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Your Genuine Responsibility

A Talk by Gurumayi Chidvilasananda

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

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Gurumayi’s words remind me that, as an elder, I have a responsibility to come from a place of wisdom and to pass that along, especially to young people in this world. I have at times simply sent an emoji instead of really putting my full heart into a message that was meant to send my love or prayers to someone. I now intend to pay more attention.

I wish to support our glorious planet and all the life forms here through right action, both physical and spiritual.

Washington, United States

As I read Gurumayi’s words, I feel so proud; I feel proud to be human.
Reflecting on Gurumayi’s teachings, I understand that human beings are capable of the highest form of compassion; I am capable of the highest form of compassion. I can, and will, give my time, my right action, my prayers, and my genuine connection to my heart as a gift to all humanity. I will allow myself to feel the pain of others, and I will generously offer my love back with as much sweetness as I can muster.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for your clear voice that rises above the hubbub of daily life and calls me to right action.

Dulwich Hill, Australia

Reading this nectarean talk, I hear the command to be fearless, to not waste time, and to take right action to move forward in sadhana. I feel I am asked to remember to make a firm commitment to the Siddha Yoga path and practices so that my evolution benefits the beings and objects of this earth, so that the sweet shakti penetrates each molecule of my surroundings. Through this talk I hear the call to serve as a benediction that this world needs, by taking responsibility for the causes and effects of my thoughts and emotions.

I pray that my heart may be an offering tray set at the feet of Shri Guru.

New Jersey, United States

I was moved by each teaching in this talk as a profound directive. When I heard Gurumayi urging us to “nurture the young,” to support children “to be leaders in their own right—leaders in the truest sense, who draw upon and bring out the innate goodness of one's heart,” I understood that she was directing and supporting me, as a disciple, to “grow up.” I felt she was asking me to take responsibility, to stand shoulder to shoulder with her, in fulfilling the Siddha Yoga Mission.
I felt I was being called to take “right action,” rather than to ride on the assumption that grace alone will create the world I want to experience. I realized that, for me, right action arises from a continuous focus on the teachings, and from listening to my heart's promptings to action. I am praying for steadfastness in assimilating this responsibility, regardless of the ups and downs inherent in the natural flow of life.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for calling me to step up to my responsibility. 

Washington, USA

For many years when I’ve come out of meditation, I’ve often looked at the clock and seen that the time is 9:11. When this happens, I remember the sadness of that day. Gurumayi’s talk has reminded me of what I did on that day: I went to the Siddha Yoga Ashram in Sydney where we chanted the mantra all day and into the night.

I see now that I have been in touch with the sorrow of the event and, yet, forgetting my own right action and mission in the face of it.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for shining the light of your grace into my life.

Sydney, Australia

Recently, I was lying in bed thinking about the difficulties in my life. Then I read Gurumayi’s talk, and I felt positive energy inside me. I was inspired to learn to take responsibility for what is happening with my life.
I decided that rather than being dismayed about what's happening, I can focus on what I can do, what effort I can put forth.
I realized that while I do have my fate, I also have Shri Guru's blessings and grace with me, which are flowing continuously.
Now I am planning to put forth more effort in my spiritual journey.

Amreli, India

In this talk, I felt Gurumayi was guiding me with so much clarity and compassion to understand the absolute necessity of setting aside a specific time for sadhana. When I read the talk aloud very early this morning, I felt as if Gurumayi was talking directly to me. After reading, I silently reflected on her words. Then I meditated for some time. After that, I felt energized and open.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for being with me at every moment.

Cuttack, India

Gurumayi’s clear, specific, and concise directions in this talk are so powerful! Her guidance opens up a new world for me on how to offer blessings and love to the world and to ourselves.
What a tremendous gift her words are, what prasad!
I feel as if Gurumayi is pouring these words into my being and filling my heart with the wisdom I need to live a complete life.
Thank you, Gurumayi, from the bottom of my heart. 

California, United States

As always, I am enormously grateful for Gurumayi and our Siddha Yoga path.

Gurumayi’s talk reminds me to be deliberate and intentional with my practices and makes me more aware of the power inherent in them.
Gurumayi’s words have renewed the presence and intention with which I offer myself to my practices, and the fruits of my efforts are palpable.

Georgia, United States

I am deeply grateful for the guidance, encouragement, and inspiration that Gurumayi has given me through her talk, "Your Genuine Responsibility."
In following the theme of taking right action throughout Gurumayi's talk, I found answers to some questions I've been contemplating in regard to a challenging project with which I am currently engaged. Gurumayi makes it so clear that it is the responsibility of each of us to care for the planet, to nourish and guide the younger generations, to do whatever we can to make this world a better place. And when Gurumayi says "each of us," it's clear that means me

I therefore reaffirm my commitment to join with others of good will and benevolent intention to "get in touch with our own passion and mission for bringing about goodness and spreading light in this world." With the Guru's grace as the wind in my sails, I know that offering my self-effort on this project is taking right action, and that it will bear sweet fruit.

Oregon, United States

I’ve been reading and reflecting on Gurumayi’s words these past few days, and taking the time I need to fully connect with her teachings. The essence of her talk reminds me of how my family taught me to live: by offering  acts of kindness and beneficial actions to make the world a better place. When I first discovered the Siddha Yoga path, that upbringing and the desire to serve came alive and took hold of my heart.
I have been fortunate to work with children, teachers, and nature for many years and am humbled and excited to embrace Gurumayi’s invitation to take responsibility for spreading goodness, light, and "sweet shakti." Although there is much suffering in the world, Gurumayi's talk reminds me that each right action that I take can inspire others to take their own right action, creating larger and larger waves of goodness that can then turn the tide.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for this practical guidance.

