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Meditation Sessions 2020 via Audio Stream

Ocean of Joy, Ocean of Peace: Sukha-sāgar, Shānti-sāgar

Taught by Lilavati Stewart Sutcliffe

In this Meditation Session, you will further your study of Gurumayi’s Message for 2020 by learning to access and experience the ocean of joy, the ocean of peace, that resides within, no matter where you are or what you are doing. You will explore how, through chanting the mantra Om Namah Shivaya and through the practice of Siddha Yoga meditation, the mind can merge into the space of the great Self, where joy and peace abound.

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I am deeply moved by this series of Meditation Sessions. Last year I participated in them all and then picked a couple that I zeroed in on throughout the year.

For me, 2020 was a year of deep suffering and deep self-effort. I made my best effort to understand, imbibe, and live the teachings Gurumayi was giving us. However, given the challenges of 2020, I found it hard to experience the words of the titles of the meditation sessions, such as good fortune, steadiness, contentment, blessedness, ease.

This year I decided to participate in each session again. And now I find that each session completely touches my heart. It is grace, for sure. I hear everything in a new way. This year I truly experience Gurumayi’s Message: Atma ki Prashanti, Peacefulness of the Self. It is my prayer that I will live this Message for the rest of my life, through thick and thin.

Maryland, United States

Sometimes during meditation I receive a teaching from the inner Guru. Recently, following my mother’s passing, I was going through a painful and dark time. During Meditation Session VIII, I heard these words: "Beyond this darkness there is light. I am with you always; hold my hand."

Mexico City, Mexico

In a time of challenges, meditation is my golden moment, my personal place where sorrows and worries do not exist. It is the space of my heart where I am love. I am grateful for these meditation sessions that I participate in every morning.

Mexico City, Mexico

I am so grateful for these Meditation Sessions. Each one offers me yet another way to immerse myself in the sanctuary of my heart, and to experience Gurumayi's Message. I notice that I am more able to offer seva from the deep well of peace within me. And I am more able to take my mind away from the chaos and drama of the world, and to rest it in the peace that is only a breath away.

Geelong, Australia

I dove very deeply into meditation in this session. The vivid image that the teacher provided stayed with me. And as I held it in my being, I slipped into a sweet and boundless inner peace.
Since then I have been inspired to repeat the mantra as I go about my day, and to offer this practice to all beings—as a tangible way I can uplift and bless the world.

Hampton, Australia

During this Meditation Session, while chanting the mantra, I felt it resonate sweetly in a cave inside my body. I understood that this cave is “the cave of the heart” and chanting the mantra is the means that is always accessible to make my heart vibrate.
I came out of meditation to the sound of thunder as a beautiful rain began to water the earth after a summer of drought in my region. I thought that Varuna, the god of rain, was answering my prayers for his blessings at this very moment. This feeling of harmony filled me with joy and peace.

Rodez, France

This Meditation Session was so impactful for me. The teacher spoke of an experience she had of finding her way out of fearfulness. In thinking about my own experiences of fear, I realized that I don’t always turn to the teachings that would bring me to a better state. Then I saw that fear is familiar to me and joy and peace not as much—unless I set an intention to get in touch with them.
I am grateful to Gurumayi for yet another reminder that if I set that intention, joy and peace are there for me in every moment.

Pennsylvania, United States

My heart is so full of gratitude! I have gained so much from these Meditation Sessions; they are helping me experience my mind as Chiti Shakti and have certainly enhanced my experience of the Self within. The experience reported by the teacher gives me a great way to become peaceful—and it’s wonderful for me and also for my family when I am peaceful.


Kingscliff, Australia