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Monthly Dakshina Practice

Siddha Yogis Share Their Experiences

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As a Siddha Yoga student, I take it as my responsibility to offer dakshina. I love to offer dakshina with prayers and blessings. Usually I recite Shri Guru Gita or sing Mahalakshmyashtakam Stotram with the intention that the SYDA Foundation be blessed with abundance and prosperity. When I offer dakshina, I feel joy and freedom within. I also experience a feeling of giving and of blessing. My monthly offering of dakshina is a tangible support in my sadhana. When I offer dakshina, I experience that I’m blessed.

Bhandara, India

Through the regular practice of dakshina, I become aware of the immense value of the knowledge I receive through the teachings of the Siddha Yoga path. It is not ordinary knowledge, like how to drive a car or bake a cake.
It is the supreme knowledge—the knowledge that opens the path to Self-realization, the highest attainment a human being can reach.
This supreme knowledge is precious without end.

Unterlangenegg, Switzerland

When I began to deepen my conscious practice of dakshina, I entered a space where there is no distance between the Guru and me. In my experience, offering dakshina consciously strips away unnecessary doubts and quickly dissolves all kinds of knots. How could I not offer dakshina with such a benefit? And also, how can I not invite others to consciously carry out this ancient and sacred practice?

Santa Fe, Argentina

With my active engagement in the practice of monthly dakshina, performed with regularity and commitment, I have come to see with subtler eyes how the Guru’s divine alchemy nourishes and deepens my sadhana, my progress on the spiritual path.   
Each day, when I call upon Guru’s grace to harness the power of the present moment, I experience a vibrant connection, a magnetic pull into my heart. My perception opens to a conscious awareness, a luminescence that is one with my experience of Guru’s grace. From this space, heartfelt gratitude rises.
My monthly dakshina practice has intensified my awareness of being grateful as a means to living an awakened life. The more I perceive life through the lens of gratitude, the more I observe a gradual release of limited concepts and actions, and a greater happiness—allowing me to more easefully access my virtues. My life is filling with increasing moments of contentment, delight, and abundance, strung together like mala beads on a divine strand of Guru’s grace.

Maryland, United States

I've been contemplating the practice of offering dakshina. The word "practice" stood out for me, so I looked up the meaning in the dictionary. Practice was defined as "a repeated and systematic exercise for proficiency." These are the words I heard inside: "Perfect your practice; come to know your own Perfection."

New York, United States

In recent months I have changed my practice of dakshina. Every day now, I put a coin in a box on my puja, before meditating. When the sum is sufficient, I make the offering online and I empty the box. Each morning, when I close my eyes to honor this gesture, I see a network of light that surrounds the planet—and the network of Gurumayi’s light that surrounds the global Siddha Yoga sangham. With each coin that I offer, the network shines brighter and I feel more connected to it. 

In this way, every day my link with the love of the Guru is nourished and, every day, I myself feel nourished by it, very concretely.

Saint Etienne de Crossey, France

When I offer monthly dakshina on the 20th of the month, I sing Shri Mahalakshmi Stotram. I bring my attention to this sacred act of giving to the Guru. I remember that my offering supports the dissemination of the Siddha Yoga teachings. By doing this, I feel a sense of contentment and a stronger connection with the Guru.

I have also started to make a daily offering after reciting Shri Guru Gita. I noticed that placing a coin on my puja opens my heart and sets the tone for the day.

My dakshina practice is an expression of my faith in the Guru. On several occasions I have experienced a feeling of merging with the inner Self through the act of giving.    

Nottingham, United Kingdom

During this unpredictable year, the one trustworthy constant has been my practices and the Siddha Yoga path website.
My sense of security and well-being are particularly strengthened by my practice of dakshina whether it is my monthly practice or my newly found way of making an offering at the culmination of the live video streams via the Siddha Yoga path website.
I feel that with the practice of dakshina I stay connected and close to the Self.

