The Nectar of Living

Siddha Yoga Chanting Satsang with Gurumayi Chidvilasananda
for Families and Children

Bhagavan Nityananda Temple
Shree Muktananda Ashram

An Account by Mallika Maxwell
July 31, 2014

Part II

When the sweet laughter and applause quieted after Gurumayi asked the question: “Is the Siddha Yoga legacy here?” a child’s voice responded with a gentle “Meow.”camera motif

The child was a four-year-old boy who had arrived from Mexico with his family the night before. His father had come to offer seva to support the creation of the Global Siddha Yoga Shaktipat Intensive for 2014 in honor of Baba Muktananda's Mahasamadhi. This was the four-year-old’s first visit to Shree Muktananda Ashram. He was meowing because the prasad stuffie he had received was a cat.

This young boy had already developed a close bond with Gurumayi through seeing videos and photographs of Gurumayi and hearing her voice on chanting CDs.

When he meowed in the satsang, Gurumayi asked his friend to introduce him to everyone. She did, and then she translated for the boy, who was saying “I love you” to Gurumayi in motif

Gurumayi said, “Thank you. I love you too!”

The child enthusiastically declared again, “I love you!” camera motif

His friend shared that upon arriving in Shree Muktananda Ashram, the boy immediately asked, “Okay, where is Gurumayi? Where can I find her?” He went up to a sevite he had never met before and said in Spanish, “Excuse me, where can I find Gurumayi?” He told his friend, “If you don’t take me to Gurumayi, I’m going to find her in the Ashram!” Everyone in the Temple laughed and applauded.

Gurumayi said to the boy, “You did the right thing.” camera motif

Giri and I, as the co-hosts, welcomed the families and visiting sevites. I introduced myself as an SYDA Foundation staff member and Giri stated that he is a visiting sevite in the Taruna Poshana Department.

Gurumayi asked that we explain, for anyone who might not know, what the Taruna Poshana Department is.

I explained that the Taruna Poshana Department is responsible for overseeing Siddha Yoga teaching and learning events for children, young people, and families around the world. Everyone who offers seva in the Taruna Poshana Department is committed to young Siddha Yogis learning about their path and making progress in their sadhana.

Gurumayi gave the name Taruna Poshana to this department in 2002. It means “nurturing the youthful spirit.” In Chapter 8 of Birthday Bliss—Anukampa, we saw some of these young Siddha Yogis and heard Gurumayi’s teaching: “With a fresh young spirit, walk the path.”

Gurumayi also asked a visiting sevite from Connecticut, who was in the Temple, to share his understanding of the Taruna Poshana motif He said that everything about the Taruna Poshana Department had been expressed beautifully by the co-hosts. This sevite has offered seva for many years in the Shakti Punja Department as a video archivist. That seva is another aspect of the Siddha Yoga legacy—preserving and cataloguing videos of Baba and Gurumayi teaching in satsangs just like this one.

Professionally he works as an archivist in the sports industry. Gurumayi asked him if he takes it personally when his favorite sports team does not win. As soon as Gurumayi mentioned sports, I noticed that the children’s eyes widened and their ears perked up. He replied, “Not since I’ve been practicing the Siddha Yoga teachings. I know each game is Shiva playing Shiva.”

Gurumayi then turned to Giri, whose brother Shashanka is a staff member in the SYDA Foundation Website Department. Gurumayi said she’d heard that Giri’s brother had been quite upset when Mexico lost in the recent World Cup.

Giri replied, feigning despair, “I think that I can speak on behalf of many Mexicans that we do take it personally when Mexico loses a game.” Everyone in the Temple laughed.

Gurumayi asked the visiting sevite if he could share his knowledge of the Siddha Yoga teachings to support Giri in understanding how to cope with his team's losing.

The visiting sevite advised Giri to repeat the mantra and practice witness consciousness He went on to say, “There’s only going to be one champion, so everybody else is just playing and entertaining the mind. If a person doesn’t have a spiritual teacher, I think sports help them get into that space of experiencing the Self when their team wins. God is playing God in these games, and the rest is just there to entertain the mind.”

Giri asked, “So what should we do? How can we experience the Self if our team loses?”

“Witness consciousness,” he said. “Just witness it, because there’s always going to be next year.”

With a big smile, Giri thanked the visiting sevite.

This interaction beautifully illustrated one of the themes of this satsang: Siddha Yogis sharing their understanding of the Siddha Yoga teachings with the younger generations...



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