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Raksha Bandhan

Gurumayi's Teaching

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Confidence comes to me when I become steeped in conviction. That conviction comes when I gain clarity. And that clarity comes when I am not caught in the play of the mind.

These three qualities form a circle, and when I place them around my heart like a rakhi, I feel that I have drawn the grace of protection and love of my Guru.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for your protection and love. Thank you for your teachings.

Gurgaon, India

As I read, “confidence, conviction, clarity,” I immediately felt in touch with my own inner strength, peace of mind, and equanimity. A smile came to my face. I realized that, throughout my years of practicing Siddha Yoga, these three qualities and virtues have been an anchor.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for your teaching!

Madrid, Spain

I am amazed at how perfect this message is for me. I repeat, “confidence, conviction, clarity,” to myself as a mantra. It helps me greatly in facing life challenges. It brings me back to my Self and gives me the strength to act from there.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for being with me now and always.

Rome, Italy

A few days ago, I woke up in the morning feeling a lack of courage for the day ahead. Everything changed when I went to my computer and saw Gurumayi's teaching, “confidence, conviction, clarity,” and the image of the rakhis with their unspoken message of friendship and support. I was electrified! Gurumayi's teaching entered me and strengthened my resolve. Those three words have been resonating in my consciousness every day since. How great is our Guru!

California, USA

Raksha Bandhan—"the bond of protection." For me the three beautiful bamboo beads on the rakhi bracelet I wear have come to represent Gurumayi's teaching about confidence, conviction, and clarity. The rakhi   on my wrist reminds me, moment to moment, to watch how these three qualities unfold in my action, words, and thoughts throughout each day. 

Nairobi, Kenya

As I opened the website today, I felt so connected to Gurumayi. This teaching is so relevant and alive in my life right now.

For many years, I had experienced a lack of confidence. Yesterday morning, I made an effort to turn my attention within. As I did so, I received clarity about the root of my lack of confidence. Then, for the first time, self-confidence arose! I then, very naturally, went into a deep and silent meditation.

Now, I feel Gurumayi is guiding me to have strong conviction in building and maintaining my self-confidence. I am holding this intention in the forefront of my mind.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for this eternal bond of protection.

Dombivli, India

Recently, I was facing a conundrum regarding my son's education. I reached out and consulted a number of people, who gave me a lot of helpful ideas and encouragement. And yet, within myself, I still didn't feel quite settled.

However, when I received Gurumayi's teaching about confidence, conviction, and clarity, and gave myself the time to really focus on it, things shifted. I felt these qualities arise in me with regard to the situation at hand. And then, I knew what to do. I knew what the right choices would be for my son and for our family.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for making your guidance and blessings so accessible to all of us via the Siddha Yoga path website.

California, USA

The three words that I need to hear at this juncture of my life: confidence, conviction and clarity.

I was contemplating what the starting point could be. Is it clarity which leads to confidence, gradually building conviction? Or is it the other way round? Then it struck me -- they form a circle like the rakhi.

Thank you, dear, beloved Gurumayi!

Hyderabad, India

Confidence, conviction, clarity.

I understand that confidence in the Guru’s teachings leads to firmer conviction and then clarity in one’s actions and thoughts.

Yet, I can easily play this sequence in reverse, beginning with clarity. Through meditation, contemplation, and practice, I become clear in my intentions and motivations. This clarity leads to a conviction that my thoughts and actions are in alignment with my true heart and with the power of the shakti. Then, from that conviction, my actions are confident and easeful.

It makes me smile to think that these teachings are reversible!

Vermont, USA

I feel that this is a ladder of virtues. The first step is clarity, for example, clarity of intention. Then comes conviction -- having strong faith in my intention. These two virtues will help me to have confidence in myself and my capabilities to attain the set intention. The fourth step is Gurumayi’s rakhi, the eternal bond of love and protection.

In my current life situation, I was finding it difficult to make a decision about something. Today's teaching has inspired me to work to get clarity, conviction, and confidence.

I know that Gurumayi's protection is always with me as a beautiful support system.

