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Experiences from Prison Project Students

Dear SYDA Foundation,

I wish to express my gratitude to Gurumayi for her grace, for the Home Study Course lessons, and for the volunteers of the SYDA Foundation. By the time you send my next lessons I will have completed my ten-year prison sentence and I will be beginning another chapter in my life.

When I went into prison, I thought that I was doomed to a life filled with episodes of bad luck. Through the Siddha Yoga practices, I’ve gained a new perspective of trust and confidence that has changed my whole life. I am very grateful today.

It seems to me that more than anything else, daily life is about all the opportunities to express love. Knowing this one thing has changed the meaning of life for me.

Thank you so much. I look forward to my lessons.

A Siddha Yoga student in prison

Dear SYDA Foundation,

One day I saw another inmate meditating, and I could see in him a peace that I wanted to experience. Thanks to this, I received the most beautiful gift: Siddha Yoga meditation.

After reading each Siddha Yoga Home Study Course lesson, I could feel a transformation of peace and joy. I started to see each person as they truly were: extraordinary beings. I started loving myself.

I realized that the purpose in life is to be happy by going deep inside, and the deeper I go, the more happiness I receive.

Thank you for the great work you do through this course. I have broken the chains that suppressed my heart.

With love in my heart,
A Siddha Yoga student recently released from prison