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prayers and blessings

A Prayer for Unity

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I pray that all may awaken to unity-consciousness and that we share our understanding with love and respect.

Washington, United States

When I hear the beautiful recording of this prayer, I recall the first time I heard it in 2001 and notice how the melody and lyrics have stayed with me over the years. Sometimes in the midst of a simple situation, I find it arises in my mind and I sing it aloud or hum it softly to myself. When I sing it with the intention of offering a prayer, I feel more open and connected to the world around me, and I become conscious of the goodness in others’ hearts.

Berlin, Germany

I’m grateful for this beautiful and simple prayer. Its simplicity makes it easy to recall. Its meaning inspires me to understand that humanity has long been in pursuit of peace. When I read this, I take comfort in the knowledge that billions of souls, past and present, have lived in the pursuit of peace and the hope that peace is possible. With gratitude to Gurumayi, I have memorized this prayer so as to redirect my thoughts and efforts to support the creation of a better world.

New York, USA

I felt fortunate to be at Shree Muktananda Ashram when this song was first performed. It was—and is—so moving and uplifting! 

Just a few weeks ago I felt I wanted to offer a song to the world to help unite it, and then I remembered I had the recording of this song.  I love listening to it in the car and singing along as I envision a world singing in harmony, joining together, realizing that we are one heart, one spirit.

Massachusetts, USA