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The Waxing Moon of Gurupurnima I

Gurupurnima Moon Gallery IIGurupurnima Moon Gallery III
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Looking through these photos inspired such a tangible experience of unity and longing within me. So much beauty, so much grace, and such exquisite light shining on endlessly varying landscapes—the one light giving birth to so many different beautiful forms. 
In my heart I recognized, welcomed, and delighted in this experience of unity, even as I long for peace to manifest fully in this world among all these diverse countries.
I offer my salutations to the divine light both within and without.

Washington, USA

As I viewed this photo gallery, I absorbed the light of the moon. I felt quiet, spacious, and bright, as if I had become the same light. I was aware of great inner joy.
I realized that the light of the moon is a reflection of my own light and of each person’s light. I feel grateful and happy.
Thank you so much, Gurumayi, for this experience and insight!

Amsterdam, Netherlands

 It is so moving to see the devotion to Shri Guru in the form of photos of the Gurupurnima moon offered by devotees. I love seeing the Guru's moon through the eyes of Siddha Yogis in their own city, town, or village. These images reflect the one golden heart beating in each chest, the one Self animating everything and everyone.

California, USA

We are looking at the moon with so much love and gratitude for the Guru's grace. Seeing all these moons is like seeing everyone's hearts shining in the sky. Each place feels a little different, but each heart radiates the same light. To the one perfect heart! Shubh Gurupurnima!

Illinois, USA

Last night on Gurupurnima, I looked for the full moon. At first I could not see it because the night was dark, with deep, black clouds covering the sky. But, then it was there! The moon was a pool of light. My heart was pounding with love and gratitude for the presence of my beloved Gurumayi in my life.

As I looked at the moon, I saw that the clouds around it were different shades, some very beautiful, some soft, others intense. I understood that those clouds resembled my feelings and thoughts. Some are soft and beautiful, others intense, and they all flow. They flow around my center, which is my own Self.

Mexico City, Mexico

On the evening of Gurupurnima, my wife and I participated in a beautiful satsang in honor of Shri Guru. On the drive home, we saw the most beautiful and fullest moon nestled in the arms of AUM, created by the clouds.

North Carolina, USA

Seeing all these beautiful pictures of the same moon from around the world gave me a vision of the Self in different dressings.  Though it appears in infinite ways in so many places, the Self is actually the same—it is exactly the same thing, everywhere. It is never a different moon; it is always the same one. It is never a different Self; it is always the same.

Massachusetts, USA

These beautiful photos of the moon convey one special message to me— we can experience so much peace in this world. And they also remind me to pause and reflect on and share the beauty of peace.  

Deggendorf, Germany

I feel a sense of inner delight as I view the photos of the moon from all over the world. It gives the perspective that we are truly a global community; the same moonlight shines upon us all, no matter where we live. I’m inspired to reflect on how the inner light of the Self shines through each of us.

Wisconsin, USA

I was feeling sad about what I had heard in the news and about some happenings in my own life, when suddenly I saw the moon over the mountain. A smile came over my face. I took my camera out and stayed there, watching the moon.

It seemed that every cell in my body had become silent, very silent. The awareness of grace, of purity, arose, and I realized that the Self is not involved in happenings and feelings. The moon is also not involved—she just shines on me, as grace shines on me.

I see the moon right now, while writing this, and with her there are two shimmering stars. I think of so many other Siddha Yoga students watching this moon now. We are one in our Guru's grace. I pray for unity: "Let us be united."

Hindelang, Germany

For the last couple of years, I have been participating in taking photos of the moon for the Siddha Yoga path website, and I have become very aware of the position of the moon each day. When I leave work late at night after my nursing shift, I gaze up to find the moon and feel the Guru’s love radiating down upon me.

It is so comforting to know that other Siddha Yogis of the global sangham are also basking in the light of the Guru’s moon at the same time I am.

New York, USA