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Season’s Greetings 2014

Season's Greetings 2014
Season's Greetings 2014
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For me, in her Season's Greetings 2014, Gurumayi has created a visual representation of the Message. I’ve watched the video so many times that it has taken root in my mind, and I can replay it there and use it as a guide for meditation.

I visualize receiving the shakti from her hands into my heart, which opens me to experience the sound arising from the life-giving waters within myself. As I listen intently inside, I follow the sound as it is re-absorbed into the conch in a breathtaking swirl of energy. My attention becomes centered on a point of euphoric awareness. The experience reaches a finale as the Blue Pearl bursts forth. Then there is only the velvety pulsation.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for this beautiful and phenomenal gift of love.

Virginia, USA

After reading about Gurumayi's intention for one part of her Season's Greetings, I revisited the video. Ahhh…of course! It is Gurumayi’s greeting to us, so it makes sense that those flame-like forms would be her arms embracing us—showering each one of us in golden light, and then swirling us into the universe, into the center of our own being, the great heart of all.

Who could ever have imagined the wonder and the power of the Siddha Yoga path website? It is the embodiment of the Guru’s golden love.

Thank you, Gurumayi.

New York, USA

As I reflect on the year 2014 and prepare to bring in the new year of 2015, I experience Gurumayi's exquisite Season's Greetings 2014 as a manifest form of the love and grace of a living Master. It is deeply reassuring and rejuvenating to bathe in the endless ocean of the Guru's love. My heart is filled with gratitude and wonderment, and I am ready to welcome the new year.

Delhi, India

Learning about Gurumayi’s intention for her Season’s Greetings touched my heart. As I watched again, totally open and with my full attention, I felt personally welcomed to step into the circle of light. Afterwards, my meditation was lighter and more relaxed than usual. And the extra gift I received was that my son kept sleeping through my meditation until I was ready.

Thank you so much, Gurumayi. You make it so easy and so beautiful for us to connect with you again and again.

Cologne, Germany

Thank you, Gurumayi, for your sublime gift, Season’s Greetings 2014.

The first two times I watched this video, I was studying and admiring the spiritual meaning and creative integrity of this beautiful work of art.On my third viewing, I waited until all in my world was quiet—bedtime on Christmas night. My sleepy mind offered no intellectual distraction. I found myself drawn into the ocean of colors, and into the conch, as if it were a celestial vessel on which I was floating into the pristine center of my own great Self. It was a sublime dharana.

Thank you so much, Gurumayi, for always taking the time to find fresh new ways to welcome us home—home to the heart.

Nevada, USA

Oh, so beautiful! I felt waves of gratitude as I read Swami ji’s words about Gurumayi’s intention for her Season's Greetings 2014. A few days ago in meditation, Gurumayi gave me a gift wrapped in gold foil. I wondered what was inside. Now I know. As I viewed the awesome video again on Christmas Day, knowing Gurumayi’s intention, I felt the depth of her love throughout my being, giving wings to my heart!

New York, USA

After reading Swami Akhandananda’s piece in which he shares Gurumayi’s intention for one of the elements of her Season’s Greetings, I watched the animation once more. How beautiful to see it with this fresh perspective! I recognize that this greeting has been lighting and touching my heart again and again from the time I first saw it.

Thank you, Gurumayi.

Michigan, USA

During my most recent viewing of Gurumayi's “Season's Greetings 2014,” I became transfixed on the image of the conch with strands of multi-colored light spiraling around it. As I gazed at it, I felt a noticeable ache in the center of my chest. I repeatedly scrolled back to that segment of imagery, while noticing the sensations in my heart region.

Gradually, magnetically, I was drawn within. I noticed a loud and intense drumbeat pounding in my sternum. I focused on that sound and the feeling of its vibration. Then, like the rays of light around the conch shell, my own awareness began spiraling into my heart. I found myself carried on an inner journey guided by the shakti, during which I felt my heart being deeply purified. I emerged in a state of equanimity, feeling the "soundless sound" resonating inside and all around me.

