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Bhagavan Nityananda's Golden Punyatithi

Selection of Sunrise and Sunset Photos From Around the World - August 8, 2012

Photos on August 8, 2012 from around the world
Photo Gallery © 2012 SYDA Foundation

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Having performed the Manasa Puja several times now, I would like to express my deep gratitude to you, Gurumayi, for having created it. I feel I've learned a new practice! Each time I have performed the worship of Bade Baba, I've experienced deep silence and profound peace in my being. Just the other day, my meditation became so deep during the puja that afterwards, all evening long, I was in a sweet space of love. I felt like I’d reached my true destination and this is the space from which I am to live my life.

With immense gratitude for your grace,
a devotee from Switzerland

On August 8th my husband and I found ourselves on a country road, trying to find the perfect spot to take a picture of the sunset. It was a cloudy day, and the sky looked gray with a delicate line of orange in the horizon. We thought that the sunset wasn't visible enough, and therefore it was not the right time to take a picture. We decided to wait a few minutes and see if the wind would move the clouds so we could see the sun. Forty-five minutes passed and the sky didn't change much, however our inner state had changed. After forty-five minutes staring at the horizon in silence, we were ecstatic and kept on saying, “This is so beautiful! “

Thank you, Gurumayi, for teaching us about perfection; thank you for teaching us to perceive Bade Baba in nature.

a devotee from from Quebec, Canada


Thank you so much for making available on the web such a rich banquet of opportunities to engage with grace and the teachings of Siddha Yoga. I have found that each day when I return to the website I go deeper. The first day that I viewed the sunset and sunrise pictures, I experienced it as a celebration of a glorious day. On the next day, I experienced awe at the number of stunning displays of beauty available around the world on just one day. Seeing Bade Baba in each image shifted to an awareness of how to "see” God. I took a mental snapshot of how it felt in my heart to look at these photos, my feeling of awe at how God manifests, and then tried to bring that feeling to how I look at the people and world around me. I brought that sense of awe to the way I looked at a mother helping her son get into a car.

Going back to the web offerings again and again has aided me in taking that step from washing myself in shakti to implementing the teachings. Thank you for giving us the time to imbibe these gifts.

With gratitude,
a devotee from Minnesota, USA

An 11-year-old devotee from Chicago submitted photograph number 121 to the website. I spent some time looking at that particular photo and noticed the most amazing thing—the perfect shape of an AUM symbol in the sky, in the middle upper portion of the photograph.

I just wanted to share this!

Thank you.

a devotee from New York, USA