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Meditation Sessions 2020 via Audio Stream

The Form of the Goddess, the Form of Peace: Shāntirūpeṇa

Taught by Siddha Yoga Meditation Teacher Pedro Sá Moraes

In this meditation session, you will explore the nature of the Goddess and how, through worshipping and meditating on the forms she assumes, you can guide your mind back to its source, the supremely free and blissful Consciousness that is the Self of all. You will further your study of Gurumayi’s Message for 2020 by chanting the mantra and meditating on the Goddess in the form of peace.

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Before I started this meditation session I was feeling somewhat restless and sad. Yet when I began to meditate, I was able to experience the stillness and peace that was already within me, underneath the external turmoil. This experience also led me to realize that whenever I need the Guru’s help, I can turn within and find her there in the form of peace.

Willemstad, Curacao

Today my intention for meditation was to experience Gurumayi´s Message, Atma ki Prashanti, Peacefulness of the Self, and this Meditation Session made it possible for me. It was so powerful!
As I listened to the meditation teacher´s exposition, my understanding of the Goddess expanded while an undulating energy began to flow through my body. As I followed the teacher’s instructions during meditation, I felt the presence of energy at the top of my spine. My perception shifted, and then I was in a wide, dark, velvety space—devoid of thoughts, in absolute silence—experiencing the most profound peace ever. I know with certainty that by invoking the grace of the Goddess, the supreme Consciousness, I will be able to enter that sacred space within myself again.

Teziutlán, Mexico

I enjoyed the pacing and softness of the teacher’s voice. It truly helped to calm me and draw me inward. I am inspired to participate in this meditation session again.

Massachusetts, United States

Throughout these Meditation Sessions, I have felt the building up of a profound understanding of Gurumayi's Message for 2020, while new, previously unknown, and unexpected journeys in my daily meditation practice are taking place.
In this session, Shāntirūpena has emerged as fresh air, pervading my whole body with strength and unity. The more I listen to each session, the more layers of understanding and joy are revealed behind my eyes.

London, United Kingdom

This Meditation Session was magic for me! Early in the morning I had sat down to work on a project but couldn’t do a thing. It felt like a car that wouldn’t start. Then I remembered that a new Meditation Session was being offered that morning, and I registered immediately.  
The teacher’s presentation soothed me, calmed me, and drew me into a peaceful space inside myself. After the session I was filled with creative insight and sat at my desk, simply and joyfully immersed in my project.
What a gift these Meditation Sessions are!

California, United States

This was an amazing Meditation Session for me. Besides being moved by the beauty of the host's singing voice, I had the privilege of listening to my neighbor's lawnmower, which sounded like a motorboat! As it got louder and louder, I made the choice to go deeper and deeper inside. I was able to descend into Atma ki Prashanti, “Peacefulness of the Self,” even while the the roar of the lawnmower persisted—until the meditation came to a conclusion and the outside drone ceased.
I laughed heartily, realizing that this was the goddess Shakti's way of showing me that I can go into the inner state regardless of anything going on outside of me. That state is always available to me. In the past, I would have gotten irritated and frustrated with the distraction. This was a beautiful lesson.

Pennsylvania, United States