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Meditation Sessions 2020 via Audio Stream

Comforting the Mind, Reposing in the Heart: Sukha-shānti

Taught by Siddha Yoga Meditation Teacher Ami Bansal

This meditation session will explore the nature of the mind and how to calm its tendency to become caught up in distracting thoughts and concerns. You will further your study of Gurumayi’s Message for 2020 through the practices of Siddha Yoga meditation and japa (mantra repetition) in order to lead the mind to rest in its source, the Heart.

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Meditation Session II is extraordinary, and I keep coming back to it again and again. The teacher’s soothing, calm voice draws me inward immediately. It comforts my mind and lets it rest in my heart.

California, United States

Listening attentively to the quiet voice of the teacher brought sukha-shanti, comfort and peace, to my mind.
This meditation session led me to a deeper level of awareness. I enjoyed the stability of my posture and the sweet alternating movements of my breath, flowing through my body. As I repeated the mantra, thoughts emerged from my mind. I observed them carefully and reminded my mind of its true nature. In response, the mantra gently came back and led me into the serenity of the Heart.

Rodez, France

The meditation session was exactly what my soul needed. The teachings guided my mind to where my heart was and drew my attention deeply within. By the time we began chanting the mantra, a stillness pervaded within me. The chanting and meditation gently led me to a peaceful, nurturing energy. By the end of the session, my emotions and mind were calmly residing in the heart.

California, United States

This Meditation Session II has brought solace, stillness, and repose to my mind and heart, which is especially appreciated during these challenging times.

St. Laurent, Canada