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This posting appeared on the website shortly after my loving animal companion had died. Gurumayi’s words supported and assured me.
I remember the story that Baba and Gurumayi have told of how Krishna danced with all the gopis at the same time, and they each thought they were the only ones that he'd danced with. I understand how Gurumayi is here for us all and feel so blessed that Gurumayi and the Siddha Yoga path are in my life.
I also feel so thankful for this website. No matter where I am, I can feel part of the Siddha Yoga community.

Lismore Heights, Australia

This precious slide show reminds me of the constant creation, maintenance, destruction, concealment, and grace of God. Even in the autumn images of a single leaf remaining on an entire branch, there are buds ready for the next round of seasons. There is fruit containing the seed of creation. The blue sky of Consciousness shines on us. Such beauty in the ecstatic and everlasting dance of Mother Nature!

I am so grateful to Gurumayi and to the sevites who grace us with the support of the website.

California, USA

This morning as I watched the slideshow, I was struck by the theme of the single leaf. At the end of the presentation, my heart was moved by the words from Gurumayi.

Thank you immensely, Gurumayi, for staying in touch with us so closely. Thank you for reminding us that just as each leaf counts, so does our every breath.

California, USA

I was taking a long walk yesterday in the countryside with my photo apparatus, taking pictures of the beautiful autumn forest and the sky. I was feeling happy and perfect.
When I got home, late in the evening, I was looking at the website and saw that Gurumayi was presenting sweet images of nature. I noticed especially the third photo—one single leaf at the end of a branch—which was the same as one that I had also taken. Even the shape of the leaf was very similar. No wonder I felt so happy and perfect and in the forest.

Budapest, Hungary

I was enjoying the perfection and aliveness of the photos, and didn't know there would be words following. The words were like nectar to me. I am so grateful that Gurumayi does not deny the experiences that people don’t want to talk about, that her teaching is so real, that she understands me and gives me a focus to see beyond dark and light.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for understanding. Thank you for leading us to the place of freedom. Thank you for your encouragement.

California, USA

While reading Gurumayi’s words, I just became silent in awe.

Iowa, USA

This morning I marveled at the beauty of nature as I looked west over the mountains and down to the misty valley below. And then I noticed first one leaf, then another, rising upwards! Single leaves were being uplifted and spiraling playfully by an updraft, one at a time, each on its own distinct trajectory, and each in its own magnificent dance and rhythm.

To see the autumn leaves of every color falling upwards was striking enough. Yet then a bubbling joy arose in me. I remembered Gurumayi, and I thanked her for her grace—the grace that uplifts each one as we travel the inner path in our own unique way.

North Carolina, USA

Thank you, Gurumayi, for this wonderful guidance at this time when ups and downs come so strongly in our lives. Your words remind me to value the effort of doing the practices, of breathing, of repeating the mantra, of staying focused on dharma. They teach me to love, to give, to receive, to let go—and to know that everything arises and subsides in the Self, in God's Consciousness, which is our own. This gives me peace; it gives me great hope; it gives me the strength to continue with a smile and great love.

Thank you for your constant love and support that help us to move forward into bliss!

Madrid, Spain

It was beautiful to see the images of autumn in Gurumayi's presentation "Explore the Inner Path." Gurumayi’s words were very powerful for me.

Since the Intensive, I have been particularly enjoying my lunchtime walks. I have been enjoying resting in the warmth of the breath and treasuring the spectacular gifts of nature—moments of birdsong, the incredible colors of the falling leaves, and the sweet chestnuts on the ground.

Gurumayi's pictures and words help to crystallize this experience for me. It feels part of natural samadhi while being and walking on this earth.

Farnborough, United Kingdom

When I first viewed this new posting from Gurumayi, a wave of blessings and grace entered me. I became so quiet and still, and I wondered where the troubles I’d been thinking about just moments before had gone.

My Guru gives me so much grace and love through the medium of all this website content.

Thank you so much, Gurumayi, for your pure love and blessings. I can feel and experience them.

Udhana, India

Thank you, Gurumayi. My heart is full of gratitude because I am guided by you as I explore the inner path.
Through the combination of images and teachings, I experience my understanding growing deeper and clearer. “Every leaf counts” and is part of the eternal cycle, as am I and everyone.

Reggio Emilia, Italy

Perhaps because I've seen many icy winters, the image of one lone leaf is a poignant reminder. And, at the sight of those bare trees, I quietly resign myself to the cold days ahead.

Yet, then my Guru's words warm my heart and refuel the fire in my soul.

O my Guru, thank you for revealing the inner path to me. Thank you for teaching me to see the beauty in each occurrence, the opportunity in each breath.

Wisconsin, USA

The photos carry so much shakti, so much bliss. Even the backgrounds of the pictures are magical! The play of foreground and background, the play of detailed views and overviews is fantastic. Thank you so much.

During the Intensive, I had the thought that only a very thin, skin-like layer separates me from the view of what is inside. It can be penetrated in the way that external sound can penetrate the eardrum and become a sound heard inside. Every outer view is connected to an inner view, as a foreground is connected to a background, or as a detail is imbedded in a landscape. Altogether it is one.