Astonishing experiences continue to happen as I engage with postings on the Siddha Yoga path website. They enrich my sadhana and my everyday life in profound and unexpected ways. I bow my head toward my heart, awestruck by this power and generosity.

California, USA

The sparks of manifestation arise out of a scintillating ocean of Consciousness. So many hues, such enchanting beauty! It is like a story unfolding. I see the swirling colors around the conch as all of manifestation drawn back into the soundless sound—each hue a magnificent note of divine nada. Ahhh, I could watch this again and again and again.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for this extraordinary beauty!

New York, USA

I have watched this video many times now, and each time I notice a new detail that draws me deeper into a space of tranquility in my heart. Each time I watch the flames complete a full circle I can sense a warmth in the lower part of my physical heart—as if the flames have made a full circle there too.
Thank you so very much, Gurumayi, for offering your darshan through this beautiful and creative gift of “Season's Greetings 2014.”

Oslo, Norway

The video brought me to a space of peace and tranquility. The numerous colorful flames surrounding the big magnificent flame in the center reminded me of the many disciples all over the world gathered to receive the grace and blessings of Gurumayi in this festive season.

The Guru, represented by the bigger flame, is pure light—one with the primordial sound, the shankha nada, and the Blue Pearl in which we all aspire to merge one day.

How fortunate we are to have once again received blessings from such a Guru!

Mumbai, India

This most beautiful Season's Greetings 2014 leads me to a space of tranquility. The animation illustrates the role of my Guru in my life and the journey I am on as a Siddha Yoga student. I am overflowing with love for the Guru’s love and grace!

Thank you, Gurumayi, for being the central pillar of my life, for illuminating my path, and for leading me from darkness to light and beyond. Thank you for residing in my heart and for keeping me in yours!

New Delhi, India

Every time I watch this video, I feel a deep calm, joy, and gratitude arise, and I gain new understanding. This morning, I noticed how everything seems to come from the sound of the water and then is reabsorbed into the final sound of the bell that emanates from the Blue Pearl. What a beautiful representation of Gurumayi’s Message for 2014!

Thank you, dear Gurumayi, for guiding us with so much love!

Torino, Italy

The video enchants my mind, leading me to a pure, childlike state of wonder. My sight, my hearing, and my breathing seem to be suspended in unlimited space deep within me, in the vibrating infinity that sustains all.

After this experience, while performing my daily activities, I was able to maintain this profound inner awareness for quite some time.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for bringing me—and seekers everywhere—back to our source.

Blanquefort, France

Gurumayi’s love comes through so tangibly! I feel very blessed to have her darshan in this way.

Thank you, Gurumayi.

San Felipe, Mexico

I am amazed by the forms that Gurumayi’s love takes for us. Most recently, her enchanting Season’s Greetings animation has been guiding me into an exquisite meditation on her Message for this year.

I am continually thrilled by the moment when all the colors flow into the shankha, which then descends with them into the deep waters and merges into the Blue Pearl, the source of all. Each time I see this, it brings my mind to rest in perfect stillness.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for this sublime gift.

Wisconsin, USA

Such a beautiful greeting! When I was watching the video, it seemed to me like the journey of each Siddha Yoga student in 2014 as we study Gurumayi's Message for this year.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for this lovely gift.

Pune, India

Gurumayi's work of art is so unlike any holiday greeting I've ever seen—for any holiday! Something inside me knew at first viewing that the sounds and images are taking me on a journey of discovery. It feels right to let it carry me along, like the seated figure in meditation that I perceive traveling inside of the shell.

Wisconsin, USA

This exquisite greeting delights my soul and brings a peaceful calm to my heart. Thank you, Gurumayi.

Ohio, USA

I keep watching the video over and over again. I love seeing the flames emanate from the blue water. Tonight, I noticed that every place where one flame overlaps another, their joined color is lighter than the separate color of each. This reminds me of how I feel connected to Gurumayi and all the Siddha Yogis around the earth through this awesome, magical website—lighter and brighter!

