too.
Thank you, Gurumayi!

New Delhi, India

After reading the beautiful February letter, “Moving Forward in Sadhana”, I went to view these photos of nature. I remembered how the author of the letter talked about moving around as a photographer to explore his subject more deeply. This helped me appreciate the different views of the lily in this gallery. As the pictures of the lily grew closer in focus, I noticed that more light was revealed. The experience brought me deep into myself and to a feeling of inner peace and joy!

Massachusetts, USA

When I look at the Nature Gallery photographs, I try to memorize what they look like, so I can visualize one or more at night when I am falling asleep. 
No matter what my state of mind may be, the memory of these photos helps me to think of something beautiful and to remember my connection with the Guru as I go to sleep. 

Massachusetts, USA