Hampton Hill, United Kingdom

For me, dakshina means offering from the overflowing spring of love in my heart. It is through this practice that I’ve come to realize that this spring of love inside me is bottomless. Offering dakshina strengthens my awareness of the inner and outer abundance.
As I reflect on my practice of dakshina, I pray to Shri Guru for guidance so that I handle my financial dealings with integrity and in accordance with dharma.

Maryland, United States

After receiving shaktipat, it took me some time to connect with the practice of dakshina. At first I experienced resistance and confusion. As I let go of the limiting thoughts and began to engage with the practice of dakshina, it came alive for me. For the past seven years I have had a regular monthly dakshina practice, and I have realized the enormous benefit in my being. In the process of giving, I experience that I am receiving. I have left the house of lacks and dived into the powerful and harmonious current of giving and receiving. I am grateful to be part of such a sacred and mysterious practice!

Santa Fe, Argentina

I grew up with a form of the practice of dakshina through offering a coin in church each Sunday. When I left home, I felt I had no “higher source” to offer to. I felt incomplete to be earning without a way to make an offering. I experienced subtle discomfort and didn’t know how to remedy it.
When I began to follow the Siddha Yoga path, I decided to offer a portion of my income as dakshina, and I was thrilled to have this feel completely right for me. I was living in Africa, and at that time it was difficult to export money. It used to take a whole lunchtime to complete the transaction. Yet, during and after the transfer I felt exhilarated, aligned with my dharma.
Offering dakshina gives me a wholesome feeling. I feel complete and full having a tangible way to show my love and gratitude. During the month of Gurupurnima, I take delight in doing this sacred practice every day.

Heckmondwike, United Kingdom

When I started to practice the Siddha Yoga teachings as a young adult, I remember wondering how I could express my gratitude for the Guru’s life-transforming teachings. During a satsang I learned about the practice of dakshina, and as I progressed in sadhana I felt inspired to commit to a regular practice—much like I commit to my meditation and chanting practices.

The practice of dakshina connects me to a space of gratitude, and the more I offer, the more I become aware of the source of grace and of how much I have received. I feel more receptive and able to recognize all the wonderful experiences in my life.

Vancouver, Canada

Gurumayi has generously bestowed her grace and blessings on me and my family. How can I thank her for her unconditional love and for the abundant blessings in my life? How can I best express the gratitude that bubbles up from the depths of my being? A very simple gesture that I can think of is the practice of monthly dakshina. This practice not only expresses my gratitude for the years of support and guidance that I have received from my beloved Guru, but it also affirms my faith in and support of the Siddha Yoga mission.

Texas, United States

Early in life I was given the worldly advice to save money by putting away a little each month. To do so successfully, I was encouraged to deduct that little amount first rather than hope it would be left at month’s end. By doing so, I developed a level of trust that I could thrive within my means. When I began the Siddha Yoga Monthly Dakshina Practice, this outlook provided a perfect foundation, and the practice has led me to a far greater treasure.

Through practicing dakshina, I have come to know that the ease and joy in my life unfolds naturally from my steady commitment to implementing the wisdom and teachings imparted by my Guru. Even when the glass looks half empty, nothing sustains me more than the Guru’s protection. The practice of dakshina fulfills my heart’s longing as yet another way to devote myself to my spiritual path. I am eternally grateful to Gurumayi for her clear guidance on how to actively engage with all the practices on the Siddha Yoga path.

New York, United States

The practice of dakshina has taught me that to truly give means to truly listen. Giving without consideration for the gift and the person receiving it is empty. Through the practice of dakshina I have learned to listen closely to my world and to try and give what is needed. Through the practice of dakshina my eyes are learning to see through my own masks and learn to give myself better care. Through the practice of dakshina I can hear more clearly the teachings in Shri Guru Gita. Through the practice of dakshina I give myself more fully to Gurumayi and her vision for the world.
How great to surrender to a core practice that I once understood the least, and to find that it’s the one that yields the most fruit for me!
Thank you, Gurumayi, for the great gift of dakshina, as it is helping me to become one with your love.

