Studying Gurumayi’s Message for 2014

Siddha Yogis Share Their Experiences

Listening Led Me To Peace

After receiving Gurumayi’s Message for this year, I became highly aware of sounds in nature. As I focused more and more on these sounds, I was able to sense the purity in each one, feeling that every sound was leading me to the experience of God’s magnificence.

To explore Gurumayi’s Message further, I repeated the mantra So’ham along with my breath. Later, I simply listened to the sound of my breath. I began to notice that while I was listening to sounds in nature, I could also hear the mantra So’ham going on within me. After a few days, I saw that whether I was at my office, at home, or riding on a bus, if I sat quietly, I could hear the So’ham mantra. That’s when I experienced an altogether new level of inner peace.

I was also fortunate to hear divine outer sounds, such as bells coming from nearby temples and the shankha that is blown every morning by a neighbor. Whenever I heard the sound of the shankha being blown so close to where I live, I would feel all the negativities flowing out of me. As the sound receded, I felt deep tranquility.

After listening to these various sounds, and after experiencing the limitless peace that they take me to, I have come to the understanding that sound helps me to reach the experience Gurumayi describes in her Message. By practicing Gurumayi’s Message, I have seen my ability to listen improving. I am now able to listen with great focus, and by listening I experience perfect stillness and peace.

A Siddha Yogi from Pune, India