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Birthday Bliss 2021

Birthday Wish

Birthday Bliss, the month of Gurumayi’s Birthday, has arrived. At Shree Muktananda Ashram, nature is celebrating. Trees are wearing their full cloak of fresh green leaves; flowers adorn shrubs and tiny plants. And, as you will see in the images above, dandelions are sprouting all across the Ashram’s sacred grounds.

It is Gurumayi’s wish that each day of Birthday Bliss, everyone easily experience bliss. So that you may have a sweet entry, a doorway, into this experience, Gurumayi is inviting you to make a wish on these dandelions.

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I am so grateful to Gurumayi for her wish that “everyone easily experience bliss” during this month of Birthday Bliss. As I looked at the photos of dandelions in Shree Muktananda Ashram, I made my intention to experience bliss. I kept repeating to myself: I will experience bliss. I have the strength to choose bliss. I will allow my vision to be expanded with bliss.

As I did so, I visualized the seeds of my wishes being blown by the wind and finding the perfect place to land. I felt my intentions taking root and becoming strong, so that this wish to experience bliss will keep growing in the months and year ahead.

Goa, India

Like the seeds of the dandelion, may the seeds of the Guru's unbounded grace spread abundantly to every part of our world. May those seeds take root, grow, and regenerate—spreading the Guru's grace to all beings and to the earth itself.  
For the great joy it would bring to my heart, may I play a role in that spreading and sowing. 

Maryland, United States

My wish: may the love in our hearts e-x-p-a-n-d!

California, United States

Having received Gurumayi’s wish that we experience daily bliss during Birthday Bliss month, I have been reading the commentaries on the virtues with that in mind. I saw that each day I can learn about the virtue of that day, and make a wish for that virtue to infuse my thinking. Then, with that wish in mind, I saw that, according to the Upanishadic teaching in the first image, that wish will permeate my will and impel my actions accordingly. This practice is helping me with my overall goal to have my actions come from my center of pure “I” awareness. Then I do experience the bliss of oneness with the Divine.

California, United States

My wish is to know my own inner Self and to experience the bliss of my inner Self. May I maintain the self-effort and cherish my Guru's grace that will, together, help me attain that goal.

Maryland, United States

My wish is one I am borrowing from Baba—for this world to be filled with saints. I see that for this to come true, it must start with me. So I am committing myself to cultivating the consistent awareness that God, Guru, and the great Self are alive within me. By practicing mantra japa throughout the day, I feel I can nurture my intention and remember that I carry the Guru’s grace with me wherever I go.
May we all experience the blazing light of the Divine within.

Ocean Shores, Australia

I wish to forever experience pure love and express radiant gratitude for my beloved Gurumayi, for the sacred path of Siddha Yoga, for the yearning for liberation, and for each moment of the astonishing miracle of human life on this magnificent planet.

Colorado, United States

My wish is to be ever grateful for the blessing to know the Guru, to be able to access her words on the Siddha Yoga path website, and to feel her protection, grace, and abundant love in my life. I would like my life to reflect the wisdom and instruction I have received from the Guru on how to live a dharmic life and attain liberation.

New York, United States