Colorado, United States

On the 20th of each month, I come before my puja, close my eyes, and visualize a courtyard in a verdant garden as the sun is rising. Gurumayi is seated in the courtyard. I come before Gurumayi, make my offering of dakshina, and pranam. I then give space for my gratitude to arise. Experiences from sadhana and daily life come up in words and images as I connect to my gratitude. After my visualization, I sit for meditation to assimilate my practice of offering.

My monthly practice of dakshina provides a space in the fluctuating experiences of life where I can draw on my dedication in sadhana, whether it is being steadfast while facing challenges as I build my career, or a feeling of serenity as I work in my garden. Having a regular practice of dakshina inspires me to give more to my sadhana and strengthens how I apply the Siddha Yoga teachings in my daily actions.

Vancouver, Canada

After a time of erratic practice, I began to offer dakshina regularly. My life changed. I became more disciplined with money. I became more orderly. I began to understand the deep spiritual nature of the practice of dakshina. Now I’m aware that when I come before the Guru’s chair at the end of satsang and make an offering, a mystical exchange of love takes place.

Through unconditional giving in this way, I recognize that I’m opening myself to the Guru and allowing deep inner transformation to take place. When I ask myself what the practice of dakshina is teaching me about its true nature, I receive such insights as “dakshina is a glorious opportunity to serve the highest purpose” and “dakshina is love itself.”

On reflection, I have realized that when I follow my heart’s impulse to give, what I am offering is pure love, and I receive the highest love in return. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to engage in the spiritual practice of dakshina.

London, United Kingdom

Here is the way I engage in the Siddha Yoga Monthly Dakshina Practice. I begin by taking a moment to relish how priceless Gurumayi and the Siddha Yoga teachings are to me. After invoking these feelings of love and gratitude within, I visualize myself in front of Gurumayi’s chair at the Siddha Yoga meditation center that I attend in Miami. Before me, is a big, beautiful photo of Gurumayi that is lovingly surrounded by photos of Baba Muktananda and Bhagavan Nityananda. With a serene and joyful feeling, I make my offering.

The Monthly Dakshina Practice means a lot to me for many reasons. One of them is that I understand the consistency, discipline, and steadiness of regular practice as an expression of my firm devotion. To me, this steadfastness in sadhana exemplifies what it means to be yogic. In addition, the sweet discipline of my dakshina practice fortifies my engagement with other foundational practices of Siddha Yoga sadhana: meditation, chanting, and seva. In this way, I have come to experience the practices dancing together within me and around me.

 Florida, United States

I started a monthly dakshina practice in 1989. This practice makes me feel as if a bud is blooming into flower as my heart opens. By the grace of my beloved Guru, I am transformed.
I love giving in this way; it makes me very joyful, it enhances my generosity, and strengthens my sadhana, filling my life with abundance.

Texas, United States

During my stay in Shree Muktananda Ashram in the winter of 2015, I began each day with a prayer of gratitude. I noticed a longing in my heart to offer more dakshina. I wanted to give freely, without any concern for what I might receive in return. I was feeling so grateful for receiving the gift beyond all gifts, a living master in my life—Gurumayi!

One day, I heard these words softly arise in my heart: "I am a steward of God's money."

When I thought about "God's money," I had the understanding that everything that comes to me is God's.

I experience joy in being a steward of God’s money and a deep connection with my Guru through the spiritual practice of dakshina.

California, United States

My husband and I offer dakshina as a family. We are very grateful when we are able to offer in a tangible way.
Through the practice of dakshina, I have become aware of the abundance in my life, not just in monetary terms but in the state of my mind as well—my thoughts are becoming more positive. And, when I offer, this question always comes to me: “Who is giving to whom?” While my husband and I may think that we are offering to our Guru, in truth, our Guru has given us this practice which allows us to become more open.

New Jersey, United States

When I contemplated my experience of the practice of dakshina this morning, I experienced a very strong feeling of love – so pure, so liberating. For me it is crystal clear that when I offer dakshina, I do it without expectation, but with the conviction that I am strengthening my connection with the Guru in a very beautiful and tangible way. It is grace itself that opens this practice to me.  

