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Being with Gurumayi

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I am feeling so privileged to be invited by Shri Gurumayi to walk along with her. Her company here brings me serenity, wonder, and joy. When I am with her, I am close to my heart, acutely aware of how beautifully simple life can be. I love being with my Guru.

Valbrembo, Italy

What a beautiful video! As I moved through the gallery of photos, I could feel my heart grow and expand with love for my Guru. Indeed, I felt as if I was walking with Shri Gurumayi.

New York, United States

Since I found this lovely video, I've visited it many times. I imagine I'm taking a walk with Gurumayi through the woods around Shree Muktananda Ashram.

Recently I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed by a project. What better way to recharge and gather my energy than by pausing to share a walk with my Guru. After absorbing the beauty of nature and standing with Gurumayi on the banks of Lake Nityananda, I feel enthusiastic and ready to dive back into my work.

I am so grateful for this invitation to be with Gurumayi.

Hampton Hill, United Kingdom

As I watched this beautiful video, I remembered that when I have wanted to experience solitude and peace, I have often imagined myself sitting near a stream.
Being with Gurumayi near the stream in this video led me to realize that I was never totally alone in those moments. Gurumayi was always there beside me and my imaginary stream.

Nashik, India

Inspired by this video, I took a walk by a river. I made an effort to turn within, repeating the mantra, reminding myself that everything around me was an expression of the Supreme Being. I felt myself become deeply silent inside, and just at that moment, there was a flash of white. A great white heron came to rest in some rippling shallows. The heron was perfectly at ease. It seemed as if the entire scene—the sweep of the river, the woods on both sides, a small rapids behind—was all centered on the graceful and elegant figure of the heron.

It reminded me of Gurumayi—how she is both in perfect harmony with the woodland and the still center point around which it revolves. It was as if she had appeared in the heron’s form to tell me that yes, when I turned within, when I saw God in each form around me, when I took refuge in the mantra, I had indeed received her darshan.

Ohio, United States

For me this video is especially sweet. Nature and Gurumayi both dwell in my heart with deep love. I associate the two as one great blessing. My husband and I take walks every day in nature. For many years since we first visited Shree Muktananda Ashram, we have delighted when a butterfly, bird, bee, or other creature spontaneously comes near us. We always say: “Thank you, Gurumayi!”

California, United States

Watching the images of Gurumayi in nature and hearing the soothing music, I felt I was indeed with Gurumayi enjoying nature.

I was deeply touched by seeing Gurumayi meditating with the sounds of the waterfall. It was so serene. The images of a bud shown before the meditation and the full-blown flower shown after the meditation seemed to me like an invitation to meditate with Gurumayi so that I may blossom like that flower and fulfill the purpose of my life.

Hosur, India

My beloved Shri Gurumayi and nature remind me of the presence of endless grace in my life. Just like Mother Nature, always giving abundantly, our Guru keeps bestowing her blessings on us and making life so much more beautiful!

Pune, India

For me this video is a refreshing drink for the soul. To see Shri Gurumayi among the verdant trees and plants is a sheer delight. I am grateful to Gurumayi for sharing her state and boundless love through these images. After watching the video, I am savoring and integrating the memories of the sweet images, and I am experiencing their sacred resonance throughout the day.

Guyra, Australia

This beautiful video inspires me to move through God's glorious creation with grace and love. I am reminded of how subtly and powerfully the Guru's touch and gaze have been transforming my inner being, allowing my best qualities to blossom.

As I watch Gurumayi interacting with the varied forms of life, I recognize that her love for me is one with her love for all Consciousness.

Oregon, United States

I love the images of Gurumayi interwoven with images of nature, and the sound of the gushing water against the gentle tunes of the flute. I had the insight that I can see Gurumayi in every particle of God’s creation as well as inside my own heart.

México, Mexico

As I watched this tender, beautiful video, I felt a stirring inside me and a lump in my throat. I felt my Guru's embrace.

California, United States

Being with Gurumayi, nature, and the beautiful music in this video connects me very strongly with the serenity inside myself. I am so grateful!

Colorado, United States

The melodious sound of the flute took me away, high up into the sky. Watching this video felt like a walk-through of my journey on the Siddha Yoga path with Shri Gurumayi.

Khargone, India

Viewing this gallery took me inside to a place of deep wonder and bliss.

