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September Nature Gallery II

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In each magnificent photo, I see that Nature is always giving. To me, it seems that the nature of Nature is to give! From the tiniest flower bud, to the web-spinning spider, to the singing bird—these photos show me just how much the gift of grace is always flowing all around me.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for reminding me to be aware and grateful for all I am receiving in every moment.

California, USA

When I was looking at the photo gallery, my mind slowed down and became quiet and calm.
The beauty of nature is so incredible, and I realized I am an integral part of this divine nature! How beautiful I am too!

Nasik, India

This morning as I viewed the Nature Gallery, I realized how each image records something incredible and awesome happening in nature. And I can see that the photographers have given deep attention to the world around them and have moved through this world with awareness, stillness, and grace.
This teaches me that I too can strive to do this as I move through my world—to move with graceful attention to the beauty of God around me.

Pune, India

As I beheld the series of images, I felt a deep sense of calm filling my body. I was aware of my breath moving through my entire body. I heard the mantra repeating itself within me. By taking time to behold these beautiful images of nature, I feel that I have received Gurumayi's darshan. I choose this as my starting point for the day ahead.

Alaska, USA

My first response to these photos was "Wow!" and then I felt a deep peace. These pictures are so alive that it is like being right there, in the presence of nature. The experience leaves me in a state of stillness and clarity of mind. I will try to preserve this state throughout my day.
Thank you for your blessings, Gurumayi.

Reggio Emilia, Italy