Madrid, Spain

On the day my monthly dakshina offering is received, I perform puja. I clean my room and wave a stick of incense before my puja, consciously connecting to gratitude for the blessings in my life—my family, friends, home, body, breath, mind, and my Guru who is guiding me towards the constant experience of my innermost truth. Then, I chant Shri Mahalakshmi Stotram and meditate.

Honoring the Guru’s tremendous grace as I practice dakshina has expanded my awareness of the Guru’s presence in each moment. Now, no matter whether I’m teaching students, writing, singing, holding a conversation, walking in a park, performing the Siddha Yoga practices, or sitting on the subway, I feel intimately connected to the Guru’s shakti. With each passing day, I feel increasingly aligned with my highest Self no matter what I’m doing, how I’m feeling, or with whom I’m interacting.

 New York, United States

Each morning recently, I have focused on my monthly dakshina practice as I prepare for meditation.

As I begin meditation, I bow to my puja and offer a coin as a symbol of my offering. I visualize making this offering to Gurumayi, and opening to the grace that is always available to me, like a flower opening to the sun’s wondrous light that shines so abundantly on us each day. I express my love and immense gratitude to Gurumayi for this path that is drawing me into union with the love and sweet joy of my own highest Self.

As I meditate afterward, I feel a sense of loving connection to my Guru and to the Siddha Yoga path—a sweet and subtle energetic connection in the heart. I experience the sense that, at a deep inner level, we are one.

Oregon, United States

I began participating in the Siddha Yoga Monthly Dakshina Practice ten years ago. Last month, on the day that my offering was received through automatic transfer, I bowed to the Guru’s sandals on my puja and mentally offered the dakshina with gratitude and with all my heart. Afterward, I meditated. During meditation, I felt an opening in my chest. It was as if a door opened and a powerful light came in and infused my whole body with an abundance of grace and blessings.

After meditation, I was filled with gratitude and the recognition of the Guru’s grace, blessings, and protection in my life. It became very clear to me that every situation in my life happens for the best.

The more I offer, the more gratitude I feel, and the more gratitude I feel, the more I am drawn to offer. This gratitude opens my heart to receive the abundance of grace that Gurumayi is always bestowing.

Sao Jose do Rio Preto, Brazil

In February this year, I sat to make an intention for my monthly practice of dakshina. As I contemplated my intention, I felt my heart expand and extend far beyond my body, and I experienced a deep, still, and gently pulsating space stretching in all directions, vast and limitless. After some time, I saw the word infinity flash before me, and I understood that this infinite space was my source–where I had come from and where I would return.

My intention became clear: to connect with this space while offering dakshina. I understood that when I do this, I come into alignment with the universal law of giving and receiving which connects me with the very source of creation.

Every month as I offer dakshina and invoke the Guru’s grace, I feel as if this space within me awakens. I feel vast, expanded, and infinite, and when I make my offering, I feel as if infinity is offering to infinity.

During the month, whenever I remember this experience, the same sense of infinity suffuses my being. Practicing dakshina regularly, with intention and focus, has illumined a beautiful new pathway to the Self for me.

Bangalore, India

Today, on the day that my monthly dakshina offering is withdrawn from my bank account, I also made my offering inwardly. I sat in my meditation area, closed my eyes, and visualized Bade Baba’s radiant form in as much detail as I could. I bowed, then imagined making my offering to him.

Scenes from my work days of caring for patients flashed behind my closed eyes. I acknowledged the effort I put forth to earn the money I was offering. Then, something wondrous happened–I experienced the fruit of my work becoming suffused with the Guru’s radiance.

Nelson, Canada

I am experiencing so much joy this month by focusing on the spiritual practice of dakshina. The sharings posted by my fellow Siddha Yoga students moved me deeply. Having participated in the Monthly Dakshina Practice for many years, I was inspired to renew my daily practice of dakshina as well: I now offer it at my puja after chanting, reading a daily contemplation, and meditating. This daily connection of offering dakshina to my Guru is profound—the joy and light permeates my entire day!
Thank you, Gurumayi, for giving me the opportunity to grow in love, wisdom, and generosity through this practice.

