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April 2021

Nature in Shree Muktananda Ashram I

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Visiting the Nature Gallery, with its images of the sacred grounds of Shree Muktananda Ashram, always lifts my spirits. I enjoy noticing the similarities between nature at the Ashram and nature where I live. Right now we both have lots of buds bursting out and lots of bird activity as they busy themselves building their nests. This synchronicity gives me a sense of security and well-being, and a feeling that we are one. Being aware of nature around me brings me closer to the Self.

Hampton Hill, United Kingdom

Whenever I see the crescent moon, I always think about Gurumayi, as the crescent moon's shape forms a C in the sky that matches the initial letter in Gurumayi's name: Chidvilasananda. I have always found divinity in nature as well as in Shri Guru's presence. At such times I just stop myself and enjoy that moment fully.

Allahabad, India

The delicate soft-white magnolia flower opening itself, with great enthusiasm, to greet the nurturing spring sunlight is a sweet reminder for me of how I feel when my heart opens up to greet Shri Guru's divine light during my meditations.

St. Laurent, Canada

Throughout the year, these wonderful scenes of nature make me marvel at the constancy of nature in displaying its four seasons of beauty. Renewing spring gives way to heart-warming summer, summer gives way to cool-crispy fall, and fall gives way to pristine-white wintertime. Nature shows us such perfection in its order and timing—just like the perfection I experience in my sadhana journey with Shri Gurumayi!

St. Laurent, Canada