Washington, United States

While watching the video, I saw myself walking along with Gurumayi!
Thank you so much, Gurumayi! I love you!

a six-year-old Siddha Yogi from Chennai, India

Watching this beautiful gallery of Gurumayi in nature, I feel that Gurumayi is one with nature. Everywhere in these images, I see the blissful Kundalini Shakti shimmering. After contemplating this experience, I feel that the nature which surrounds me in India is more than simply nature—I feel that Shri Gurumayi is here in the form of nature. I sense that my entire existence is surrounded by Shri Gurumayi both outside and inside.
I bow to your feet, beloved Gurumayi.

Ahmedabad, India

Last evening, we viewed "Being With Gurumayi" as part of our satsang at the local Siddha Yoga meditation center. Behind Gurumayi's chair in the meditation hall, there are two large windows that face a wooded area. We rarely see any deer outside the window.

But last evening, when the deer appeared on the screen with the words, "Come! We are going to be with Gurumayi," several small deer went running across our view—and ran back and forth throughout the video! We were all filled with joy, feeling that the deer were also joining us in our walk with Gurumayi and in receiving her darshan.

It was truly a moment of satya rasa, the ambrosia of the Truth.

Maryland, United States

Each time I join this exquisite walk with Gurumayi, I'm flooded with feelings of ecstasy, profound peace, and being uplifted. These darshan walks have given me an enhanced perception of the presence of God in the beings and nature around me. Since I have been taking this darshan with my beloved Guru on a daily basis, my meditations have exploded into light.

Massachusetts, United States

In my meditation I have seen Gurumayi in the garden of my heart, and I have sat with her there. Recently though, I have been longing so palpably to be with my Guru in her physical form. This morning, as I came upon this intimate moment with Gurumayi on the Siddha Yoga path website, I marveled at the great gift of having a living Guru who answers the prayers of my heart.

Thank you, dear Gurumayi, for inviting me to walk with you. My heart is overflowing.

California, United States

Lately I have been longing to be with Gurumayi. As I responded to the invitation to be with her and watched her image and the beautiful scenes of nature, I felt that she was actually looking out through my eyes. I experienced that she is the one living in me always. I understood that what I see outside is a reflection of her. I recognized that her presence is always with me, as me. I am so happy!
Thank you so very much for being with me, Gurumayi!

The Patch, Australia

I experienced Gurumayi’s generosity in her invitation to join her private walk in nature. Each gift of nature seemed to me to bring a look of joy and wonder to her. Seeing this was like having darshan of the divine through Gurumayi’s eyes. As I watched, I sensed Gurumayi’s transparency and oneness with the divine flow of nature. I understood why, for me, being in the presence of God in nature feels the same as being in the presence of the Guru.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for expanding my consciousness and understanding.

Illinois, USA

I am so grateful to Gurumayi for opening her heart to us all in such amazing ways!

As I watched the nature pictures I felt that all of them were Shri Guru. I felt that Gurumayi is here with us, around us, in us.

I also found that this connection brings stillness, serenity, and love! It brought me a sense of oneness with Gurumayi!

Madrid, Spain

What joy! It is raining here, but I have just been for a beautiful, sun-filled walk with my Guru. I am so happy I could join Gurumayi on her walk around Lake Nityananda. I sensed everything—the tiniest of creatures, the crystal waters of the lake, and the canopy of the forest around. And I sensed Gurumayi's love for everything and for me.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for this amazing experience.

London, United Kingdom

The slideshow brought forth tears of gratitude as I recognized again the gift of being with Gurumayi. I remembered how to walk my path with lightness and to delight in my oneness with nature.

I particularly identified with the freedom of unfolding from a caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly. I saw the inspiration that this transformation offers to the world around me, and I saw my responsibility to participate in and commit to this process.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for being with us on this journey of discovery of our true nature.

Brossard, Canada

What a great gift! Shri Guru reaches out to me in so many ways, providing so many gifts.

As I was watching this beautiful sequence of images, I felt I was with her every step of the way. I feel her love reawakening my deepest longing for joy, love, and peace.
Immense thanks, Gurumayi, for thinking of, caring for, and loving us all.

Milano, Italy

I received this invitation in the midst of my day, and my entire being immediately said “Yes, I am ready!” I let go of everything else, and I experienced a childlike joy in my heart.
As I watched this beautiful video, I was reminded to remain open, free of unnecessary tension or attachment, because God's invitations can come in any moment, and I want to be ready, always ready to lovingly say, “Yes!”

California, United States

Seeing Gurumayi, I felt so much happiness that I felt like running towards her and shouting and hugging her. But then I saw she was in such a peaceful state, and I didn´t know if she would appreciate my effusiveness.
Then I became more peaceful in her presence, and at the end, when she says, "So happy you came along," I felt so happy again. I felt that she received my love and happiness and was accepting me exactly the way I am.
Thank you so much for this darshan, Gurumayi!