New York, USA

The little flames in the water appeared and made the circle. Then the big gold flame appeared, and it was like the Guru. The light in the little flames is one with the Guru’s light. And the Blue Pearl contains all of the little flames, too.

a nine-year-old Siddha Yogi from California, USA

This is such a work of wonder and magic. The hidden teachings that we can unwrap like an Advent calendar are so profound. The deep pool of Consciousness gives rise to myriad flames, each of a different hue, which I see as all the wonderful students of the Guru. And the Guru herself rises up from the center of the pool, sending out a shower of sparkling starlight that transmutes into her blessing. The many-colored orbs of light appear protective and celebratory; the conch seems to be made of rainbow light.

I can't imagine that Siddhaloka would be any different from the place to which I have just been brought.

London, United Kingdom

As I viewed the video, I became entranced by its enchanting magic. It felt as if each different-colored flame arising from the blue water was a Siddha Yogi in the Universal Hall. And the circles of light were bubbles of joy emanating from the heart of each one, as sparkles of Gurumayi’s grace and love showered down upon us.

Thank you, Gurumayi.

New York, USA

What a magnificent vision! The flames that arise from the sea seem to me to be devotees young and old around the world, and in the middle shines the light of the Guru.

Thank you from my heart, Gurumayi.

Naples, Italy

This greeting has reminded me again: One has become many.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for such a wonderful greeting and for constantly showing us the Truth.

Ulhasnagar, India

I'm so moved by the magnificence of this exquisite gift from Gurumayi. I felt the shimmering water and heard the flute, sometimes reminding me of the sound of a conch. Each colorful flame that emerged from the water felt as if it were one of us. Each came up from the same source.

As the lights encircled the screen, I felt us all together all over the world—all united in one loving celebration, all pure love and vibration. The artwork, the imagination, and the love in this card are so inspiring. Once again, I am reminded of our true nature and the beauty and love of our being.

Thank you, Gurumayi. 

Florida, USA

I so love this greeting to us from Gurumayi! I am reminded of the ocean of Consciousness, with the little flames as us, beings arising from the bliss of Consciousness. To me the beautiful large flame filled with scintillating stars is the Guru principle. My heart quickens with the shankha arising and then subsiding into the Blue Pearl.

Thank you, our beloved Gurumayi!

Georgia, USA

Seeing and listening to Gurumayi's sublime “Season’s Greetings,” I was moved to tears. I felt deep in my heart how much love and care our Guru has for every one of us.

Thank you, Gurumayi. I bow to you with immense gratitude for giving me a new life and hope every single day.

Milan, Italy

When I saw this amazing card this morning, I felt so much love and peace. What a beautiful representation of our reality! We all come from divine Consciousness, with our own color and our own light. And we are all illuminated by the Guru's grace, we are all embraced by the Guru's love, and we are all connected. 
Thank you, Gurumayi, for all the creative and beautiful ways you find to show us your love.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

As I gazed at this beautiful "Season's Greetings" card from Gurumayi, my mind became quiet, my eyes became full of wonder, and my heart became full with love and gratitude for my Guru. The image of AUM in the form of a conch traveling in the universe is just so powerful.
Thank you so much, Gurumayi, for always bringing light into this universe.

Montreal, Canada

As I watched the multicolored shapes emerging one by one from the moonlit waters to join the others already present, the scene reminded me of how families around the world gather in this holiday season to celebrate—and how Siddha Yogis too will be gathering on January 1 for the joy of receiving Gurumayi's Message for 2015. The many colors swirling throughout this playful "Season's Greetings" card also reminded me of the glorious diversity in our global sangham, a diversity reflected—and honored—in the different languages in which Gurumayi expressed her love for us.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for uniting us in this season through this beautiful expression of your all-embracing love.