Massachusetts, United States

I have been offering dakshina since 1997. Last year I resolved to offer it in a different way. I read the shares about offering dakshina on the Siddha Yoga path website. This experience turned my gaze deep within. After long contemplation, I decided I had to purify my practice to align it with divine intention.
First, I changed my approach to work. Now when I start my work day, I tell myself, "I am working so that I can offer my service to God and Guru." When I finish each work day, I feel great contentment from my daily act of service. Then, on Gurupurnima, I committed to offering a percentage of my earnings as dakshina.
My attitude to money has changed; I now feel it's a divine gift from Gurumayi, and I experience great gratitude for all I have received from her.  And my Monthly Dakshina Practice helps me develop the virtues of compassion, caring, generosity, and openness.
Thank you, Gurumayi ji, for the spiritual practice of dakshina.

Basamathnagar, India 

I began offering dakshina out of gratitude—because I could see that following the Siddha Yoga teachings and practices was changing my life in many ways, both tangible and intangible. I could see the transformation that was taking place inside of me, a transformation that made me feel peaceful, happier, more confident—and grateful. Following the Siddha Yoga teachings and practices gave me a new direction, a new way of experiencing myself, and a profound meaning to my life. And I learned in satsangs that dakshina is a Siddha Yoga practice, just like meditation, chanting, and seva.
Many years ago I participated in a course in Shree Muktananda Ashram in which I learned about the nature of abundance. During the course, I reflected on the topic of money; this gave me the opportunity to deepen my understanding about how handling money and using it in a fulfilling way would make all the difference. And since then I have practiced offering dakshina.
The practice of dakshina has shown me on a very deep level that the generosity of God and the Guru sustain me in every area of my life. And offering dakshina to the Guru expands the space of love and generosity inside me.
I deeply appreciate and feel grateful for the opportunity to be able to offer dakshina on a regular basis through the Siddha Yoga Monthly Dakshina Practice.

Guadalajara, Mexico

I have been making a monthly dakshina offering for eighteen years, and do so through an automatic bank transfer. I especially enjoy bringing my awareness to my monthly offering on the 20th of the month, when the transfer actually takes place. On this day I visualize making my offering directly to the Guru.
Once when I did this, I experienced in my heart how much love this offering contains. It was breathtaking! I couldn’t tell how much of this vast love was my love for the Guru, and how much was the Guru’s love for me. And it didn't matter! All I experienced was how vast and how strong this love really is. This experience showed me that the action of offering dakshina is more powerful and meaningful than I can intellectually comprehend.
Later that day, I went for a walk in nature to continue to reflect on my monthly practice. My awareness must have been expanded by my earlier reflection, because it seemed as if the plants and trees were also aware of it, and were thanking me for engaging in this spiritual practice. It felt like a mutual honoring, as if we were bowing to each other.
In that moment I knew that practicing dakshina is a key that opens my heart to the cycle of giving and receiving that pervades all of creation.

New York, United States

Over the past several months, as I have engaged in my monthly practice of dakshina, I have been focusing especially on the act of offering as sacred. On the 20th day of each month, I sit in front of my puja and acknowledge that the offering I am about to make is sacred. Inwardly, I repeat the words I offer. With each repetition of this phrase, I notice that my mind becomes quiet, and I feel my chest and heart expand. My breath becomes deep and rhythmic. Within this space, utter stillness reigns. It is as if my heart is touching my Guru’s heart. In this sacred act of offering, I experience oneness and divine peace.
I find myself returning to this place in times of great activity when I need to refresh my purpose, as well as in times of quiet reflection. As I revisit this space again and again throughout the month, I feel such deep gratitude for this practice and everything that I have received from my beloved Gurumayi.

