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For me, being "awake" to So'ham requires a quiet receptivity without mental involvement. It is the precious ability to listen to my own breathing—a comforting, mesmerizing humming. When I truly listen inside, an inward shift takes place; and I experience I am gently and simply with God in the sacred sphere. Then I can bathe in Om as the background, ever-present, oceanic roaring. I tune in and hear it with my inner ear, and I notice that the roaring sends forth the sound of So'ham in my breathing.

Recognizing that this rhythmic, flowing breath arises and subsides in Om, the cosmic emanation, I experience over and again, "My very own breathing is God breathing!" To become aware of this, to be able to listen to it, and to consciously choose to focus on it is my wealth, a priceless gift given by Gurumayi.

Virginia, USA

This morning I returned to my contemplation of the Teaching on Mantra Japa for Day One, and the commentary on this Teaching by Swami Kripananda.

The commentary speaks of the So'ham mantra, describing its repetition within us as "natural and effortless" and as a mantra "which sings in the breath of every living creature." So we don't sing this mantra—the Self sings it for us!

Then I recalled that the meaning of So'ham is "I am That," which showed me that while the Self continually sings its own song on the instrument of our breath, the very syllables of So'ham affirm that we—and every other living creature—are the same as that divine force which is animating us in every moment. It makes me smile to realize that the great Self does the breathing for every living creature—and then leaves its sacred signature on each of its creations in the form of this musical affirmation of our true identity: I am That.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for the joy of exploring these Teachings and the commentaries on them.

Illinois, USA

Reflecting on Swami Kripananda's Commentary on Gurumayi's Teaching on Mantra Japa led me to a deeper awareness of the presence of God within and without. God as my own breath, the breath I inhale and exhale. A constant, all-pervasive vibration, the music of So'ham building a bridge of oneness towards everything and everyone. Wherever I am, my breath becomes a string of beads, effortlessly arising and subsiding in my heart, a blissful ajapa japa. So simple and yet so profound. 

Buenos Aires, Argentina

When I read the words in the commentary about So'ham, “which sings in the breath of every living creature,” my breath immediately felt unified with every living being—from the children in my room to the scallops in the ocean. Pure oneness.

Wellington, New Zealand

I practiced with my mom memorizing all the Teachings on Mantra Japa beginning from Day One. Sometimes we memorized the same quote together, and sometimes we took turns in memorizing a different one.

My favorite was the excerpt from Jyota se Jyota Jagao on Day One. I like the blue background and the shining crescent moon of the image. And I like to play with the words, trying them in different combinations. I liked this combination: "Awaken the true flame that is alive in our hearts."

Thank you, Gurumayi. We send you all our love.

a ten-year-old Siddha Yogi from Singapore

This morning, when I saw the e-mail from Swami Akhandananda about the commentaries, I was so pleased and full of joy. I immediately looked at the commentary from Swami Kripananda. 

To be in the constant awareness of So'ham is my highest goal for this year 2013, the year when Siddha Yogis focus on mantra japa. Through Gurumayi’s Message for 2013, Mantra Japa, I am very encouraged to always remember the great meaning of So'ham.

I think that as soon as we are truly in this awareness, we don’t need anything more. It's all in So'ham.

Bienenb├╝ttel, Germany