The Siddha Yoga Practice of Dakshina

In the Siddha Yoga practice of dakshina, an individual makes an offering to the Guru in monetary form. This practice is rooted in the ancient spiritual traditions of India, and it is a means of according the highest respect to the knowledge we receive from the Guru.

What we receive from Shri Guru is priceless—its value to us and to the world we live in is immeasurable. The scriptures of India elucidate this point, stating that it is rare to have a human birth, that rarer still is the longing to know the inner Self, and that rarest of all is meeting a spiritual Master who can awaken us to the knowledge of the Self.

On the Siddha Yoga path, we have this rarest of good fortunes. Gurumayi Chidvilasananda, the Siddha Yoga Guru, bestows shaktipat diksha, the awakening of the inner spiritual energy, and she imparts the Siddha Yoga teachings and practices, which guide us as we pursue our sadhana. Through the wisdom and grace of Shri Guru, we come to a deeper and truer understanding of ourselves; we become more attuned to the purpose of our lives; and we can attain the goal of the Siddha Yoga path: Self-knowledge, the state of liberation. Step by step, our perception of ourselves and our world transforms, and this, in turn, benefits not only us but also everyone and everything around us.

The regular practice of dakshina is a way to convey our heart’s response to Shri Guru’s generosity—it is a way to tangibly offer to the source of grace that flows through our lives continuously. What is more, as we continue to engage in this practice of offering, we find an alchemical process taking place, a process that defines the very nature of sadhana. Our hearts open; we are more readily, intuitively able to assimilate the Guru’s teachings; and we strengthen our identity with the inner Self.

As we offer dakshina, we are also helping to make the sublime gifts that we have received available to countless others who are seeking to know the Truth. The SYDA Foundation—whose core purpose is to protect, preserve, and facilitate the dissemination of the Siddha Yoga teachings worldwide—receives the dakshina we offer to the Guru and directs these offerings toward this purpose. In this way, our offerings of dakshina have a ripple effect of enormous scope. They help spread the Siddha Yoga teachings throughout the world, thus supporting the Siddha Yoga Mission and the achievement of the Siddha Yoga Vision.

To engage in the practice of dakshina, you can make a dakshina offering and participate in the Siddha Yoga Monthly Dakshina Practice.