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Lord Krishna Sees the Moon

Stories on Gurumayi’s Message for 2019

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This story led me into Krishna’s play—the play of Consciousness. My inner Krishna is sometimes drawn by the light of external objects. Then the Guru, like Yashoda, turns my attention toward my heart, where the Self, taking all the forms of the universe’s toys, is reflected.
In the basin of meditation, when the mantra stays uninterruptedly in my mind, I enjoy the Self.

Rodez, France

This story entered me deeply—and unexpectedly so—as it seemed a story about childhood, until I realized it was equally the story of an older man, my story: aspiring to the experience of the highest Truth, the highest light, so often seemingly just out of reach—until the light is reflected in the mirror of a still and Self-aware mind. And then that light is not just at hand, but can be experienced as the nature of one's own mind and being.

Ohio, United States

I love how these stories speak directly to my heart and help me see the changes that I want to apply in my life.
Yashoda’s constant efforts to find a solution to Krishna’s request reminded me of the many requests made of us in our lives and our quest to find new solutions. So the parallels I see between the story and my life include these: many demands, steady contemplation, creative solutions—and joy.
When Yashoda “brought” the moon to little Krishna, she brought what love makes possible; she brought hope by seeing the unseen, and she saw the good and made it greater.
After reading this story, I was able to say to myself, “Keep going, maintain your practices, fulfill your dharma, and trust.”

Oregon, United States

What a mother would not do for her child! I was moved by Yashoda's brilliance. Being a mother, I too must discover many unique ways to raise my child in different situations, whether it is teaching my daughter mathematics or telling her a story when she was still quite young to help her understand about the divine energy of Kundalini Shakti.

The story “Lord Krishna Sees the Moon” shows me that what I need is to become a clear vessel to imbibe and reflect the Guru's love. I would like to keep reminding myself that it is Lord Krishna who is tickling the moon inside me, and that’s why I am experiencing different kind of emotions. Whatever they are, I need to be at peace with it; whatever the process is, I need to watch it from a place apart.

Dombivli, India

This is a wonderful story—so beautifully told and full of inspiration for me. I could feel baby Krishna’s longing and see his face as it reflected all his feelings. And I could feel his mother’s empathy as she longed to fulfill his wish. I was delighted to discover that there was a solution, which I found to be all about the gifts of self-reflection and play. 
The story created a window for me to understand how the world can truly reflect the glory of the divine. I understand now that, although I am not always aware of my longing to see the divine in the world, it is my deepest wish to do so. I can see now that such longing is indeed truly inside me!

London, United Kingdom

In this story, I saw how Yashoda's love, tenderness, and determination to make her son Krishna happy guided her to fulfill Krishna's longing. Similarly, I realized I can guide and strengthen my mind through steady practice with love, tenderness, and determination, and allow grace to enlighten me, just as the rays of the full moon shed light on the earth.

Johannesburg, South Africa

I remember feeling full of love for the moon when I was very young. As a school assignment, we tracked the moon’s phases by going outside at night and looking up at it. I remember loving this assignment. It was so wonderful to do homework outside.
One of those nights, I had a dream that a great big monkey took me for a ride on a magic carpet! We flew into the night with the moon watching over us. I felt so safe and full of wonder. This story evoked that auspicious memory.
I’m so grateful to Gurumayi for the gift of her grace, even when I was too young to know her grace was with me all along.

Colorado, United States

I love this story. It reminds me of how my mother and I always watch the reflection of the full moon in our glass of milk on the full moon day of Baba's Mahasamadhi in October, which is also my birthday. Every year when I drink that milk, I feel I am drinking moonbeams. The taste is very different and yummy.

a ten-year-old from Dombivli, India

I was deeply moved by this beautiful rendition of the story. There was so much purity in Krishna's innocent yearning to play with the moon and in Yashoda's love for her son, that it made possible that which had seemed impossible.

Versoix, Switzerland