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Janmadin ki Jay Jay! Gurumayi ki Jay Jay!

Siddha Yogis Share Their Experiences

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In the beginning of the satsang, when Gurumayi was gazing at us, there was complete silence in the hall in the Center here in Pune. I felt that I was sitting in front of Gurumayi in the courtyard of Gurudev Siddha Peeth. As Gurumayi was giving darshan in silence, I felt I was breathing the same air as Gurumayi and at the same pace. So in watching her, I was aware of the So’ham mantra within me. Those were the most powerful moments for me.

I could feel the Guru's grace and her omnipresence despite the physical distance. And Gurumayi's dream was so touching to my heart. It encouraged me to strengthen my dedication to the Siddha Yoga practices and to the SYDA Foundation which does the Guru's work.

I can never thank my beloved Gurumayi enough for her presence in my life. I am so fortunate to be on this path.

Pune, India

After Jyota se Jyota concluded we sat in this sweet and prolonged silence. Gurumayi shared with us her compassionate glance. It was a connection that was so intimate and sublime. For a few moments I felt like I was the only one present in the Universal Hall. As I looked into Gurumayi’s eyes, I felt an inner glow, I felt beautiful, I felt Gurumayi was seeing all the goodness in me, and in doing so, I experienced my own goodness and love well up within me. My daughter shared that she felt Gurumayi was directly looking at her and thinking about her. She wondered who else might feel like that. I know I did. Time really did stand still as the beauty of Gurumayi’s entire being entered our hearts.

South Yarra, Australia

When Gurumayi spoke about the flame in her dream, my heart began shining with this reminder that I have a true, living Guru—right here, in my time on earth. Hearing the details of this remarkable dream, I felt a sense of intimacy—and at the same time, I recognized that Gurumayi was conveying these details to the whole world.

Then, when Gurumayi referred to the flame inside of everyone—whether they knew it or not—I thought about my children. In that sweet moment, I rejoiced in knowing that my role as a mother is to nurture the divine flame within them.

Hong Kong

As the introductory part of the live video stream faded out to reveal Gurumayi sitting in her chair, a stillness descended over an already quiet and full Intensive Hall in Gurudev Siddha Peeth. I felt that we were all just sitting with Gurumayi, that we were all just being with her. I felt so deeply absorbed, so deeply still, and so present.

When I emerged from the Intensive Hall, people spoke to each other in delicate whispers, not wishing to disturb the stillness that had descended.

Virginia, United States

Days later, I am still deeply moved by being with Gurumayi during the satsang in honor of her birthday. Each element of the satsang built upon the previous one as my joy, happiness, and gratitude increased and expanded. 
With deep respect and gratitude, I offer my thanks to Gurumayi for being with us and guiding us toward the experience of oneness with the Self.

Idaho, United States

I am grateful that Gurumayi shared her dream with us in the Birthday Satsang. That dream is still resonating in my thoughts. The understanding I received is that whatever happens outside, my focus can always be on that inner flame, a flame which has many meanings for me. It is the Guru's love for me; it is the steady inner state. That flame also represents my remembrance of Shri Guru's presence within. I believe that to keep that flame alive is my dharma. 

When I remember that flame, tears come to my eyes. I am so grateful for all the love that Gurumayi ji showers on us all.

Bangalore, India

My heart, already moist with wonder and devotion during Gurumayi’s Birthday Satsang, burst wide open at the sight of the array of Gurumayi’s books displayed on the exquisite puja. I loved the way the books were arranged and placed below the photos of saints connected to the Siddha Yoga lineage.

I thought to myself that our Gurumayi is indeed the embodiment of the goddess Sarasvati. Through her presence in my life, I can acquire the most precious knowledge, I can experience the ineffable beauty and perfection of this “wonderful world,” and I can learn, through practice, to imbibe and implement her teachings.

Janmadin ki jay jay! Gurumayi ki jay jay!

Washington, United States

When I looked at Gurumayi as she appeared on the screen, my heart leapt! I had a feeling that she was looking directly at me. After some time, I closed my eyes; I felt that my breathing was in unison with hers. When I opened my eyes, she was talking and smiling. The feeling of being so close to her stayed with me throughout the satsang; it never diminished. I was in the Siddha Yoga Universal Hall with my Guru. Everything was exquisite, every moment cherished.

London, United Kingdom

It was a wonderful experience to celebrate Gurumayi's birthday with Gurumayi herself. I felt in every single minute that Gurumayi was talking with me, and I could see in her eyes the light of love and affection. Gurumayi and I were connected in God's love. What a wonderful world!

Farrukhabad, India

When I participated in the garland of chants, initially my mind was wandering. Then, with every chant, my voice became fuller. I began to feel my voice in the whole of my body. I found my heart rejoicing while my mind became calmer, and I felt close to my inner Self.

