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Birthday Bliss

Birthday Wish

Birthday Bliss, the month of Gurumayi Chidvilasananda’s Birthday, has arrived. At Shree Muktananda Ashram, nature is celebrating. Trees are wearing their full cloak of fresh green leaves; flowers adorn shrubs and tiny plants. And, as you will see in the images above, dandelions are sprouting across the Ashram’s sacred grounds.

It is Gurumayi’s wish that each day of Birthday Bliss, everyone easily experience bliss. So that you may have a sweet entry, a doorway, into this experience, Gurumayi is inviting you to make a wish on these dandelions, as their feathery seeds scatter in the wind.

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My wish is that Gurumayi’s boundless love, the love she has so abundantly shared with me, may spread—like the blowing seeds of a field of thousands of dandelions—to every heart in the world. I wish that the spark of her love may inspire in all hearts peace, generosity, gentleness, and all of the virtues she has shared with us through the years.
I wish that peace, respect, and unity may blossom in every heart to bring about good will for all animate and inanimate beings, and that we may all respect and nurture our blessed Mother Earth. I wish for the abiding peace of a pristine dandelion, pregnant with a thousand seeds, on a still, windless day.

Florida, United States

When I saw the Birthday Wish minisite, I prayed for a good wish to arise in my heart. Soon, I read a share that inspired my wish. I took the crystal heart that Gurumayi had given me a few years ago, held it to my heart, and wished for our hearts to be one.

As I immersed myself in this practice, my thoughts became more and more absorbed in the vision of our hearts as one. Then, on the eve of Gurumayi’s Birthday, I took a walk in nature. As I walked, a veil lifted from my heart and a beautiful light of recognition entered me. I felt the perfection of the Guru’s heart dawn within my own heart. The worries and concerns of my life dissolved in the peace and tenderness of the Guru’s perfect love.

I look forward to continuing this simple but powerful meditation practice. I know that the gift of Birthday Bliss will continue to unfold throughout all my days.  

Illinois, United States

My wish is that Gurumayi may always be shining like a polestar in the sky of our Siddha Gurus, showing us the path of divine love, with the beams of sadguna vaibhava, the splendor of virtues, falling upon us. May we walk on the path of righteousness. May we drink the elixir of Gurumayi’s eternal teachings, and may they make us steadfast and ecstatic on our path.

Lucknow, India

Looking at the beautiful photos of the June dandelions, I kept thinking of the many great qualities of this flower, so often considered a weed! Their roots are deep and strong, and they are resilient and steadfast. Though they are stepped on, poisoned, cut down, and pulled up, they always find a way to keep growing. They are beautiful in their various stages of growth, and the leaves are healthy and nutritious when eaten.
It was a delight to see this simple flower displayed next to Bade Baba in the Temple, and to know that all are accepted under his gaze. My own wish is that I may have the resilience of the dandelion and always remember the Guru’s love in my heart.

Montana, United States

I have thought for a long time about what my real wish is. This morning I realized that my greatest wish is to always be in the inner company and inner presence of my beloved Guru. This uplifting company supports me through my life and guides me back into the great light from which I was originally born. 

Unterlangenegg, Switzerland

Today, on Gurumayi’s Birthday, my wish for Gurumayi is that she may look upon this crop of “dandy lions” and see them as representing her disciples as they disperse the seeds of shalinata—graciousness—as well as divine wisdom and love throughout the world!

Washington, United States

This morning as I was walking in the forest and chanting both silently and out loud, I made a wish that we would have some rain—and in a balanced way, so that it could enter into the ground gently since we have experienced a period of such dryness.
And now that it is afternoon, I hear the soft sound of rain falling gently from the sky. I have so much to be grateful for!

Hørsholm, Denmark

Yesterday I closed my eyes and expressed my wish. As Gurumayi invited us to do, I gently blew on a dandelion as I did so. Incredibly, through a phone call I received news I had been waiting for, for a long time—and the news was what I had wished for!
Sometimes I say to myself, “How can I not believe in the greatness of the Guru, who is always present in my life?” And then I understood that when my desire really arises from the heart, the Guru, the Siddhas, and God all hear my wish. What a beautiful feeling!

San Giorgio a Cremano, Italy

My four-year-old daughter and I just viewed these precious photos together. As we looked at each one, she made a wish and, with great exuberance, pretended to blow away the dandelion seeds. At the end of our viewing, she said, “I will always think of Gurumayi when I see dandelions.” I am grateful for this whimsical and delightful opportunity to immerse ourselves in the Guru’s grace.

Connecticut, United States

As I contemplate the beauty of these dandelions at all stages of their life, my wish turns into a prayer. May my eyes perceive this world through the benevolent eyes of my true Guru, always seeing the intrinsic beauty, goodness, and sacredness in everyone and in everything, animate and inanimate. If I could always see the Truth beyond appearances and circumstances in all there is, I could live my life with an open heart and a golden mind, no matter what, at all times. May my heart be free to love and to be loved, free to spread my loving care in all directions as an offering to God and to the world, just as the dandelions do.

Quebec, Canada

This is such a beautiful reflection. To me, it embodies the grace and generosity of the Guru. When I spend a few minutes concentrating on the lovely photos, it is so easy to transport myself to the Ashram, into the presence of the Guru. I feel the breezes, the warm sun, and the shimmering shakti in the air.  

Pennsylvania, United States

These are the most beautiful photos of dandelions I have ever seen. I have been reflecting on why each year Gurumayi chooses this common flower that many people consider a weed. I decided not to mow over the dandelions in my yard and let them disseminate in abundance. To me, the dandelion flower looks like the sun and the seedball looks like the moon. I also learned that dandelions have many healing qualities—as food and in balm.

I wish:

May all our inner potential grow into fulfillment and disseminate in abundance with the support of our mind and heart, and with the Guru’s grace. May the world be filled with divine wishes, intentions, thoughts, plans, actions, with saintly humans—like a meadow full of dandelions.

Hindelang, Germany