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  • Audio Satsang
  • Audio Satsang

May 1 – 31, 2021

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After forty-one years of studying and contemplating Baba's teachings, I must say that this satsang “changed the prescription of my glasses,” as Baba used to recommend. It gave me a direct experience of the title of the Audio Satsang—I could truly “see the world as a divine play.” In the days since participating in this satsang, I have been able to do this at any time, and as never before.
I offer my endless gratitude to Gurumayi, Baba, and Bade Baba for this sacred gift.

Washington, United States

I am feeling a sense of extreme gratitude to Shri Gurumayi for this Audio Satsang, especially since it arrives at a time when the pandemic is having a huge impact on everyone’s life in my country.  
Baba ji’s very profound teachings on how to “see the world as a divine play” have lifted a dark veil from my being, which was causing me to feel fear, anxiety, and restlessness. Baba ji offered me a new way to view the world, its people, and the events happening around me. If I remember and practice this teaching, it surely will help me to keep an elevated perspective on life.   
The namasankirtana was so exquisite and filled with a divine elixir. During the entire chant, I felt a deep sense of love and gratitude to my Gurumayi for such a divine melody. I offer pranam at the lotus feet of Shri Guru for this divine gift in the form of this Audio Satsang.

Ahmedabad, India

This satsang was exquisite! The teachings in it were beautifully presented  by Pedro and, of course, by Baba himself, and went deeper into my being than ever before. What a blessed opportunity this was to contemplate these teachings of Baba’s once again.  
I am so grateful that when I somehow forget certain teachings, Gurumayi brings them back to me in a beautiful and powerful way.

Delaware, United States

I am so grateful to Gurumayi for this Audio Satsang, especially at this time when we are re-entering the world of more activity and interaction with others. The Audio Satsang has given me a new perspective and a new level of understanding on how to be in the world.
With this perspective my meditation has become more easeful, even when my mind is full of feelings and thoughts. I see what I have learned from Baba as a way to find contentment with what is, and I feel more free to see love all around me.

California, United States

I really appreciated this beautiful Audio Satsang. During meditation, I seemed to hear Gurumayi's voice again and again, and I realized that the Guru is always with me, resonating in my heart. I felt profound peace within.  
I am filled with gratitude and love.

Tokyo, Japan

I prepared for this inspirational satsang by setting aside the entire afternoon so I could enjoy every moment. Then there were many interruptions, so by the time I finally sat down to participate, I was feeling a little ruffled. However, within just a few moments I felt my breath steady and my shoulders relax. The teacher’s voice soothed me, and as he continued to talk, I felt so serene and calm. Later, hearing Baba speak was exhilarating. 
Sometimes during this pandemic, it has been hard for me to be still. But during the whole satsang I was so steady! It was not until the pause that I realized I had been so involved, I had not moved in my chair. I took in the teachings, holding on to certain phrases and feelings deep inside. I felt that I had taken a very big step forward in my sadhana.

As I woke this morning, the first thing that came to mind was how the “divine play” in the world would show itself to me today.

Hampton Hill, United Kingdom

I am so grateful for this precious audio satsang. I experienced that Baba was giving me the highest teaching to free me from my limited perspective. During the chant I connected to a place within that was full of happiness, where an infinite love was gently showering.

Barcelona, Spain

Throughout this satsang, I was in bliss. At a certain point, I had the feeling that I was no longer seated in my home. Rather, I was immersed in Baba's huge heart. This experience led me to understand that I am always with Baba. I saw that he is constantly guiding my sadhana, leading me toward the knowledge of my own great Self.
I'm so grateful for this recognition and this satsang. Happy Birthday, Baba!

Milan, Italy

I am grateful for the experience of this satsang in honor of Baba's birthday. I gained inspiration and confidence from Baba's talk and the teacher's instructions.

I entered a peaceful, blissful state while absorbing Baba's words. Now I feel a clarity and tenderness in my vision.

Thornbury, Australia