Pune, India

As I participated in this amazing event, I opened more and more to Gurumayi´s love and care. Being in the Universal Hall, I felt as if all around the world we were celebrating our own birthdays and good fortune together.

Augsburg, Germany

My heart melted into the shimmering sound vibrations of Jaya Jaya Shiva Shambho. I experienced the sweet nectar within. Tears of love, joy, bliss, ecstasy, longing, devotion, and gratitude flowed from my eyes.

Farnborough, United Kingdom

While participating in this exquisite satsang, my heart was pounding with every beat of the chant, and yet there was so much stillness and a meditative feeling within me.

I offer my gratitude at the lotus feet of my Guru.

New Delhi, India

Chanting with Gurumayi, I experienced higher and higher waves of bliss and love. Looking into her eyes so full of love, I felt her compassion. I know she makes it possible for us to realize our divine nature.

The beauty of the whole satsang, the perfection, the spontaneous laughter and bliss left me in awe, in wonderful awe.

Every element of the satsang conveyed teachings full of meaning and beauty for me, and each filled me with waves of beautiful emotion and experiences of greatness and humility at the same time.

Jerez de la Frontera, Spain

What a wonderful day this has been!
My family and I were very eager to participate in Gurumayi's Birthday Satsang. During the satsang my wife waved the arati tray as we all sang Jyota se Jyota Jagao. My one-year-old son and six-year-old daughter were dancing during the Arati, and enjoyed the satsang a lot. It's such a wonderful opportunity for me and all my family to celebrate with Gurumayi ji. We felt that our Guru is very near to us.
We received many gifts from Gurumayi ji through this satsang, and we are experiencing so much love and gratitude for our beloved Gurumayi ji.

Pune, India

Beautiful, peaceful, inspiring, devotional, sacred, serene,  lighthearted, fun, celebratory, heart-opening—the Birthday Satsang was all things Siddha Yoga! What a wonderful celebration!
I am filled with gratitude for Gurumayi and the Siddha Yoga path. I feel the whole world resonating with our beloved Guru's love. We are so blessed.  

West Vancouver, Canada

I've been walking around smiling all day, even while at the auto repair shop and grocery shopping. Gurumayi's abundant darshan was powerful and all-encompassing. Every single thing was perfect and joyful.
I am filled with love and gratitude for my Sadguru.

California, United States

The Birthday Satsang with Gurumayi via live video stream was one of the most magnificent programs I've ever experienced. It was so fresh, elegant, and deeply moving.
Right before the end, I yearned for Gurumayi to talk more about the flame that she saw in her dream. And then we got to see the sacred flames over and over, as the “Prayer and Benediction for Peace” was recited. I sat in meditation for an hour afterward, praying that I may remember the Guru’s flame every day.

California, United States

In the beginning of the satsang, Gurumayi sat quietly for some time and looked into the camera. I felt that she was looking at me, looking me right in the eye and being with me. It was a moment of very strong personal connection with Gurumayi, a very sweet warm feeling, when no words are necessary.

Russian Federation

This beautiful satsang via live video stream for Gurumayi's Birthday was so gorgeous—from the fire to the chants and all of the creative images. The song “What a Wonderful World” stayed with me especially and I sang it during my day, giving me a positive view of the world. 
So many things that Gurumayi said resonated through my being and have helped me. Her words are gifts to guide me in my sadhana. This program was such a blessing and it keeps unfolding. 

Washington, United States

Gurumayi’s loving vibration and radiance embraced our four grandchildren and me and the whole environment, expanding all over, and touching and transforming everything like magic ever since the satsang.
I have kept on sending my own loving vibes to Gurumayi, as I see her now in each part of nature. I have accepted being part of that outstanding birthday celebration as prasad.

Mersin, Turkey

This satsang via live video stream was exquisite, starting with the opening visuals of the lake, the dancers, and the candle floating on the lake. I really felt that this satsang reflected the essence of Gurumayi. There was so much love and creativity in this program!
I loved the periods of silence and chanting, so we could all enjoy just being with each other and Gurumayi, as she looked at everyone with so much love and tenderness. 

California, United States

What a joy it was to be with Gurumayi on her birthday by participating in the live video stream, starting at 2 a.m. here in New Zealand! I was a little hesitant at taking on this austerity. However, Gurumayi mentioned the blessings of doing the night vigil, and she was so right! In the stillness of the night my heart became lighter and lighter as it filled to overflowing with the presence of my beloved Guru. To my surprise, I became more and more awake.
This morning my heart is singing and the vibration of love is resonating throughout my body.

