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St. Valentine’s Day Celebration

Friday, February 14, 2020

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Yesterday evening I was delighted by the beautiful photographs of the St. Valentine´s Day satsang. Then, this morning I had a dream. I was in Shri Nilaya with Gurumayi and many Siddha Yoga students. Gurumayi invited us to sing a song together, and we all stood in a large circle around her. Although there was a lot of space in the hall, we got closer and closer to each other.
When I woke up, I felt very happy with my sense of closeness to the Siddha Yoga sangham. I realized that the Siddha Yoga Universal Hall and the sangham are accessible to me all the time.

Cologne, Germany

How wonderful it is to experience the sky, the colorful clouds, and the sunlight in Shree Muktananda Ashram on St. Valentine’s Day through this photo gallery.
When I saw the light, the flowers, the joy and laughter during the satsang with Gurumayi, I felt as if I were there, sharing the love! 

New York, United States

Each picture is captured with so much love and devotion!
I am deeply honored and feel that it is my great good fortune to have had the darshan of Gurumayi and Bhagavan Nityananda on the occasion of St. Valentine’s Day—the day of love.
Viewing the photos, I felt as though I was physically receiving a rose from Gurumayi, and a deep sense of contentment arose within me.  

Bedford Gardens, South Africa

The brilliance and purity conveyed in these photos touched me so deeply. Something beyond the exquisite quality of each picture drew me inside, into a place of wonder.
When I first saw the picture of Carlos in front of Gurumayi, I perceived in his expression that he was offering her a rose. But in the next few slides, I realized that it was Gurumayi who was offering Carlos a rose!
I understood that the Guru’s love is infinite, and that in this perfect love the giver and the receiver become one.

Rodez, France