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Shri Ganesh

Lord Ganesh, Scribe of the Mahabharata

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As a writer, I am inspired by Ganesh’s selfless act in which he broke off one of his tusks in order to fulfill his promise to the sage Veda Vyasa and finish recording the Mahabharata for posterity. Sometimes my own “feather pen” breaks and I feel blocked, or I run out of creative ideas, or even of the enthusiasm I need to write. Ganesh’s act reminds me that at such times I must make a greater effort and give of myself more deeply than ever. It reminds me how important it is for me to be selfless and generous in my writing.

California, United States

One of the sevas I’ve offered over the years has been that of report writing, in order to document such events as Siddha Yoga satsangs and other programs; the reports then form a part of the archives of Shakti Punj.
As I read this story of the immense diligence, commitment, steadfastness, and duty on the part of Lord Ganesh, I find myself filled with a new awareness of all these virtues. I even feel extremely grateful to have offered the seva of report writing, although I sometimes overcomplicate the process and have even procrastinated while offering it. This can sometimes happen regarding my other duties too.
This story is shining a light for me on the importance of leaving a legacy for the generations to come. It shows how responsible, selfless, and disciplined Lord Ganesh and Sage Vyasa were, out of their love for humankind. It teaches me to be more responsible, selfless, and disciplined in leading my own life. And it teaches me how doing one’s dharma leads to becoming one with the Truth.

Mumbai, India

When I read what Lord Ganesh did when his feather pen broke as he wrote down the verses of the Mahabharata, I realized that when I feel that the flow of harmony between myself and others is “broken,” I can, like Ganesh, continue to offer my best, with vulnerability and love.
I don’t have to win every argument with my neighbors or colleagues. I can courageously surrender to the Heart, and react in a positive way for the benefit of all. 
I can choose to keep offering the great gifts of equanimity and equipoise to uplift my environment.

Thornbury, Australia

This heartwarming story inspired a feeling of deep devotion, contentment, and peace in my heart.

St. Laurent, Canada

As a writer, I found so many inspiring aspects of this story. I was reminded of how vital meditation is to my creative impulses. When I think I don’t have time for meditation and must get to work instead, how I have turned the truth on its head!
I’m grateful for this story of dear Lord Ganesh.

Massachusetts, United States

I was amazed by the part of the story where Ganesh breaks off a tusk to use as a pen in order to continue offering seva without interruption. His unstoppable commitment to his dharma as a scribe touched my heart.

I had been wondering why Ganesh has only one tusk. Now, when I recite the Ganesha Gayatri mantra, I will have a deeper context for and understanding of the meaning of this phrase: “Ekadanta, whose single tusk breaks the illusion of duality.” 

From these posts, I learned that I can invoke Ganesh’s blessings by worshiping him through reciting the gayatri mantra and also by focusing wholeheartedly on my dharma and offering service selflessly.

California, United States

One thing that stood out for me in this account was how much Vyasa accomplished for the world through meditation. His vision of the story came in meditation, the actual verses came through contemplation, his support came from meditation on Lord Brahma, and his scribe came in meditation on Lord Ganesh.
I have come to see how so much happens from meditation, even though it may not look like much is happening. Now, every time I meditate, I feel that it is helping me to offer seva in better ways.
I am grateful to Gurumayi for this insight and this experience of how meditation supports me in offering seva with excellence.

Washington, United States

Two things stood out for me as I read this account of the manifestation of the great scripture, the Mahabharata.
The first was the word “stamina.” As I read this word, I immediately noticed a renewal of my own sense of stamina and of my commitment to pursue sadhana to its ultimate fruit, the state of the Self.
The second was Lord Ganesh’s selfless act. I saw so clearly the transformative nature of selfless action—how powerful and how catalytic selfless action is for all. What a beautiful offering it is to do something in true service.
Thank you to everyone who performs a pure action, however seemingly small, whether seen or unseen, and wherever you may be. You support my sadhana in unfathomable ways. I am grateful to you.

Castlemaine, Australia

What a revelation! In scribing the Mahabharata, Lord Ganesh himself was offering seva with the sage Vyasa. In seva, Ganesh served with his intelligence and understanding, he fulfilled dharma, offered his commitment, and gave his full focus—the ultimate example of performing seva. This is so inspiring.

Toronto, Canada