Auckland, New Zealand

What a blessing to experience satsang with our beloved Gurumayi! She gave me the gift of peace and bliss on her birthday. I laughed and cried and floated home afterward, spreading love around this “wonderful world.”

Pennsylvania, United States

Gurumayi’s silent presence at the beginning of the Celebration Satsang deeply touched me. I felt a deep exchange with her. Her gaze, immersed in ours, and her silence made me contact my own silence. It was beautiful and powerful for me to be able to communicate with Gurumayi  inside myself.

Montreal, Canada

When Shri Gurumayi laughed that belly laugh in response to the host’s comments, it lit up my heart. I laughed with joy and tears of gratitude came to my eyes. So much love, so much joy—my heart danced with ecstasy. 
I offer pranam again and again to Shri Gurumayi. I am so grateful for her guidance and teaching through the Siddha Yoga Universal Hall.  I am forming an intention to envision the living flame of the heart as I chant the name of God. And I am going to look in the sparks of fires for those little hearts containing flames that we saw at the end of the Celebration Satsang.

Oregon, United States

Today was a day of bliss! Being with Gurumayi and the global Siddha Yoga sangham on her birthday filled my heart with joy. Her radiance, the beauty of the smiling  faces surrounding her, the chants, and the bhajan sung with sweetness, devotion, and love—all these expanded  my heart. During the satsang a deep longing came up inside me: I want to celebrate my love for Gurumayi  every day. 
Thank you, Gurumayi, for your love and your great heart that connects us to ourselves and each other all over the world!

New York, United States

I am so grateful for this amazing satsang! As usual, at 12 midnight I wished Gurumayi a Happy Birthday. And as usual, it rained here in New Delhi on Gurumayi’s Birthday, like it does every year.
Watching Gurumayi via live video stream was blissful. It was a blessing to be able to watch her laugh and to say “Happy Birthday” to her, as was the wonderful experience of all those chants.

New Delhi, India

During the live video stream, I experienced love and laughter. What a blessing-full satsang! To be with my beloved Gurumayi on her birthday was definitely a wish come true. I loved every second of the satsang, especially chanting Jaya Jaya Shiva Shambho.

Eastbourne, United Kingdom

This afternoon as I stepped outdoors,
My eyes looked up at the grey sky
And there it was—
A rainbow crowning the clouds.
I remembered this was a very special day
In so many ways.
As the colors of the arc warmed my heart,
The fire of gratitude lit up
From the embers of my mind.
I felt renewed…reborn.
I began to sing along in the Universal Hall:
“What a wonderful world!”

Rozelle, Australia

So much love—waves of love, showers of love—washing over me! That is what I experienced while participating in Gurumayi's Birthday Celebration Satsang. I feel like a new person, filled with inspiration and readiness to study and implement the virtue of the day—Sadashayata—so that I can contribute to the upliftment of our “wonderful world.”
I had the feeling that the golden rays of this satsang travelled around the planet and brought about great healing to everyone and everything. I am so grateful.

Großkarolinenfeld, Germany

It was pure joy to participate in this satsang. I felt that I was sitting right before Gurumayi and there was no boundary of space or time. Waves and waves of love for Gurumayi and the global Siddha Yoga sangham were flowing out from my being throughout the satsang
What good fortune it is that we have such a Guru and such a path!  
Janmadin ki jay jay! Gurumayi ki jay jay!

Gandhinagar, India

At this conclusion of Gurumayi’s Birthday Celebration, I was inspired to make this wish: May the wonderful gratitude and joy I feel at this moment continue forever, radiating from my heart and into the lives of all. I want to help keep the flame of love and hope alive in this beautiful world.

Cowichan Bay, Canada

An ocean of love! It was right before us in the form of our beloved Gurumayi—a source of shining rays brighter than the sun, a glittering star which sparkles and quenches the parched hearts of people! This is our Shri Gurumayi! And this was a satsang to remember!

Happy birthday, Gurumayi ji!

Lucknow, India

I have never experienced so much love, sweetness, bliss, and inner contentment in the presence of my beloved Gurumayi. I 'll never forget the beatitude in the smile and the eyes of my Guru, during this celebration of her Birthday. I felt so much compassion and recognition of the beauty in others. I was reminded that the virtues of the heart create “a wonderful world.”

Torino, Italy

What a blessing! What mahaprasad! My heart is moist with immense love and gratitude for the Guru! Throughout the satsang, I had this deep longing to be with my Guru even more—by immersing myself in right thought and right action by following her teachings.
My 5-year-old-son too watched the live stream with me, and my husband joined me after work for the last hour. In every way Gurumayi has blessed us and is always enveloping us in her grace. I resolve to be a Siddha Yoga student with even steadier studentship, devotion, and love.
Janmadin ki jay jay! Happy Birthday, Gurumayi!

Mumbai, India