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Glimpses of “M”

Part III

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As I reflect on these images, I feel deeply connected with each image. I am grateful to Gurumayi for this wonderful gift.

Mouda, India

When I saw the photo gallery called “Glimpses of ‘M’” reappear on the Siddha Yoga path website, I wondered why it had returned for the new year. So I read Eesha’s introduction again. The last sentence stood out for me: “Gurumayi's hope is that... you too will tangibly experience Baba's presence wherever you are—that you will recognize Baba saying to you, ‘I am here.’”

Of course, the M stands for Baba’s name, and that name means what Baba really is—“the bliss of freedom.” I feel that both bliss and freedom are very important subjects for me this year. So I too hope and wish that I can recognize Baba's presence, and the meaning of his name, wherever I go, for deep in my heart I cherish this presence very, very much.

Hindelang, Germany