Illinois, United States

As I finished reading Gurumayi's talk, I was left with a deep inspiration to strengthen my practice of sending blessings and to let go of the contraction I sometimes experience when I listen to news reports. Gurumayi's talk made my body and mind feel invigorated and filled with courage. What a sweet reminder of the Guru's grace! What a sweet reminder of the power of the Siddha Yoga practices!

Thank you, Gurumayi, for your love and compassion expressed through these timeless teachings. May I always take full responsibility for my actions and succeed in implementing these teachings in my life.

Guadalajara, Mexico

These words refreshed my commitment to the Siddha Yoga mission, and my understanding that I can continue to contribute wherever I am. I can do this because I am responsible for nurturing the goodness of my heart and spreading this goodness through my thoughts, words, and actions.

Pune, India

Each time I read this talk, I feel as if I’m sitting with Gurumayi and being bathed in the light of the Heart. It brings me to a place of clarity, confidence, and capacity. Most especially, I’m inspired by Gurumayi's invitation to set aside time to do the practices with focus and intent. I am excited to know that devoting time to such silent focus can transform my good intentions into something much more effective in the world.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for these incredible blessings.

California, United States

I feel amazed, fortified, and empowered by this very clear talk on responsibility. After reading and studying these words from Gurumayi, this is what stands out for me: as a history teacher in a high school, I feel greatly encouraged to offer my love, my sweetness, my advice, and my guidance to my students. I feel I can teach them about past events but I can also encourage them to trust in their own future.

After the terrorist attacks in Paris in 2015, I was afraid and angry. Following Gurumayi’s teachings, however, I have found a better path to follow. I will definitely put these words of Gurumayi's into practice by continuing to guide my students to share their goodness.

Paris, France

In my hometown  it is the time of celebrating Shri Ganesh Utsava. It is the custom to perform arati to Lord Ganesh every day. So after reading Gurumayi's talk, I have formed the intention to offer my singing of Jyota se Jyota Jagao as a prayer and blessing for everyone, and to do this with focus and sincerity. I feel this is my responsibility as a Siddha Yoga student.

Thank you, Gurumayi ji, for this wonderful talk and for showing me my "genuine responsibility."

Pune, India

After reading this very complete and perfect teaching, I now feel I have all the tools I need for developing my practice of prayer. But beyond having the tools, I am now ready to receive the Guru’s grace to make this essential practice effective. Prayer can now take root in my spiritual garden, along with the Siddha Yoga practices that have been growing and maturing there in accordance with the Guru's perfect guidance over the years.

Montreal, Canada

This talk by Gurumayi is a wonderful gift and reminder for me about taking "right action" and acting dharmically. The teachings in Gurumayi's talk come at a perfect moment for me: they are helping me to clarify my foggy thinking and point me in the right direction.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for this teaching and for this wonderful path.

Modiin, Israel

Gurumayi’s words had a big impact on me. Having often felt a sense of impotence when I see world events unfold, I love the idea of taking responsibility for taking care of the world. I intend to make time in my day for conscious prayer and then make a conscious effort to live life with an attitude of responsibility for the welfare of humankind.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for this beautiful talk.

Hong Kong

How glad I am that I chose to open the Siddha Yoga Path website first thing this morning! Gurumayi's words are nectar for a thirsty soul. For some time I have felt that something has been slightly off in my sadhana, and in my overconsumption of media. So Gurumayi's talk was very clarifying for me.
I have the great good fortune of working with young people and teaching them leadership. As I go forward in the semester, I will remember Gurumayi's teachings about leadership and the heart.
As I wrote these words just now, the sun decided to peek through some trees and shine on me! I take it as an encouraging sign.

Virginia, United States

Gurumayi’s words come just when I have been reflecting on how, why, and when to share the light within me.
Gurumayi’s talk also shows me how to ensure that my three-year-old daughter feels safe and loved, so that she can flourish, and thus be connected to the Self within her.
Thank you, Gurumayi,  for your loving reminder and invitation.

Valle de Bravo, Mexico

I find these words by Gurumayi to be invaluable in guiding me and reminding me how to use my time and live my life in the age of the internet.
Gurumayi's advice to slow down and take time when sending prayers and blessings is exactly what I need to learn. I love that she emphasizes that taking the time to connect one's heart with the light of God is essential in offering prayers and blessings to others.
I pray I am fortunate enough to use Gurumayi's advice and accept her invitation all my life.

Pennsylvania, United States

The whole time I was reading this incredible talk, I felt cherished, inspired, guided, and overwhelmingly grateful. As a sensitive child growing up, I frequently prayed to God, “Show me how to live.” Gurumayi’s presence in my life is God’s exquisite response. Today, as tears streamed down my face, I felt that every particle of me was being reminded and refreshed. The only way I can truly thank Gurumayi is to embrace my dharma with greater focus, courage, and awareness.

California, United States

As I read Gurumayi’s teachings on the anniversary of 9/11 about choosing responsibility over fear and blame, I was moved to recall how Gurumayi emphasized these very themes seventeen years ago! Soon after 9/11 at Gurumayi’s request, Siddha Yoga meditation teachers began holding workshops titled “How to Live In and Support Our World Community: Exploring Responsibility, Fear, and Blame.” Gurumayi’s teachings supported us all in transmuting our shock and grief into healing, dharmic action. Over the next decade this workshop was held many times, in many parts of the world.

How grateful I am to receive Gurumayi’s teachings today, and reflect anew on how to take responsible actions that uplift our world!

Shree Muktananda Ashram