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Shri Hanuman

Shri Hanuman’s Great Leap

Based on a Story from the Ramayana

Shri Hanuman's Great Leap - Chapter IIShri Hanuman's Great Leap - Chapter III
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“Lord Rama would not have entrusted me with this sacred mission had he not believed I could complete it.”
This sentence from the exciting story fills me with conviction. It reminds me that when challenges arise in my life I am being entrusted with something precious. I am reminded that they come with Shri Guru’s grace and her trust that I can meet them.
And I love the way Hanuman grows so big. I realize that I, too, am this big, not only when I confront challenges, but at all times. I am filled with my Guru’s love and grace.

Melbourne, Australia

I am very moved by this story as I find myself facing a big leap in my life. Lord Hanuman is a beautiful example for me of courage, strength, remembrance, faith, and the Guru’s ever-present love—everything I need to make the leap.

Massachusetts, United States

This story reminds me of the enthusiasm with which each of us can leap across the ocean of samsara and reclaim the great prize of our own great Self, the divinity that lies hidden in our very being.

Iowa, United States