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Festival of Lights

A Gallery in Celebration of Deepavali 2018

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When I saw the lighted nautilus, it triggered in me a deep feeling of being at home. I continued to look at this photo, and slowly a memory arose from years ago. I had seen a similar nautilus near Baba's seat in the courtyard of Gurudev Siddha Peeth. Looking more closely at the image on the website, I could even recall the marble of the courtyard. The entire memory became more and more vivid.

When I was at the Ashram, the feeling of being at home was so deep, so amazing, so wonderful. What a gift it is to be able to bring it back to my mind today through this Deepavali Gallery.


As I visit and revisit this gallery, I am captivated by each and every diya, by each one’s steadiness in holding the flame. No matter what material they’ve been crafted from, no matter how plainly shaped or artfully adorned, each one holds the flame equally. And each one is beautiful.
It reminds me of how we Siddha Yoga students carry the divine flame kindled by the Guru’s love, each in our own ways, in our own place.
I’ve asked myself lately, “Will I see the Devi, coming to vanquish darkness with her Light?” The images in this gallery answer me, affirming, “She is within us. We are that Light.”

I thank Gurumayi for showing us again and again who we truly are.

California, United States