Ciudad de México, Mexico

I am so grateful to Gurumayi for taking us along on her walk. This video made me realize again how perfect and beautiful our world is.

Eindhoven, Netherlands

As my child and I watched, we expressed wonder and gratitude for the beauty shown in this video and around us daily. We felt we were truly there!

St Lazare, Canada

As I watched each frame progress, my experience of being in Gurumayi's presence became stronger and stronger. The rhythm of my breath eased, I became present in the moment, and I felt a connection with nature.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for connecting me with my breath and with nature's bounty.

Thane, India

Ahhhhh....how lovely. So uplifting!
When I see the beautiful pictures of nature, and hear the Siddha Yoga musicians, and then see Gurumayi, my heart just swells with remembrance.
I had a soft smile during the entire video, and love filled the whole room.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for the beautiful reminder of all that we carry in our hearts. You buoy my soul, dearest one.

California, United States

As the slideshow went on, I felt my heart melting.
When I saw the daisy in Gurumayi's hands, I felt Gurumayi’s love for this little flower. I imagined the awe and love the little flower had for Gurumayi. And I felt this same awe and love for all creation. It was a moment of satsang for me.
Thank you so much, Gurumayi, for showing the way towards love in so many unexpected ways. I am so grateful!

Montréal, Canada

Right after walking through the park overlooking Lake Geneva, where a stormy wind was raging, I watched the video of Gurumayi’s walk in nature.  
I treasured the stillness in the video, but then, surprisingly, a new attitude arose in me, suggesting I stay non-judgmental.
I recognized that, whether poised or in turmoil, in shaking convulsion or in restful balance, only one Consciousness exists in everything.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for your constant presence in my own being, bringing me your peace. 

Geneva, Switzerland

As I watch this video, I recognize that nature is God, and God is nature. It inspires me to respect and protect nature.

Thank you so much, Gurumayi, for your darshan.

Surat, India

What love and serenity!
During the video walk with Gurumayi, it was as if I was looking through her eyes—the eyes of the Self.
I feel so blessed and honored to have been offered this experience through these beautiful images.
Thank you, my dear Guru!

Sarrebourg, France

The leaves, the flowers, their colors, the majestic trees, the stream of water, the waterfall, the lake, the birds—and the Guru! In seeing all these through these beautiful photos, I experienced that all are one. I felt at ease after going on this walk with Gurumayi.
As a child, I would often have similar experiences in Gurudev Siddha Peeth. And today I realized that I can go for a walk with Gurumayi every day by being connected with my heart, by feeling one with nature, and by experiencing God in nature.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for your infinite love and grace!

Virar, India

I am thankful for having received this invitation to join Gurumayi as she walked on the sacred grounds of Shree Muktananda Ashram. This exquisite satsang opened my heart in the most profound way.
I send my infinite love to Gurumayi in gratitude for her ever-present love, protection, and grace.

North Carolina, United States

I am so happy that I came along with Gurumayi for such a beautiful walk in nature! At my home, nature responded immediately as my cat jumped on my lap as soon as I started the walk through the website. So I had satsang, my cat had satsang, and we were united in a beautiful satsang in the arms of Mother Nature.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for this blissful experience of unity in the Heart.

Rixensart, Belgium

This beautiful compilation of images, "Being with Gurumayi," created a warmth and joy in the center of my being. I felt completely connected to Gurumayi and to Shree Muktananda Ashram, and as if I were spending a day walking with Gurumayi. I felt Gurumayi's presence all around me. Watching these images created an energy of love around me which I can now share with others around me.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for inviting us to be with you!

South Yarra, Australia

Yesterday was my birthday, and Gurumayi's invitation felt so personal to me; being with her was something I had been longing to do. What a special, calming gift for me to receive!
Thank you, Gurumayi, for letting us accompany you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Hawaii, USA

What a gift it has been to take a walk with Gurumayi! I went into bliss to hear and feel the blessing of her smiling face, with all of nature at her beck and call. The music framed a walk in paradise for me.

Ostuni, Italy

My heart is moist, brimming with love, and filled with immense gratitude. It was so beautiful to have my Guru’s darshan!
Gurumayi's compassion, her love for nature, her quietude, her graceful presence and focus on every single wonder in nature, her love for the world at large, her happy way of being—all these come forth through every single image of the Gallery, and take me deep into a space of silence, equipoise, and gratitude.

