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Shri Hanuman

Shri Hanuman and Mountain of Healing

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This story left me with a feeling of awe. It touches many aspects of being a seeker of the Truth: devotion to God, strength in facing the challenges, determination to pursue the goal, brotherhood, and love.
I am grateful to Gurumayi for this story, which reminds me that I possess all of these aspects within my own heart.

Rome, Italy

I thoroughly enjoyed this story from the Ramayana. A few parts stood out as teachings for me to contemplate. The first is the statement  by the physician, Shushena, as he tells Shri Hanuman about his monumental task: “You must harness all your strength and determination, all the great power that is within you.” Shri Hanuman replies, “No matter what it takes to serve my Lord, I will do it.”
Shri Hanuman has amassed his determination and great strength through his devotion to Lord Rama, and now he is putting it to use by once again serving his Lord without reserve. Just reading these words, I feel my own devotion and gratitude growing. I am filled with the desire to serve my beloved Gurumayi. I see that through many small acts of devotion, my own strength and determination will become great. Right here, right now, I can serve in my own ways, according to my dharma. I am overjoyed!

Florida, United States

I love reading the stories of Shri Hanuman on the Siddha Yoga path website.  For me, they feel so immediately practical and filled with life and energy.
I have been experiencing a series of challenges in my life, and the stories of Shri Hanuman remind me that within my being there is access to the most amazing strength and the ability to overcome difficulty. 
So as I face each task at hand, I think of Hanuman and connect with his strength and faith in the Guru, and I connect with my Guru’s blessings and protection. 

New York, United States

Reading this tale, one of my favorite stories, I am reminded of the reality of living a devoted life. Like the obstacles before Hanuman, events in my life often appear to have no solution. But devotion to God, remembering the Guru’s grace, prayer, meditation, and confident faith reveal to me over and over again that every situation has a holy and practical solution if I am willing to find it through devotion and, sometimes, hard work!

Ostuni, Italy

Reading this account of Hanuman filled my heart with great strength. With one-pointed meditation on the sacred name of Rama, Hanuman flew across the oceans and uprooted a mountain.
I am reminded of how fortunate I am to have Gurumayi as the living Guru in my life. I feel there is nothing in this world that cannot be accomplished when I fix my heart on the Guru.

New York, United States

I was inspired by Shri Hanuman’s ability to make the seemingly impossible become possible by offering his amazing strength, size, and determination in service to Lord Rama. The story stretches my conception of what is possible in my own life, given my Guru’s presence within me, my abilities, and the power of my intention.

California, United States

Tears came to my eyes when I thought about sharing this story with my grandchildren. I want all of us to know of the strength and goodness within us.

New York, United States

The words and experience of Lord Rama resonate with me deeply. Recently, I held an image of the Guru in my heart, repeated the mantra, and accomplished what seemed to be an impossible task in an extremely short time. As Hanuman described his feat, my mind and heart recognized the truth in his words: “When my mind had become absorbed in you and my heart saturated with your love—there was no question that I could bring this mountain to you.”
I am grateful for, and marvel at, the power of the Guru’s grace to give me the strength and ability to move what can seem to be my own mountain of limitation, and come into the healing presence of the Heart.

Massachusetts, United States