Illinois, USA

As I viewed this card, I felt that the silver-colored path of light in the water is the Siddha Yoga path. As I imagined myself walking on this path, so many colorful jyotis (small lamps) were with me. I also saw the waters as the divine waters of Lake Nityananda; on these waters, the devotees on the Siddha Yoga path were shown in the form of small lamps having satsang with Gurumayi, represented by the larger lamp in the middle.
The card also reminded me of the Message for 2014, and so it drew me to the divine sounds of the conch, the flute, and the water.
Thank you so much, Gurumayi ji, for always connecting with us within our hearts—and through the Siddha Yoga path website too.

Surat, India

With the sound of the flute, tears of love come softly to my eyes. My heart is touched. With the colors of the rainbow and the blue light of the Infinite, the light of my own consciousness is revived. The sound of nourishing water, the source of life, brings forth in me a calm and totally centered attention.

This "Season's Greetings" card from Gurumayi gives me the experience of a state beyond all forms, a state where silence and inner balance are bathing all the cells of my being. And I am filled with reverence.

Thank you with all my heart, Gurumayi.

Ramonville-Saint-Agne, France

How wonderful! Every element of this greeting card—the colors and shapes, the sound, the light—shimmers and flows with feelings of love arising from the depths. After I viewed this greeting, I closed my eyes; I felt as if I had been blessed by the gift of seeing with a sense of wonder. It was like a loving command from the heart to return to a state of pure innocence.
Dhanyawad Gurumayi ji!  Heartfelt pranams with love and gratitude. I send lots of love for this festive season to everyone in the Siddha Yoga sangham.

Pune, India

How sweet is this "Season's Greetings" card! When I viewed it, tears of joy came to my eyes, especially when the words Con Amore appeared in my own language. How thoughtful and kind of Gurumayi to use different languages to connect to the hearts of devotees throughout the world!
Thank you, Gurumayi, for always discovering new ways of teaching us and connecting us to our hearts!

Rome, Italy

How exquisite! Watching and listening to this loving greeting, I felt that all the teachings of our sublime path are contained here. I'm filled with love and gratitude for the teachings we receive. The beauty of Gurumayi's teachings and the priceless love they shower upon me take me deep into my heart.
In this place of the heart I feel that I am with each one of you, and I send everyone my warmest wishes for this Christmas season. 
Gurumayi, thank you so much for the love you shower upon us.

Castlemaine, Australia

When I saw the "Season's Greetings" card, and heard the sound of the water, I was filled with the vibrations of the sound. I could feel that this is the pillar of light inside me and all the flames were sparkling inside me. Then I felt that the conch was emerging from my heart with all the beautiful sound and space of silence. And as it went to merge into that silence, it became the Blue Pearl.
The sound of the flute throughout made my mind very quiet. After viewing all this, I closed my eyes and could feel the deep silence.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for loving us and caring for us.

Nasik, India

How splendid is Gurumayi’s "Season's Greetings 2014" card! How magical!  How sweet!
I have been convalescing from an illness and the Siddha Yoga path website has been a lifeline. Tonight when I opened the website and saw this wondrous greeting, I couldn’t contain my joy. I felt like a child watching the holiday magic unfold. But this time, it was unfolding in the colors and sparkle of my own pristine heart. It truly felt as if I were seeing a visual representation of my own heart.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for again and again inspiring awe and wonder. Your generosity is breathtaking.

New York, USA

As I watched and listened to Gurumayi's "Season's Greetings 2014," I realized that I was experiencing divinity. Yes, the sound and images are divine art that lead me back into the space of the heart. I experienced them as yantras, mystical diagrams, that possess great power to return me to the space of the heart within myself.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for all that you have given us throughout 2014, especially the beautiful love that you express via the Siddha Yoga path website. Season's greetings and love to all in the Siddha Yoga global sangham.

Melbourne, Australia

I loved seeing the scintillating stars that surrounded both Gurumayi's name and the words "With love" in all the different languages. For me, they were a great representation of the radiant energy I experience whenever I truly remember my Guru's love for me—and my love for her.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for remembering us with so much love in all seasons!

Connecticut, USA