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  • Shri Hanuman
  • Shri Hanuman
  • Shri Hanuman
  • Shri Hanuman

Shri Hanuman

The Great Warrior

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In Honor of Hanuman JayantiShri Hanuman Chalisa


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I feel great affection for the gentle hero, Shri Hanuman, and wanted to offer him flowers on this special day. It occurred to me that I have jasmine growing on my tiny patio. However, there were freezing temperatures in Texas this February, which left a tangle of brown vines where the jasmine once flourished. When I sat at my desk to begin working, I glanced outside at the brown remains and saw a green sprig with a tiny cluster of pure white jasmine! It was positioned in such a way that I wouldn’t miss it. So sweet!

Texas, United States

This account of Shri Hanuman touched my heart and brought tears to my eyes. His exquisite combination of virtues—bravery, obedience, surrender—are exemplary! What touched me the most is how completely free of ego he is and how he follows his Guru's instructions to the letter with utter devotion. What a hero! From now on my goal is to follow his example to the best of my ability.

Yeovil, United Kingdom