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Shri Hanuman

How Shri Hanuman Got His Name

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This story prompts me to reflect on my sadhana: “What is my intention, and moment by moment, where I am directing my attention? When might I too, like Anjaneya, be mistaking the great light of this world for a fruit, an object of desire?

This story inspires me to rededicate my efforts towards attaining the goal of liberation. Like Hanuman, may I direct my thoughts, words, and actions to fulfilling a great destiny of devotion and service. May I sustain one-pointed study, practice, assimilation, and implementation of the teachings that have so lovingly been provided to me.

Washington, United States

I am touched by the sweetness and gentleness that comes through in the telling of this delightful story. These are the qualities I associate with Shri Hanuman, along with his great strength.
I am very grateful for this reminder of the need to practice and further develop these qualities in myself.

London, United Kingdom