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Siddha Yoga Satsang with Gurumayi Chidvilasananda

in Honor of Akshaya Tritiya and Mother’s Day

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Two words that delighted me in reading this talk are “sweet efforts.” These words removed the idea that effort is laborious, or weighted down. They served to remind me of the joy in taking just one step in the right direction, for that small movement is inevitably met by grace. This union of grace and self-effort brings me the ecstatic experience that I am never alone, and that my life is illuminated by a power that surpasses anything that I can imagine.
Today, there were several moments when I remembered that I have the power to change the direction of my thoughts. Being able to do so made everything about my day worthwhile.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for being present in my life in such an immediate and powerful way. 

California, USA

This website is such a precious presence in my sadhana. Awash with the busy-ness of life, I was not able to view the images and talk from this satsang before today. I prepared myself for the satsang with hatha yoga and meditation, and then, sitting before my computer, I drank in the beautiful images of the satsang in Bhagavan Nityananda’s temple. The purity and sacredness of the atmosphere enveloped me; when I closed my eyes, I could see myself actively participating in the satsang.

Before reading Gurumayi's words, I paused again to prepare myself. Her beautiful words resonated through me, enlivening the sweet essence of my own being. I took my time, pondering, reflecting on how these words were relevant to me in my sadhana at present. Many times I was drawn into soft meditation, feeling I was bathing in divine delight. Thus passed a peaceful, inspiration-filled hour. What a wonder-filled use of technology!

Dulwich Hill, Australia

I had been going through a hard time and was finding it difficult to focus on the practices and sadhana. Then, on Akshaya Tritya, May 8, 2016, my mom kept saying, “Today is the day to start new things; it’s an auspicious day.” I listened to my mother and decided to take a new approach and change my attitude toward all the challenges I was experiencing.
Now, as I read Gurumayi’s talk on galvanizing the spirit, I find connections with what she said and what happened to me. I understand how, starting on that day, by giving my best, giving with all my heart and with true love, the best came back to me.
I am filled with gratitude for beloved Gurumayi. Thank you for this teaching! I feel so much grace and love.

Ghaziabad, India

I am so grateful to have a living Guru who gives me such timely guidance. She always seems to know just what I am struggling with. What an amazing life, walking this path.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for showing me how to manage my mind, for supporting me to keep bringing my thoughts back again and again to something positive. Thank you for reminding me that I want to continue to make sweet efforts throughout each day to bring my mind back.

New Mexico, USA

Reading this talk brought tears to my eyes and deep gratitude to my heart. Such a strong, beautiful example of how to move through times like those we find ourselves in!

Hearing Gurumayi's love, commitment, and gratitude for all the great ones who have given themselves so generously, I felt welcomed into the only circle in which I would ever want to live. I offer my own love and renewed commitment to all that we hold dear.

Washington, USA

As I was reading the first page of Gurumayi's talk, I stopped to offer my infinite love to Gurumayi. I was very happy to find Gurumayi saying that offering our best to the Guru, and to everyone, means offering our “true love.”

I love the practice of refreshing my resolution. I feel inspired to be more steadfast in this practice and to bring my mind back again and again to the “divine field” within—where there is nothing except true love and gratitude for beloved Gurumayi!

Gandhinagar, India

The word galvanized is so strong. What does it mean to galvanize my spirit? I looked the word up, and one of the definitions I found is “to cause people to become so excited or concerned about an idea or issue that they want to do something about it.” Gurumayi’s talk has galvanized me—with concern about where I’ve been letting my mind go and excitement about bringing myself back to thoughts of gratitude and service.

Massachusetts, USA

Gurumayi's talk is timely for me. This morning I was struggling with some familiar, unproductive feelings and thoughts. I went to the website to find support and renewed focus, and there it was! Thank you Gurumayi for reminding me, once again, to be the best that I can be, to offer love to others, and to serve all beings.

Wales, United Kingdom

Thank you, Gurumayi ji, for taking us again and again to the right place, to the heart. Thank you for sharing your teachings so generously on the Siddha Yoga path website. I will do thy bidding.

New Jersey, USA

This talk reminds me that I can apply the Siddha Yoga teachings and practices to every aspect of my life, including civic involvement. For me this includes how I stay informed—what and how much I read, what kinds of conversations I have, and how I think about events. The practices of mantra japa and witnessing my thoughts are my best friends in this endeavor.

Gurumayi’s generous sharing about the hatha yoga course tells me that it takes constant, daily effort to keep my mind where it needs to be. Through steady effort, I can offer my prayers and participation. I can give my best. I am galvanized!

Rhode Island, USA