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Gurumayi Chidvilasananda’s Darshan and Wisdom

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As I looked at Gurumayi meditating and read her sweet words, I slipped into inner silence and thought to myself, “Aha, this is meditation and it happens through the Guru’s will.” I felt an immense gratitude and release that by the power of her intention, I could enter the state of bliss. 

Issy les Moulineaux, France

When I get quiet now, I can often hear
Om Namah Shivaya
so softly chanting in my ear.
It happens automatically,
like I’m not chanting it.
It is chanting me.
I feel it in my heart,
like my heart has heartstrings
that vibrate with a gentle bliss
when they are strummed
by the divine sound of
Om Namah Shivaya
that I hear 
so softly chanting in my ear.

California, United States

My family and I have been traveling in Europe. Recently we visited the Sacre-Coeur Basilica in Paris. I came before an image of Mary with a lit candle in my hand and the intention to offer prayers. As soon as I was close to the image, I felt enveloped by the presence of the divine Mother. I prayed to her for the well-being of the world. Her presence was deeply comforting. I had the experience that her blessings and grace are eternal and exist independent of whatever is happening in the external world. I was amazed by how immediately present she was for me. 

Today I randomly clicked on this image of Gurumayi and when I read her words I was reminded of my experience at Sacre-Coeur. What a great synchrony! Gurumayi’s words exactly described my experience. 

California, United States

I am deeply grateful for the profound experience I had while viewing Gurumayi’s picture and reading the accompanying teaching.
The image and the text put side by side created a powerful moment of contemplation and insight for me. Gazing at Gurumayi’s picture, I experienced a scintillating blue light emanating from her eyes. It filled me with inner peace, and I felt Gurumayi’s grace and blessings.
This moment of tranquility and heightened awareness is a blessing I cherish.

Yamuna Nagar, India

Opening the webpage with all the images of Gurumayi, my heart opened like a lotus with many petals and I felt overwhelming love. How blessed I feel to have Gurumayi in my life!

Lismore Heights, Australia

I love the way this photo depicts Gurumayi bathed in sunlight. Today where I live, the rising sun is covered with clouds and a gentle rain is falling down. Yet I know the inner sun is always with me in the form of my awakened heart. I have nurtured the light through many years of meditation and today I long for meditation once again. I will take the Guru’s shakti-filled words with me into meditation.

Warrnambool, Australia

Every photo in this minisite brings me complete joy!

This one in particular speaks to me today because the sky is overcast and it has been raining all day. The words of the teaching are like drops “falling on parched earth,” reminding me to “soften and yield.” 
I trust in the lessons I learn from the “rain” in my life and focus on the beauty of the blooms the rain will bring.

Michigan, United States

Today is the anniversary of the day I received shaktipat initiation. I have been celebrating it by chanting with a recording of Gurumayi and dancing.
As I chanted, I connected with my longing and let my body express this longing as an offering back to grace. Afterwards, I sat for meditation and felt myself glide easefully inward, into the space of the heart.
I love this picture and the teaching about chanting, as chanting practice has been a joyful friend and an awakening power for me for many years.

Thornbury, Australia

Last night I had a beautiful dream of beloved Shri Gurumayi. In that dream I was offering garden seva with my eleven-year-old godchild in Shree Muktananda Ashram. How happy and blessed we felt when we noticed Shri Gurumayi approaching us, with a smile and firm steps, while carrying two happy monkeys on her shoulders. After this darshan we went to participate in the morning Arati and chanted with all our love and gratitude with many others present.
This divine experience is so alive within me that I am overwhelmed! Later I found this photo of Gurumayi with her teaching, “Darshan happens in the Heart.” Yes, even in the dream state, darshan is happening in my heart! It’s not just a dream, it is “the movement of shakti in the Heart”!

Palzing, Germany

For me, the way to constantly experience “the movement of shakti in the Heart,” which Gurumayi teaches us is the essence of darshan, is to do the practices regularly and to spend the rest of the day remembering the Guru’s teachings. I do this by repeating one of her teachings over and over and feeling the movement in the Heart that results from this remembrance and repetition.

Washington, United States