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Baba’s Teachings From His Book Meditate

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The practice of meditation has always been challenging for me, as my mind was always filled with thoughts and anxiety. Listening several times a day to Paul's reading of Baba's teaching on meditation, I am learning that the Self is not something to seek outside of me—it is already in me. With this understanding, I am able to relax and trust the shakti to do its work. I realize time and again that the Truth I have been so eager to attain is right there under my nose.

California, United States

I sense that meditation reveals a glimpse of the Truth. For so long, my life has been spent in a fantasy world, riding endless waves of random thoughts and moods and clinging to them habitually and unconsciously. But through the practice of meditation I can become free of this fantasy world and experience a deeper state. I think of the ocean, where there is freedom, expanse, and wonder, even when the seas are stormy.
My intention is to be like the ocean, to explore the deeper levels of my true nature and reach the fullness and perfection of the Self.

West Vancouver, Canada

I first connected with this excerpt from Baba’s book Meditate when my husband played the recording for us as we were falling asleep. I found myself floating serenely into sleep. It was lovely.
The next day I listened to the recording as I followed along with the text. Being able to pause the recording, contemplate the meaning, and then resume the recording allowed for a deepening of understanding and an exaltation of spirit.
I am in awe of how concise, clear, and alive Baba's words are to explain the highest, most sacred wisdom. His words open the door to the experience of what he is explaining. Baba never ceases to amaze me!

Oregon, United States

Last night, I read this excerpt from Baba’s book Meditate and was delighted by Baba's teaching to meditate on the Self—because “the mind becomes like that on which it meditates.” Previously, I had been meditating on the space between the eyebrows. When I meditated on the Self, I experienced an expanded feeling. I was meditating on formless awareness.
I am grateful to Baba for his beautiful instruction on what to meditate on— and why. 

Colorado, United States

As I contemplate Baba's words about meditation on the Self, gratitude arises for the inspiration to meditate more deeply and often, and for the Guru's grace in leading us beyond thought and form. 
Lately in meditation, I've been focusing on allowing my thoughts to dissolve in the peaceful space of Consciousness within. Yet I sometimes struggle with troubled thoughts that arise related to the pandemic and the wildfires currently in my part of the country. But when I brought patience and perseverance to applying Baba's guidance in my meditation, the recognition came that any and all thoughts are of a form, while the Self is without form. It then became more easeful for me to allow all the thoughts to lose their form in the formlessness of the Self—and to meditate peacefully. 
Two nights ago, I dreamed that Gurumayi invited us to go in meditation to the opening that Baba is creating for us: a pillar of blue light leading to perfect freedom.  

Oregon, United States

While reading this excerpt from Baba’s book Meditate, I was reminded that I constantly have a choice about which thing to draw my mind towards. Baba’s words led me to wonder, “How can my mind more consistently direct its attention toward the One who constantly observes it?”
I have found that what works for me is to first become aware of my thoughts, and then to remain in this awareness while allowing the thoughts to disappear. As I do this, the regular flow of my breath comes to the foreground and revitalizes my mind with prana-shakti.
Through this practice, I experience that the actively flowing river of my mind merges into the ocean of Consciousness and regains the purity of its source. In this way, I return again and again to the truth of Baba’s teaching: that I am the great Self, and that is my true nature.

Rodez, France

I am not one who has profound visions in meditation; I don't see twinkling lights or hear divine sounds. However, I love working with the mantra So'ham and Hamsa, chanting Om Namah Shivaya outwardly and inwardly, focusing on Gurumayi, or simply witnessing whatever comes up in my thoughts without attachment and letting it fade away. 
I also find it interesting to explore meditation using different visualizations.  For example, I imagine myself easefully treading water while inwardly letting go of concepts and muscles one by one. Then, when I feel there is nothing more to let go of, I stop treading and let myself sink into the ocean of Consciousness without resistance. 
Meditation is fascinating and my indispensable Siddha Yoga practice. Reading this excerpt from Baba’s book Meditate reminded me of how thankful I am for the grace that has awakened in me both the desire to meditate and the inspiration to continue exploring this amazing practice.  It is the ultimate incredible journey!

West Vancouver, Canada

I really enjoyed being read to and following the text at the same time. Using my ears as well as my eyes to focus on the teachings helped me to keep my mind attentive while receiving Baba’s words. Afterward, my mind was deeply quiet and calm. I was in meditation with my eyes open, simply being, simply perceiving.

Florida, United States

As I contemplate Baba’s words from Meditate, I’m realizing that any word, idea, or image that I repeatedly hold in my awareness will function as a mantra and have an effect on me. Essentially, I see that I will experience the nature of that which I focus on.
Baba, of course, is pointing me toward meditating on the Self and I am reveling in this wonderful intention.
Baba’s words also shed light for me on how to approach the current world health crisis. What a valuable reminder I’m receiving—to be vigilant about where I focus my awareness. I’m finding that Baba’s teaching to absorb the mind in the experience of the Self is highly practical for me at this time.

Arizona, United States

I listened to this beautifully read passage before my morning meditation, and Baba’s words, “To know this knower is true meditation,” resounded within me. 
During meditation I continually guided my awareness to that knower who sees and identifies all thoughts and feelings.
As my experience deepened, I had a powerful insight into how to refine my intention for this year, so that it will arise from the purest source.
Now, with great enthusiasm I am working to capture in words and drawings this refreshed intention.

Hampton, Australia

Baba Muktananda's teaching on meditation came as a sweet reminder for this particular moment in my sadhana.
After reading Baba's words and listening to Sundardass bhajan, I sat down for a short meditation.
To my wonder, all the practices I’d been participating in—the monthly Meditation Sessions, and the Aratis to Bade Baba in the "Be in the Temple" live video streams, to name a few—were synthesized into one state inside of me.
Baba's teaching made seemingly different parts of Siddha Yoga knowledge fall into one place.
From that space I can connect more deeply with Gurumayi's Message for 2020 and with her Message Artwork. 

New York, United States

I felt so much gratitude after meditating on the “pure ‘I’ consciousness.”
Initially I had been somewhat distraught and prayed fervently to merge into this experience that Baba speaks about. Gradually I began to witness Consciousness, and I had the experience of being witnessed by Consciousness. It was like being inside a temple of mirrors.
Shakti pulsated through my entire being in the silent wonder of this pure awareness.

Colorado, United States

How delighted I was to wake up this morning and find Baba's teachings from his book Meditate
I have been excited for many months about my meditation practice. After I retired, I began developing my meditation practice, giving it more time, compassion, and energy. Meditation has bestowed many gifts in the form of the virtues. During this challenging global pandemic it has helped me stay calm. 
I believe meditation is one of the best practices to change ourselves and the world! I am grateful for this support of my practice of meditation.

Florida, United States

Hearing Baba’s words triggered a recognition, like a light switch, a shift in my awareness. They brought me the comfort and contentment of knowing all thoughts are simply a part of being—without judgment or difference.

Florida, United States

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