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I live my life with such gratitude in my heart for I now see, feel, and recognize God’s presence. What else could I ask for? I am privileged and honor every moment in his divine company.

I extend my humble gratitude and my love to Gurumayi, who has opened my heart to contemplate God’s creation.

Montreal, Canada

I feel the power of this guidance. I am coming to know that I can express and experience my devotion by recognizing God in everything and everyone. My deepest wish is to see God as all in all. My greatest desire is to spread God’s love in gratitude and express God through my being.

California, United States

Shiva drishti. I really love the very simple and yet so profound teaching from Gurumayi that appears along with the fourteenth photo. It gives me a practical way to look at the world around me through the eyes of my Guru. To take the time to look closely at everything that exists and acknowledge “All this is Shiva.” I see this practice as a simple way to gradually imbibe the beautiful virtue offered by Gurumayi on her birthday this year—samanubhuti.

Quebec, Canada

Many years ago during my first stay in Gurudev Siddha Peeth, Gurumayi was giving a final darshan in the courtyard before leaving on a Teachings Visit to meditation centers throughout India. She would be away from the Ashram for some time.
I was sitting on the steps of Guru Chowk at the time, and as people got up to follow Gurumayi to the front of the Ashram to say goodbye, I tried to stand, but found that my legs were numb. After several attempts to rise, I realized that this was for a purpose, so I sat calmly and waited. It was then that a voice rose up inside me saying, “The Guru does not come and go. Only the Guru’s body comes and goes.” I have treasured these words for the past four decades as their power and wisdom have led me to the inner Guru.
As Gurumayi says in this quotation, “Those who know me as I truly am know that I am with you.”

Brisbane, Australia

I love the sense of discovery evoked by the wish in this quote. It makes me think of having the “beginner's mind.” It asks me to awaken again and again to the presence of the Lord in my everyday situations and conversations. What joy and peace such an awareness can bring.

New York, United States

As I read Gurumayi’s words, I remembered when I was introduced to the Siddha Yoga path in 1984 at a satsang. As I entered the meditation venue, I heard Gurumayi chanting the mantra Om Namah Shivaya. The chant was so melodious and enchanting. As I listened, the chant seemed to seep deeper and deeper into me.
I looked toward where Gurumayi was seated. It seemed to me as if her eyes were full of love and were inviting me to join in the chant.
Over the years since then, chanting has been my favorite Siddha Yoga practice. It enables me to connect to Gurumayi, to connect to my inner Self, and to experience God within my heart. Through chanting, I’m often able to dissolve my worries and problems. I also feel energized when the chant concludes.

Lucknow, India

I am reading these words of Gurumayi at a time when I am facing a challenging experience in my life. It is a situation that I have undertaken after receiving inner guidance to do so.

Putting forth self-effort is not always comfortable or easy. Yet, as I deal with this situation, I am learning how to gain detachment from both pleasure and pain. I have faith that, in due time, this will allow me to fully receive the Guru’s grace in such a way that it will be with me forever.  

Rixensart, Belgium

Many years ago, soon after my first darshan of Gurumayi, I bought a tape of Baba Muktananda chanting with a group. As I listened to the chanting, I felt transported back to the time when the chant would have been recorded in Gurudev Siddha Peeth, although I had never been there before.
I was filled with the awareness that I was in the courtyard with Baba and the group, and all my attention was on that experience. My awareness of  my current life disappeared until the chant was over.
Gurumayi’s words that appear along with picture 21 have confirmed for me the authenticity of that experience.

London, United Kingdom

A few decades ago, I was handed a card with these words as I left the main hall in the Siddha Yoga Ashram in Manhattan. It was a yellow card with white writing. The words on the card can no longer be read, but that is OK—for they are in my heart. They have supported me all these years because they are the Truth.

Oklahoma, United States

When I first read this, I wasn’t at my best and felt that perhaps I was not worthy.
Later in the day I meditated. I started repeating to myself, “The Guru is kind, the Guru is compassionate, the Guru is love, the Guru is grace, the Guru is patient, the Guru is delightful, the Guru is joyous, the Guru is wondrous, the Guru is abundant, the Guru is nourishing, the Guru is balanced.” Then I said, “The Guru is me!”
All this began to fill me with a quiet abundance. It enabled me to get up and do what I needed to do next. I realized that all these “magnificent virtues” had indeed found their abode in me.  
For this I am most grateful for Gurumayi’s darshan. Such a subtle shift, such a profound gift!

Frankston, Australia