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Gurumayi Chidvilasananda’s Darshan and Wisdom

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After invoking the presence of Shri Guru as I sit before my puja, I start my meditation. After a few moments, I find myself immersed in divine light and experience no distinction between within and without. I am as pervasive as divine light, while absorbed in love and bliss.
After meditation, I find myself filled with happiness and enthusiasm, ready to carry out my daily activities with equanimity.

Udaipur, India

Message 16 from Gurumayi says it all for me. I feel it miraculously answers my inner question as to what my focus should be these days. It guides me to focus on cultivating divine virtues on a daily basis, while experiencing the Guru’s love and grace whenever I connect with myself within.

Bangalore, India

I was somewhat restless before seeing this photo and reading Gurumayi’s teaching about mantra, but as soon as I started to repeat the mantra, my mind became calm. I felt as if Gurumayi was touching my head and moving it gently.

Chennai, India

As I receive this teaching, I feel the stillness of nature arising within my heart. I feel myself returning to myself, just as Gurumayi describes nature as “always in the process of returning to itself.” What a soft, joyful, beautiful feeling arises within me!
I'm heading out now for a walk with my dog, with eyes and heart wide open to immerse myself in nature's state of meditation. 

Castlemaine, Australia

In a meditation once, I received a card for a spiritual name from Gurumayi.  The card was blank; it had no name, just white light beaming out of it.  
Later, I wanted to confirm this experience in person. In darshan I asked Gurumayi for a spiritual name and her hand looked just like it does in this picture. Her words here about “the iridescent force of that light” help me realize that my goal is to keep striving to experience merging into this great light and to live from there.

Washington, United States

Reflecting on image 11, I see that I have found prayer to be a direct way for me to enter the heart, both my heart and what I experience as the heart of God. At a time when my usual comforts have been taken away, I have been praying by writing to Gurumayi in my journal. After I write, I focus inside and experience guidance that shows me a way forward. Then I feel more confident in my direction.
As I pray, I can feel that the Guru is with me each step of the way. 

Massachusetts, United States

This week I read each of the teachings in “Gurumayi Chidvilasananda’s Darshan and Wisdom.” I was particularly drawn to the teaching about prayer that appears with photo #11.
That night as I was praying, all of a sudden I felt Lord Shiva enter my being and permeate all of it in the tiniest fraction of a second. I had an inner knowing and vision that it was Lord Shiva in the form of Shiva Nataraj, and that I was indeed Lord Shiva myself.
This experience makes me feel empowered and worthy of the highest. And I now find myself remembering to repeat Om Namah Shivaya more frequently, with the heightened understanding that Lord Shiva, my Guru, and I are one. This gives me strength.

New York, United States

I have experienced that “Darshan happens in the Heart” because I have unfailingly received guidance and affirmations from Gurumayi ji in my daily life, as if she was right there with me. Also, I feel deeply connected with Gurumayi ji when I'm established in my true nature, in my heart.

Thane, India

When I first looked at the photograph of Gurumayi, I gazed into her eyes, looking for a revelation. However, a shift in my perception then occurred, drawing me inward. Now I was experiencing a light-filled vibration, serenity, love.
Ah, this is darshan

Washington, United States

Recently, I have not been able to sit in my usual upright, balanced posture for meditation. I tried again this morning, finally adopting a posture that I had not found successful before. The difference this time was that I surrendered to the mantra and kept returning to it whenever my attention veered toward a negative feeling about the posture. I saw that I could simply use the problem as a tool to keep my mind engaged with the mantra, and then the feeling of wanting to give up faded. Gradually, I felt strength begin to surge through my body. And along with this strength, a gentle feeling of sweetness settled over me. Thus, my regular period of meditation was maintained.
After this experience, I found a teaching related to just this subject from the gallery of Gurumayi's Darshan and Wisdom. I felt that Gurumayi had provided the inspiration I needed before I even saw her words on the Siddha Yoga path website!

London, United Kingdom