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Birthday Bliss 2014

Birthday Bliss 2014 Nature Gallery

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Today, I was looking at the new photos of Gurumayi posted in the Birthday Bliss Photo Gallery. My heart swelled as I viewed each new photo. When I came to the last of those photos of Gurumayi, I wanted to see more of them. However, just as I had that feeling, there arose an inner knowing that I should see and experience God equally in all—in the moon, the young children, the sevites, the flowers, the beauty of nature. With that insight, my heart swelled once again at the opportunity to experience my Guru's fullness in every aspect of my everyday experience.  
Thank you, Gurumayi, again and again for your inner messages, and for your presence in my heart.

Maryland, USA

Oh, Gurumayiji, whenever I look at you, my whole being is filled with trust and waves of positive feelings. The darkness of negativity disappears. I feel your tremendous support, and my mind is filled with the certainty that one day I will be liberated.

Thank you very much for your darshan through the Birthday Bliss Nature Gallery. All the postings on the website are ways for us to connect with the heart and are oxygen for our spiritual life.

Kalyan, India

This morning, while viewing Gurumayi in the images, my breath became still, and the sensation of my heart beating became the soundless sound within. The reverberation throughout my body was strong and steady, like waves on the shore. My "viewing" became "seeing"—a deep recognition, a moment of purity and wholeness. The Guru reflects her divine state so completely that even a glimpse of her bestows spiritual transformation.

Thank you, beloved Gurumayi.

Los Angeles, USA

I love seeing the beautiful pictures of Gurumayi, especially Gurumayi with the magnolia tree and blossoms. We have a majestic 40- or 50-year-old magnolia tree in our yard which we have so much respect for, as it has survived many an ice storm and drought. The blossoms are so pretty and fragrant right now, and I feel like I am sharing in that experience with Gurumayi whenever I look out our kitchen window.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for guiding us to appreciate the beauty in the world!

Oklahoma, USA

I am brimming with gratitude for having Gurumayi my life.

Thank you so much, Gurumayi, for creating such a beautiful paradise for us to enjoy.

Happy, Happy Birthday, Gurumayi!

Wellington, Canada

With the entire expanse that is this universe, I offer my thanks and tremendous gratitude for you, Gurumayi, for all the ways you have enriched my spirit, my worldview, my overall life. I visited the Nature Gallery after taking a wonderful and pleasant walk in a scene of nature much like what is shown here. This cannot be a coincidence, and here is yet another way I feel connected to you. 
These are the most gorgeous photos of nature I have seen in some time, and the most beautiful of all the flowers is Gurumayi.
Bowing at your feet, I wish you the happiest birthday!

New York, USA

I opened the Nature gallery and could not move past the first picture—the portrait of Gurumayi. I thought, this is all of nature, right here, and it is so beautiful! The light and warmth of the sun. The wonderful curve of the moon. The dancing water. The shadows dancing across grass and flowers and crickets and birds. Even the green of the leaves explode from within. I could have stayed in this Birthday Bliss moment forever.

Luckily, I had the sense to move on and be transported again and again into the miracle that entered my life in 1997, when I received Shaktipat initiation from Gurumayi!

Thank you, Gurumayi, and Happy, Happy birthday!

New York, USA

Happy birthday, Gurumayi! Thanks for the beautiful first photo in the Birthday Bliss Nature Gallery; your smile looks just wonderful. It touches my heart each time I look at it. I feel that you have given us all your love through this photo.
Have a wonderful birthday, Gurumayi! My heart is with you and it dances with joy because of you.  

Muenster, Germany

Happy, Happy Birthday to you, our dearest Gurumayiji. Thank you for everything. It is a blessing to have your darshan via the website, and to have you in our life—your compassion, your loving care and grace, your protection for each one of us. We are always grateful to you. Thank you.

Mumbai, India

As I saw Gurumayiji holding those beautiful flower's in her hands and walking in nature's beauty, I became still for a while. I could deeply experience the fragrance of those flowers and my Guru's love, and I heard the divine music that is hidden inside me, in my heart.

Thank you, Gurumayiji, for being with me in my heart. Janma din mubaarak ho Gurumayiji!

Ghoti, India

Oh, it is just amazing to see Gurumayi on the website. My beloved Guru looks at me and gives me blessings. How my Guru is giving and giving and giving, like nature!

I wish a very Happy Birthday to you, Gurumayiji.

Vadodara, India

No matter how much I read in the scriptures to acquire knowledge, no matter how much I explore books for wisdom, no matter how deep I dive into spiritual studies, I always feel that there is still so much to learn and so much to understand.

I realized ("real eyes") suddenly, that whenever I see the beautiful form of Gurumayi all that scriptural wisdom and all those spiritual understandings come alive right in that moment. Whenever I behold the auspicious form of my Sadguru, I receive all the wisdom and understanding effortlessly and I feel complete and serene. The power of my Guru's divine form!

I deeply thank you, Gurumayi, for this divine blessing of having darshan of your physical form. It is your benevolent anukampa that we see your divine form in this Universal Hall.

Happy Birthday, Gurumayi

Ahmedabad, India

The photos of Gurumayi are joyous to see. What a blessing to be able to look into the Guru's eyes this way and feel the warmth of her smile touch my children and me as we look at each photo together. We really are in the Universal Hall together.

It is wonderful watching the sevites in Shree Muktananda Ashram preparing for the Celebration. It is wondrous seeing nature celebrate Gurumayi's life on this planet.

Happy Birthday Bliss.

South Yarra, Australia

The picture gallery is full of the bliss and grace of beloved Gurumayi! By watching these images we are connected with supreme chiti the creator of all.

Thank you for sharing these beautiful images.