Mumbai, India

Walking with Gurumayi was a enchanting experience, where I could feel the universal energy in Gurumayi as well as in nature. It made clear to me how Gurumayi perceives no difference between the Self and the natural world that surrounds her.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for this amazing present.

Madrid, Spain

Each morning I walk with my little dog, and we have the opportunity to enjoy the sights and sounds of nature at this early time of day. Watching the images in "Being with Gurumayi," I realized that each morning, while we are surrounded by nature, we are also in the presence of our beloved Guru, Gurumayi. She is in all that we see and experience each morning.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for this insight.

Missouri, United States

It was wonderful to be in Gurumayi's company, walking through the gardens and grounds of Shree Muktananda Ashram. It was beautiful to sit with her in meditation next to the waterfall. And then, seeing the open petals of the flower in the next photo reflected for me the sense of expansion that I felt after meditating with Gurumayi for those few moments. It was like a soothing balm to my mind and heart to be with her in this way.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for always finding ways for me to connect with the extraordinary bond of love we share.

South Yarra, Australia

For me, these magical moments in "being with Gurumayi" have been filled with auspiciousness and love! My heart is filled with gratitude for Gurumayi's sacred company and eternal presence in my life.

Thane, India

I am so happy to have taken this magical walk with Gurumayi! It felt to me like a celebration of life, of God's presence in each element of nature. I was so happy to see Gurumayi and to feel her love for us all in taking us with her on this walk. This has opened up my heart and filled it with longing—and with love.

Jerez de la Frontera, Spain

What a great gift and wonderful invitation! I can see how much Gurumayi is one with nature. In the images, we see both the caterpillar and the butterfly. What a wonderful metaphor for my sadhana!  
Thank you, Gurumayi, for showing me how to become aware of everything around me, including all the little things in nature.

Rosendhal I, Germany

I am so grateful for this perfect satsang and beautiful darshan. Like the waterfall, my heart is overflowing with love and gratitude for "being with Gurumayi" on this amazing Siddha Yoga path. Gurumayi looks so radiant, and so completely at one with her surroundings, emanating love, care, and gentleness. Although I am far away, I feel there is no distance.

Ludlow, United Kingdom

As I viewed this Gallery, my experience was that all the beings in nature—the flowers, plants, and animals—are different in their own ways and all are beautiful. Similarly, we are all different, with our different problems and different joys, but no matter what, Gurumayi is always with us!

Siddha Yogi from Midstream, South Africa

I am so happy that Gurumayi invited me to come along on this walk through nature. It was a blessing for me, and it inspires me to share my blessings with the whole world.

Siddha Yogi from Sao Paulo, Brazil

I was very happy that Gurumayi invited us to spend time with her in nature. I truly felt the resonance of the divine Presence in the trees, flowers, sky, and animals that we encountered on our way. Most importantly, I felt that same resonance deep within my own heart.
These were precious moments that I will never forget!

New York, United States

Seeing Gurumayi as she walks amidst nature in its glorious forms, connects me to my heart. From the gentle flute playing, to the eyes of the deer, to the sound of the waterfall, the emerald green of the trees, the precious daisies, sweet birds, and even the heart-shaped tree stump, these images and sounds say it all: love always surrounds me—inside and out.

New York, United States

Last night I longed to be in Gurumayi's physical presence. In my mind, I revisited and relived all the precious moments I have experienced with Gurumayi in person. I fell asleep feeling the Guru in my own heart.
Then the first thing I see this morning is this gallery! And Gurumayi is calling me to be with her, via these exquisite images in nature. What a blessing! Blessed am I—my Guru is always with me.

Bangalore, India

After seeing these images, my soul feels nourished and I feel so blessed.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for sharing these precious moments with me. I am forever grateful to you.

California, United States

"Being with Gurumayi" – what a wonderful title! I do my work and my practices with this awareness: that  I want to be with Gurumayi. I take care of what needs to be taken care of and see it all as supporting the mission of Siddha Yoga. I love my life because it is a gift of the Guru’s grace.

I am filled with gratitude for the blessing of devotion to Gurumayi. I bow to Gurumayi in deepest pranam.

West Vancouver, Canada

One word: Wow! It is extraordinary how images of the Guru immediately connect me with my heart.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for inviting me to come along with you on your walk through the natural beauty of the Ashram grounds, and to see the world from your pure vision.

New York, United States

As I view these beautiful images, the awareness arises: I can be with Gurumayi whenever and wherever I choose. I simply need to hold her in my heart as my priority.

North Willoughby, Australia