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Meditation Sessions 2020 via Audio Stream

Silence in the Mind, Blessedness in the Heart: Shānti-prasād

Taught by Sarita Baylin

In this Meditation Session, you will further your study of Gurumayi’s Message for 2020 by learning how, when the mind is absorbed in silence, the blessedness in the heart is revealed. You will also explore how engaging in the sounds and sacred qualities of the Bhimpalasi raga can lead the mind toward silence and how attending to these qualities supports the practices of chanting and meditating.

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I love this meditation session. I experienced shanti-prasad through putting into practice the teachings I received.
By staying with the breath, staying with the moment, and consciously letting go of a desire to achieve something, I was able to simply be. I experienced deep silence and the pulsating power I perceive in nature.

Unterlangenegg, Switzerland

This Meditation Session was extremely powerful because it gave me a direct experience of how my mind’s activity can prevent me from entering the cave of the heart. The entire meditation felt like a long, slow process of navigating my way to the heart. I traversed resistance, fear, mind chatter, and whatever else presented itself and was preventing me from experiencing peace. When I was finally able to embrace the mantra and the stillness of the mind, I entered a great heart space filled with ease and free from any struggle. This meditation gave me a much deeper insight into how the busyness of my mind prevents me from experiencing calm.

Pennsylvania, United States

I loved the way we engaged with the sounds of the mantra. The chant opened my heart to a sweet longing; it became a song of love to my Guru. I had a vision of myself sitting at Gurumayi’s feet and immensely enjoying her presence.
The waves of the mantra with each in-breath and out-breath reset my mind to the presence of the Truth.

Milan, Italy

What a great experience I had in this Meditation Session. I experienced so much lightness and spaciousness. I felt my mind rest. This was such a blessing.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Meditation Session VI was so healing and rejuvenating for me!
At the start of the meditation period my mind was more agitated than usual with external distractions, but as I refocused on the teacher’s instructions I found myself in a space of infinite calm—thought and emotion-free—as if I were floating on a peaceful lake.

St. Laurent, Canada

In this Meditation Session, I felt as if Gurumayi was illuminating the path to my Self. As we chanted the mantra, I was being gently and clearly guided deep within. What was wonderful was how sweetly and easily I was being shown the way inward. The meditation and chanting were profound and divine. What is so fantastic on top of everything else is that I can participate in this Meditation Session again and again for one year!

California, United States

During this beautiful time of listening to the teacher’s presentation, chanting the mantra, and meditating, I felt so much love from the Guru, from the sevites who had created this Meditation Session, and from the mantra itself!
Sitting in meditation, I experienced a gentle sensation of lightness and peace that felt like a long-awaited and deeply anticipated destination.
My awareness was alive with Gurumayi’s graceful presence.

London, United Kingdom

In this Meditation Session, I was drawn so deeply inward that when it was over all I could think of was that I wanted to do it again! I realized that my greatest wish is to go deeper inside, and my experience in this session showed me how to do it.
I am so grateful!

Virginia, United States

As we chanted the mantra, I allowed the sweetness of the syllables to pervade my awareness. I entered meditation easily and glided into a space where my mind was quiet. The silence of that space vibrated with energy and bliss. I experienced how my quiet mind was revealing the light of the Self to me.

New Jersey, United States