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Happy Mother's Day

Sunday, May 10, 2020

You may chant Niranjani Annapurneshvari while viewing the images.

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What a beautiful experience I just had viewing these lovely photos while chanting this exquisite namasankirtana! I sat here, alone at my kitchen table on an overcast spring morning, with snow flurries falling over the new green buds on the trees. I felt I was transported to a powerful satsang, chanting and reflecting on being a mother and having a mother. The sweetness of those images in the form of mothers and their children, Mother Nature, and lots of sweets to eat touched my heart. I feel full on many levels!

Montana, United States

What a beautiful expression these photos are of Gurumayi's poem “The First Love”! The pictures of mothers and children touch my heart and remind me of the unending love and support I felt from my own mother.
I wish to thank all the dear mothers who live and have lived on this planet, for bringing these loving qualities to their children and therefore to our world.

Workum, Netherlands

These beautiful images send out much love, brilliant light, and heartwarming shakti! I send my blessings and wishes for a happy Mother’s Day to all who have given and received the love of a mother.  

Florida, United States

I have had a sweet and tender moment in singing this beautiful hymn, Niranjani Annapurneshvari, in praise of the Goddess while viewing the photographs at the same time. I was immersed in gratitude to all the mothers and to Mother Nature, who give life with so much love and beauty.

Montreal, Canada