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Nature Gallery IV

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On the Siddha Yoga path, we acknowledge the presence of the Divine in all of creation—and this divinity is revealed in myriad forms in the natural world. The beauty and wonder we find in nature can inspire us, as seekers, to recognize the beauty within us and everywhere around us.

The Nature Gallery contains photographs taken in the wondrous environs of Shree Muktananda Ashram, where Gurumayi currently resides. The Ashram is located in upstate New York, surrounded by expansive forests and rolling hills, brimming with wildlife. Take your time as you view the gallery. Allow the images to transport you to the serene stillness of the Guru’s abode, and let nature’s splendor connect you to the splendor of your own great heart.


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Now that so many of the most beautifully colored leaves are to be found on the ground rather than in the branches of the trees that grew them—both in these photos and in the landscapes around me—I am reminded that there is a parallel to my own sadhana to be seen here.

Just as these leaves will ultimately be absorbed into the earth and provide underground nourishment to all the life that remains invisible in the winter season, so too will all my experiences over the past year be absorbed into my being—and my learning—in order to nourish my future growth, no matter how invisible that growth may seem at any given moment.

It's also clear to me that I can contribute additional nourishment at any time through the Siddha Yoga practices, and my study of the teachings. I find all this most encouraging!

Connecticut, United States

The dancing Shiva—Shiva Nataraj—looks so golden in the image. As I saw him, I was drawn to reflect on the five acts of Lord Shiva and how I have been experiencing them in my life recently. I found that even moving through these photos was an experience for me of connecting with the five acts of Lord Shiva. I am so grateful to visit Shree Muktananda Ashram, this lovely abode of Gurumayi, through these images. And I am grateful for the inspiration, understanding, wisdom, synchronicity, grace, guidance, and love on the Siddha Yoga path.

Kentucky, United States

In this month in which the holiday of Thanksgiving reminds us of the virtue of gratitude, these photos evoke deep gratitude in me for the gift of all the glorious autumn colors still visible all around us. Despite the seasonal changes yet ahead for those of us living in the Northern Hemisphere, I feel so blessed that even in November, Mother Nature displays her generosity in presenting us with the bright hues and delightful color contrasts so evident in these photos.

Oregon, United States

Appearances changing
color glowing
darkness showing
light flashes
awareness awakens

Missouri, United States

I am so grateful for the Nature Gallery. This year it has become an evening practice for me before bedtime to relish the beauty of nature in this gallery. This connects me to gratitude for my life, the Siddhas, and sadhana.

New Mexico, United States