Kundalini Stavaha

Hymn to Kundalini

Recited by the music ensemble in Gurudev Siddha Peeth.
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Kundalini Stavah

The hymn Kundalini Stavaha, from the Sanskrit scripture Rudra Yamala Tantra, extols Kundalini Shakti, the spiritual energy that is awakened within a seeker through shaktipat initiation, the transmission of grace from a Siddha Guru.

Kundalini Shakti is the inner power that supports seekers’ efforts on the spiritual path and also the universal power that creates, sustains, and dissolves the universe. In Kundalini Stavaha, this sacred power is addressed as the Devi, the great Goddess, who manifests as all creation. The stars, the planets, their moons, and everything that exists are forms of Kundalini’s light.

Baba initiated the recitation of Kundalini Stavaha on the Siddha Yoga path in 1980. Since then, Baba and Gurumayi have taught Siddha Yogis the value of singing and studying this hymn, often including it in Siddha Yoga Shaktipat Intensives. From 2004 to 2007, Gurumayi particularly emphasized the recitation of Kundalini Stavaha as a way to study and practice her Message “Experience the POWER within. Kundalini Shakti.”

You can take the support of the audio recording and lyric sheet below to sing Kundalini Stavaha. You may choose to do so before meditation, or before chanting namasankirtana or Om Namah Shivaya. You may also sing Kundalini Stavaha to invoke grace before a session of studying the Siddha Yoga teachings.

By singing Kundalini Stavaha, we invoke Kundalini Shakti and honor her as the sacred power that enlivens our sadhana and makes spiritual transformation possible.

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