Happy Birthday, Gurumayi!

Surat, India

Oh wow! I was visiting and revisiting the Siddha Yoga path website in the hope that new photos of Gurumayi would comeā€”and yes! They came! When I opened the Nature Gallery and the first photo of Gurumayi appeared, I jumped up and started dancing.

Thank you so much, dearest Gurumayi. Happy Birthday!

Gandhinagar, India

I love seeing all the images of seva being offered in preparation for Gurumayi's Birthday. It warms my heart and connects me to the great good fortune we have to offer seva from anywhere we are in the world. Seva is the practice that immediately connects me to my Guru, my Self, and the experience of love.

California, USA

How beautiful are all the light-filled images! I was particularly entranced by the details of the green leaf with all the droplets of water perched upon it. I noticed the blurry background of the image, and then was surprised to see how each droplet of water reflected a clear background of nature.

While contemplating this image, I realized that with my normal vision the truth may be blurred. However, when I go within, enter the divine sphere of light, and perceive with mystical vision, the truth becomes crystal clear!

Thank you, Gurumayi. Your grace wipes away the fog of my limited vision.

New York, USA

I love seeing the beautiful flora and fauna in the Birthday Bliss Nature Gallery photographs. As a gardener, I find it fun to recognize and identify many of them. I have at times noticed plants in the photos that are not native to my region, and found myself wondering what the specific plant or flower is. So I am grateful that some of the photos now include a caption giving the common and scientific names of the plants.

Observing and experiencing these still images has become an ever fuller experience for me. The heart, soul, senses, and even the intellect are satisfied. How very like the Siddha Yoga path!

Thank you.

California, USA

Thank you, Gurumayi, for fulfilling my heart's longing to be with you in the abode of the Siddhas, bursting with Nature's resplendent summer beauty! Happy Birthday Bliss!

Maine, USA

By watching these wonderful photos of Gurumayi playing in nature, I am reminded to always feel nature's blessings and compassion, and to be thankful to nature. The way Gurumayi touches the flowers and enjoys the sunlight teaches me to always thank nature and sing God’s glory.
Thank you, Gurumayi. Happy Birthday!

Gandhinagar, India

While experiencing this darshan with beloved Gurumayi, I sway in joy, then pause in the silence of meditation on the beauty I see everywhere. Gurumayi's bliss is present in every second—while giving a heartfelt hug, delicately worshiping the soft-petaled peony in full bloom, sharing its sweet fragrance with others, and then waving us blessings, inviting us into the Temple.

This joy, this bliss of the Self is contagious. See the faces of the children. They, too, are intoxicated with the flowers and the presence of Gurumayi's devotion to all of nature.

California, USA

The photo of Gurumayi and the young boy in the blue shirt, sitting on the grass and looking at one another with great love, truly touched my heart. It reminded me of my interactions with Gurumayi as a young child, and the way she would playfully smile at me and seat me in her lap or hold me in her arms. The memories flooded my being with love and gratitude, and I felt as if her hands were squeezing my shoulders or ruffling my hair once again.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for reminding me of some of the most beautiful moments of my childhood with you.

Shree Muktananda Ashram

I am filled with deep gratitude for the beautiful images that fill me with great joy. While gazing at Gurumayi gently holding the exquisite red flower in her hands, I felt as if Gurumayi were holding my heart!

Thank you, Gurumayi, for granting us your darshan. Happy Birthday Bliss!

New York, USA

What a great joy to have Gurumayi's darshan in this stunning array of images of nature and sacred places in and around Shree Muktananda Ashram. It's delightful to see the purity and beauty of the children around Gurumayi, who mirror her love so sweetly. The presence of the animals further reflects God's glorious creation. We are so fortunate to see our beloved Gurumayi in this slideshow that is so full of love.

Happy Birthday, Gurumayi, and thank you for your many birthday gifts to us, including this one.

Vermont, USA

I observed these ecstatic images of what looks to me like Gurumayi's own bliss! I looked and saw her. I watched how I could register an image mentally—absorbing it, closing my eyes, and still seeing it, having it imprint itself on my heart. Then I saw how I could see and merge into the image and become one with it.

I will use these images for my meditation before sleep. And in the night when I am dreaming—or if I wake up but don't open my eyes—I’ll be using that time to meditate on my Guru's form, which includes all of these blissful, playful, dancing, singing objects of God's world.

Thank you, Gurumayi.

Massachusetts, USA

I met Gurumayi in 1990. Since then, I have gone through some very serious and dramatic times. Still, I've never lost touch with my beloved Guru for a single moment. She is my anchor. She gives purpose to my life.

Rome, Italy

This is all so amazingly vibrant! Flowers, animals, and nature scenes are infused with the blissful energy of this special month. I am just captured by the beauty—outer and inner beauty.

Happy, happy Birthday Bliss month, Gurumayi! Thank you for sharing the beauty of this world with all of us.

Rome, Italy

I am so grateful for this unique gallery of bliss! With each visit, I experience a moment of harmony and joy in my body, my mind, and my soul. All my senses are happy. It’s like I am in the Ashram, feeling so good. I remember so many great moments. Dear photographers and others, the seva you offer is so well done, so divine. 
Thank you, Gurumayi, for these gifts.  How not to love June! It is altogether a month of bliss.

Embrun, Canada

I saw the gallery of nature last night, and I was struck by the beauty of each flower, bird, animal, and scene. I realized that God has made each of them with perfection and love and given us these gifts of nature to relish and remember and preserve.

I thank all the photographers who have taken the time to help us all see the wonderful environment around us. I especially want to thank Gurumayi for giving us so many treasures in her birthday month. It surely is a month of bliss!

Pune, India