I pray to find and explore the inner path as I move forward along the outer path.

Bad Hindelang, Germany

So much love and hope in these images and words. My heart sings!

Thank you, Gurumayi.

Lion's Head, Canada

Yesterday, as I was walking around the field called Dakshin Kashi, I was contemplating what I have learned during a one-month stay in Gurudev Siddha Peeth. During the walk, I saw a red leaf on the ground. I stopped and picked it up, and an image of Gurumayi beholding a single red leaf came to my mind. Today, when I looked at the picture of a red leaf, I felt so connected to Gurumayi and so grateful to have that experience of connectedness.

Mil gracias, Gurumayi, for the Siddha Yoga practices that still my mind and allow me to perceive you in small details. Thank you for your ever-compassionate and loving presence in my heart and in the hearts of all Siddha Yogis around the world, wherever we are.

Mexico City, Mexico

Each picture has a subtle message for me: now is the time to turn inward, find simplicity, repeat the mantra with each breath, and meditate.

Thank you, Gurumayi.

Zurich, Switzerland

Once I became absorbed in the powerful autumn scenes, the sound of voices singing "Muktananda" bubbled up from inside me. Then they began to slowly repeat the chant we sang at the Global Shaktipat Intensive.

I sang Muktananda's name while I read Gurumayi's words of love, of solace, and of encouragement at the end of the slideshow.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for these images that stirred up the chant again, like a breeze stirring up fallen leaves, making the leaves and my own heart dance and sing!

Michigan, USA

The Intensive was historical, and Gurumayi’s "Explore the Inner Path" is continuing the Intensive for me.

Things seem to differ, but the foundation is one. Every living organism receives life from the same source. I am experiencing this very deeply.

Koti koti pranam. Thank you, Gurumayi, for your continuous love, guidance, and blessings.

Indore, India

In meditation this morning I followed the approach we were taught during the Intensive. Within a few minutes, my breath expanded and I very naturally observed the flow of my thoughts with detachment and ease. In that space, I experienced incomparable freedom. Now, reading Gurumayi's poem I further understand the magnificence of my meditation experience this very morning. I understand that I was experiencing light and shadow as the forms of the same source within and thus could revel in the play of divine Consciousness.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for showing us the Truth through your inspired words and for teaching us the means to experience the Truth.

Belo Horizonte, Brazil

What a blessed gift! First, I am drawn in by the soft center of the pure white flower, excited to explore the inner path that the Intensive brought me to on Saturday. The nature images around Lake Nityananda bring back the tranquility I felt during the Intensive. And then Gurumayi’s astounding poetry appeared!

I saw, “Every breath counts.”

I became still. With each subsequent breath, I remembered to repeat the mantra, and I felt closer and closer to the Self within. I truly understood that every inhalation and exhalation practiced with the awareness that God is within is a breath closer to living in divinity.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for continuing to guide me on the path of sadhana.

California, USA

Gurumayi's sweet words remind me that what seem to be opposite are, to the awakened, alike; and from the depths of my heart, a divine promise whispers:

"The Guru and disciple, indeed, are one!"

Thank you to my Guru. Pranams, Gurumayi.

La Paloma, Uruguay

While looking at the images, I asked myself, "What is different?" And then I realized, it was as if I was viewing the images through Gurumayi's eyes—walking in the world and perceiving as Gurumayi perceives with perfect clarity, detachment, simplicity, and wonder.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for giving me direction and for offering me this opportunity to see through your eyes.

North Carolina, USA

I was struck by Gurumayi’s words in the final slide. The directive to follow the Master's command came up strongly from within me while I was participating in the Global Shaktipat Intensive. And now I receive it again, through this slide show.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for your direction.

Thank you for revealing the inner path.

Thank you, SYDA Foundation. May the generations to come benefit from these great teachings.

Indore, India

Still flowing in the sweet memories of the Shaktipat Intensive, I am stunned that one more gift is there for us: Gurumayi is showing us what she sees. Reading her tender teachings, I acknowledge that life is full, and full of grace is my path. Thank you, Gurumayi, for opening my eyes again and again.

Oostzaan, Netherlands

After watching all these pictures of nature retiring to become new, and reading the precious words that follow them, I feel confident. Gurumayi teaches me that everything, every loss and every gain, is going to merge into the same Consciousness. And so, I should not be scared of any loss, and I should be confident enough to face any situation.

Gurumayi is teaching us to live on such a subtle level. Thank you so much, Gurumayi. You are always there for me in my heart.

Pune, India

Thank you, Gurumayi, for your continuous guidance, and for such gifts! Your teachings are like threads weaving a new and refined perception in me. With this new perception, my experience widens, my sense of awe and gratitude expand.

Mexico City, Mexico

Thank you, Gurumayi, for so lovingly guiding me on the inner path that leads me to oneness—oneness in which all dualities find refuge and acceptance.

Thank you for your constant, unconditional love.

Mumbai, India