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A Sweet Reminder

A Talk by Gurumayi Chidvilasananda

October 18, 2018

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In the midst of an inner challenge, I woke up today and found this talk on the Siddha Yoga path website. I feel Gurumayi’s grace showering me as though I’m in a warm bath. My mind is becoming still in her light. I will now include this “sweet reminder” in my everyday practice so I can be aware of Gurumayi at my side.


I am so happy to read these precious words from Gurumayi. Often during my meditation practice, or sometimes thinking about just one of the many experiences I’ve received during meditation, I am moved to tears of ecstasy. I feel as though I’m having Gurumayi’s darshan. At these times, I feel Gurumayi lives in my heart, as I know I do in hers.

Florida, United States

I took to heart Gurumayi's invitation to make a conscious effort to recall the good things and my spiritual experiences.

As I began to recall them, I found many, and my memories arose effortlessly! Here are some: I experience joy while chanting in my room after a full day of work, I feel refreshed while offering seva in satsangs for families, I am filled with enthusiasm when I study the teachings from the Siddha Yoga path website. I am amazed by the beauty of the skies, I am happy to see my students' progress, I am delighted when I eat a delicious dessert, and I am grateful when the sun is shining!

I understand that these positive feelings come from within, from the inner Self. So, when I recall them, I remember Gurumayi’s teaching, “God is within.”

I plan to apply Gurumayi's teachings by writing a list of the good things and the spiritual experiences I have had. And I plan to read this list again and again so that I can relish these experiences.

Paris, France

Gurumayi’s words, “I am giving you permission to relish your meditation and spiritual experiences,” unlocked a cascade of memories. Mystical moments in meditation with Bade Baba, a completely unexpected, amazing darshan with my Guru—so many spiritual experiences came flooding back and introduced themselves one by one like long-lost friends. I am once again steeped in the beauty and meaning they brought to my life. “A Sweet Reminder” indeed! My gratitude knows no bounds.

California, United States

As I read these inspiring words, several subtle but powerful experiences started to bubble up in my consciousness.

One in particular is the sensation that in every moment I am walking on a living Earth that supports and nourishes me.

Since experiences often take place deep inside of me, they tend to fade quickly, like a dream. Gurumayi’s “A Sweet Reminder,” inspires me to be more attentive in remembering such exquisite experiences.

New York, United States

I truly cherish each experience of the Self with gratitude and wonder—as beautiful lights in meditation, synchronicities in daily life, or meaningful relationships. My memories, my conversations, my notebook, have become even more dear to me now after this most beautiful “reminder” from Gurumayi.

St. Lazare, Canada

Recently, during satsang in the Bhagavan Nityananda Temple at the Siddha Yoga meditation center in Los Angeles, I experienced the sound Om in my heart. Having repeated Om out loud and in my mind for so many years, I recognized its presence within. The humming sound arose of its own accord, resonating throughout my being, and I experienced profound love. I knew beyond any doubt that Om is God and God is love. In the days following, this experience arose again in my heart.

Reading Gurumayi’s words, I am now consciously recalling the grace of that awesome experience. I am reliving it knowing that I am following my Guru’s command, and receiving even more blessings from that timeless moment.

California, United States

Tears came to my eyes when I read the words “You may remember this: Gurumayi told you, ‘God is within.’” I said to myself, “YES! I can remember this. I can keep this awareness with me.”

Gandhinagar, India

As I read Gurumayi's talk and viewed the “Worship on Dasera” gallery, I felt the dawning of meditation enveloping my mind. This makes me long for the coming Shaktipat Intensive and an even deeper experience of who I truly am.

Lausanne, Switzerland