Thane, India

I once studied Latin, so my attention was drawn to the Latin origins of these words—which showed me that there are "jewels within jewels" in these three words: confidence, conviction, and clarity.

The word confidence is related to Latin fidere "to trust" and fides "trust, faith." So the more I nourish the virtue of trust in my path and in my Guru, the more I can face the world with confidence.

The root of the word conviction comes from Latin vincere "to conquer.” This tells me that when I can conquer my fears, doubts, and uncertainties, my reward is a sense of conviction, which provides a firm foundation for moving forward.

And clarity is derived from Latin clarus "clear" and claritas, which means “brightness, splendor.” So setting the intention to think, speak, and act with clarity is one way for me to clear the path to a bright and splendid future.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for guiding me to this instructive exploration.

Illinois, USA

Some time ago, in meditation, I had a powerful and transformative experience of the Guru-disciple relationship. It set my confidence in this relationship on the most solid ground. And it deepened my conviction that I was, indeed, attuned to the Guru’s shakti and moving in the right direction in my work and in my life.
So when I saw that Gurumayi had given us these words on Raksha Bhandan—an occasion when we acknowledge the grace and protection in our relationship with the Guru—right away I felt a great sense of vitality from this outer confirmation of my inner experience.
Then I wondered: Why these three words? What is their relationship to each other? And why clarity? I slept on it. When I awoke, these words arose: Clarity is knowing what you want to keep and what you want to release, in your work and in your life. As you make these choices consciously, you get ever more clear on what you have confidence in—and about—and ever more clear on what your convictions are.

Hawaii, USA

What amazing prasad! The words in this teaching feel like a rakhi gently placed around my heart. I feel so much joy. It feels like I am in the hall receiving these words directly from Gurumayi.
For me, this is the power of the Guru’s words: The teachings increase my confidence that the Guru is with me every step of the way, and my growing faith then infuses my experience of work, daily tasks, and relationships with family, friends, and all others. My conviction becomes increasingly unshakeable. I face my days with a sense of love, gratitude, clarity, and courage. This fills me with joy.
The Guru’s teachings always bring me closer to God. When I take them in, I know that I am in alignment with what is right for me at any time. Then, the circle is complete—I gain more confidence.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for the Siddha Yoga website, through which I can receive your presence and your teachings—and carry them in my heart, my mind, my daily life.

Pennsylvania, USA

While the holiday of Raksha Bandhan is a sweet reminder of my eternal bond with the Guru, years of sadhana have given me the full confidence that the Guru’s protection accompanies me day in and day out. That confidence in turn reinforces my firm conviction that I am supremely blessed to be walking the Siddha Yoga path. And thanks to the wisdom of the teachings, combined with the purifying force of the practices, I find myself bringing ever more clarity to each decision, each conversation, and each encounter with others.
Gurumayi's teaching reminds me that as I apply self-effort and steady awareness, these three sterling qualities shine more and more brightly in my life and in my sadhana.

Oregon, USA

I am struck by how Gurumayi's words contain the power to guide me to the direct experience of their meaning. When I saw the strong and colorfully displayed words from Gurumayi’s talk on Raksha Bandhan, my spine lengthened and my chest opened. I realized how confident, clear, and certain I am that my focus on Gurumayi's Message, Turn Inward Meditate Easefully, is bearing fruit. As I have silently repeated the words of the Message, meditation has come naturally and I’ve experienced the peace and stillness of my inner Self.
Thank you, Gurumayi!

Massachusetts, USA

When I first read these three words, I briefly experienced the opposite of each one! I paused, noticed, and realized I had been given a powerful opportunity to learn.
I began my study by looking each one up in the dictionary. The definition of confidence that stood out for me was “trust in oneself.” As I held that definition, I remembered and then experienced my total conviction and confidence in the awakened shakti in my own being.
 I am grateful for the website, which allows me to be with Gurumayi and receive her living teachings so directly. And I am reminded that when I begin whatever I am doing by turning inside and invoking Gurumayi’s grace, I can further cultivate and express these qualities, which are my very own.

Massachusetts, USA