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Siddha Yoga Retreats

Students who have participated in Siddha Yoga retreats describe them as a life-transforming experience.

The Siddha Yoga Sadhana Retreat and the Pilgrimage to the Heart Retreat offer participants the opportunity to dedicate 6 or 7 days to spiritual practice and study. In both of these retreats students are guided through in-depth learning sessions by a Siddha Yoga meditation teacher. Students find that what they learn in these retreats strengthens their practice and understanding of the Siddha Yoga teachings, inspiring their sadhana for years to come.

Siddha Yoga Family Retreats are an opportunity for families to participate in the Siddha Yoga practices of chanting and meditation and to join in satsang with other families. Together, families explore the wisdom of the Siddha Yoga teachings and learn practical ways to apply this wisdom into their daily lives.

Sadhana Retreat
  • Length: 6 days in length
  • Enrollment: limited to 25
  • Location: Offered in many locations throughout the world
Pilgrimage to the Heart Retreat
  • Length: 7 days in length
  • Location: Offered in Gurudev Siddha Peeth
Siddha Yoga Family Retreat
  • Length: 4 days
  • Enrollment: open to families with children 17 years and younger 
  • Location: offered in locations throughout the world
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