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Food is God

A Talk by Gurumayi Chidvilasananda

June 25, 2016

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Gurumayi's teaching on the importance of ensuring that everyone in this world has enough food to eat resonated deeply. Her words address a longing I have had to take positive and practical steps to bring greater love and dharma into our world.

After reading Gurumayi's words, I have written a prayer for unity, which I will recite each day. I also have made a plan for contributing money regularly so that others can be fed. I know that nourishment is food and it is also more than food, so I have also set the intention that my actions and words may nurture happiness in others.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for your love and guidance.

Maryland, USA

Recently, after reciting Shri Guru Gita, I offered a large chocolate bar to the Guru as a symbol of surrendering my craving for sweets. Since then, I've had no desire for them.

I am grateful for Gurumayi’s support for my self-effort in feeding my body what it needs to be healthy. For me, this is important. I am so appreciative of the Guru's grace and teachings.

North Carolina, USA

I am so happy to read Gurumayi's words on food!

Ten years ago, I developed a food sensitivity that left me with only a few foods that I could eat without getting sick. I became so grateful for these foods that I put a photo of Shri Lakshmi on my dining room table and each time I ate, I said aloud, "Thank you, God, for this food, and for my body's ability to digest and take nourishment from it." Then I savored each bite of food like a rare elixir.

Now I can eat more foods, including fruit, which I couldn't eat for many years. Eating a mango or a piece of watermelon now is like eating God's grace—so delectable, so nourishing. And I know that we are so lucky to have the grace not only to have food on our tables, but to be able to digest and take nourishment from it.

Thank you for this teaching, Gurumayi!

Illinois, USA

Gurumayi's talk ''Food is God” has deeply affected me. Each day, since first reading it, I have offered my practices and prayers for everyone in this world to be fed and nourished both physically and spiritually, for everyone to experience joy and to recognize that we are all one.

Givataim, Israel

This beautiful talk was lovely to read. It reminds me of the blessings I receive from having a garden to nurture. The earth has so much to offer.
I just picked my first organic beetroot of the season today. How fortunate I am to be able to grow some vegetables and share food with my friends and neighbors.

St Helens, Australia

Recently, we Prison Project sevites were holding a satsang for new seekers in a prison. A prison administrator came in on his day off to let us in. He also sat in on the whole satsang.

After the satsang, he showed us the prison grounds. Instead of concrete or grass like all the other ones I had seen, they had huge lush gardens of food. He told us proudly that they fed the whole prison with the food they grew last year. And this year, they plan to double that quantity and supply the local food bank as well. The inmates are learning how to cultivate earthworms and bees.

I could feel the effect of this in the new seekers who came to satsang as well. They looked nourished. I sensed their vitality in their eagerness to meditate.

My wish is that I imbibe the teachings in this talk all my life.

Washington, USA

I was very moved by Gurumayi’s words. Of course, one knows there is hunger in the world. In Latin America, we see it all the time. The way Gurumayi asks us to take responsibility for it, and to make a collective prayer, has taken this issue to a deeper level in my understanding. Her words are a powerful command.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for your compassion.

Cuernavaca, Mexico

Last Saturday, I began a practice of exercising discipline in eating. I began to eat lightly, to chew my food, and allow myself to experience hunger as “longing for God,” as Gurumayi describes in the chapter called “Discipline in Eating,” in her book Yoga of Discipline.

Over these last few days, I have been experiencing such joy in eating, and I've shed tears of gratitude for being able to eat at all—and indeed to eat so well. So, when I read Gurumayi's talk, I was amazed at the synchronicity.

Most of all, I felt Gurumayi’s words were an invitation to take this practice deeper, so that it becomes not just a personal spiritual experience, but a service to this world. Today, I wish for every living being to be nourished and to experience supreme joy. And I look forward to taking consistent, practical action, together with the Siddha Yoga community, so that our collective prayer may be fulfilled.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for this humbling teaching.

Bath, United Kingdom

Initially, I felt a sense of sadness when I read Gurumayi’s words: “There are so many children who go to sleep with hunger burning in their stomachs and have no way to satisfy their hunger.” But as I became absorbed in Gurumayi’s talk, I started to feel connected to the love from which her words arose.
By the time I finished reading, I felt motivated to help unify our world. I realized that I want to do something tangible to nourish others with food. I immediately opened the webpage for the Prasad Project and saw that a part of their philanthropic work includes organic farming and nutrition! I decided to donate a portion of my own food budget to the Prasad Project as one of the ways I can honor Gurumayi’s wish “for each child to receive their rightful portion of food.” My heart now feels empowered to touch others’ lives in this way.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for your compassionate encouragement!

Berlin, Germany

I see how imbibing and implementing Gurumayi’s teaching in this talk can transform an everyday activity—eating—into a sacred act that can expand my heart and connect me to the whole world. Thank you, Gurumayi, for this profound call to awareness and action.

Massachusetts, USA