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Phases of the Sun and Moon


The sages of ancient India acknowledged the value of living in harmony with the rhythms of nature. They understood that when our actions are aligned with the rest of the natural world, we experience auspiciousness — the energy of our actions is blessed by the energies of nature.

In determining the most auspicious times for a given activity, the relationship between the sun and moon is considered crucial, since these are the major "lights" in our sky, the two astral bodies most visible from the Earth. The Indian sages have created guidelines to help people align their activities with the phases of the moon and with lunar and solar eclipses.

In the Indian tradition, this guidance is often used when planning travel, weddings, major purchases, and other significant events.

For basic information on how to harmonize your activities with the phases of the sun and the moon, please see the links to the left. Rather than a set of rules, you can view this information as one resource in your decision-making process to determine the timing that will work best for you.