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Yoga — Skill in Action
Offering Seva in Shree Muktananda Ashram

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How wonderful to see the joy and focus these Siddha Yogis bring to their practice of seva. Seeing these photographs, I too feel this joy and love for Gurumayi and the Siddha Yoga path!

Massachusetts, USA

The photograph of Shiva Nataraj—dancing in his full radiance and smiling with detachment at the gorgeous play around him—reminds me why I offer seva: to move closer to the constant experience of the play of the Self, to become grounded in the state of offering without expectation, and to express gratitude to my Guru for all I have received.

New York, USA

I look forward to every new posting on the “Yoga—Skill in Action” site. I see one-pointedness in the sevites as they go about their tasks and happiness in their interactions. I love the beautiful settings too. Every photo uplifts me.

San Felipe, Mexico