Missouri, USA

I started my monthly practice of dakshina while serving as a visiting sevite in Shree Muktananda Ashram in July 2017. During this visit, I participated in a study session about the exposition on the Siddha Yoga path website entitled The Transformative Cycle of Giving and Receiving. In contemplating the teachings about the cycle of giving and receiving, I had a new understanding about the practice of dakshina. I realized that in giving, I honor my connection with the Guru. At the same time that I’m offering, I’m opening to receive. From this connection, unexpected treasures come.

One time while I was in the Bhagavan Nityananda Temple in the Ashram, I perceived a golden light rain springing out of Bade Baba’s murti and showering upon my head, along with a feeling of profound bliss. Today, as I offer dakshina monthly through an automatic transfer on the 20th of the month, I visualize myself offering dakshina at Bade Baba’s feet. As I remember that golden bliss, the experience of the Guru’s presence becomes more and more tangible. The last time that I did this, I felt the loving hug of Gurumayi.

 Rome, Italy

In our monthly practice of dakshina, my husband and I express our gratitude to the Guru for her grace and for the Siddha Yoga teachings. It is a beautiful experience. It keeps us mindful of our commitment to this glorious path, and in touch with our hearts.
By consistently participating in the cycle of giving and receiving, we've learned to be more at ease with the ebb and flow of material resources in our lives. We worry less and trust more.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for this great gift!

Colorado, USA

Soon after receiving shaktipat in 1982, I began a monthly dakshina practice to express gratitude for the amazing transformation happening within myself and in my life.
Through offering dakshina, I have received a fresh vision: I realize that each moment holds divine creative potential, and I can choose to make each moment the best it can be. I feel empowered to focus on the well-being that surrounds me and appreciate all that is, to look for the best thought I can think, to feel content where I am and at the same time have an open heart for all that is coming.
Offering dakshina has allowed the cycle of giving and receiving to bear the sweetest fruit in my life.
Thank you, Gurumayi, from the depths of my being for awakening this divine alchemy within me.

California, United States

As a married couple, our practice started with our wish to make regular offerings in the form of dakshina. We felt inspired to acknowledge what we receive, so we decided upon an amount in the budget that felt right. Over time we could feel that we were developing trust in ourselves. As our trust increased, with great joy we increased the amount we were offering to reflect our means.
Offering dakshina is one of the ways we feel we can say thank you to our Guru. We can feel that we are embracing the natural flow of giving and receiving, free of expectations. When we offer an amount of dakshina that goes a little beyond our previous comfort zone, we can feel our happiness expand for being able to walk on this beautiful path with immense satisfaction. We feel that we have made space in our hearts for immeasurable love, gratitude, compassion, and forgiveness. We delight in the conviction that we are on the right path—that we are living, breathing, and moving in the inner abundance of the Guru.

Bangalore, India

Through the Siddha Yoga Monthly Dakshina Practice, I make an offering of dakshina monthly via automatic bank transfer on the 20th of each month. Several months ago I had a profound experience as I connected to my practice. I sat in front of my puja on the 20th day of the month and visualized offering the dakshina to Gurumayi. With my head bowed, I extended my hands, and in the moment that I visualized Gurumayi receiving the offering, the physical form of the dakshina revealed itself as golden energy flowing from my heart to my Shri Guru. I could see that, by way of this practice, Gurumayi was opening the door for me both to offer the essence of myself to God and also, through this alchemy, to know the essence of myself as God.
This experience of the power of the practice has given me an expanded sense of dharma, right action, with respect to my everyday duties as well as my highest spiritual goals. That afternoon, for example, as I sat down to take care of household bills, I took great care to account for and consider every penny with a heightened perspective.
I am so grateful for the beautiful influence that practicing dakshina is having on my everyday life and my spiritual understanding.

New York, United States

I have been on the Siddha Yoga path since I was a child. Throughout my life—as a child, a son,
a teenager, a professional, a husband, and father—I have noticed there has always been a power inside me that has protected me and given me strength. It is grace.  Wanting to give back, I have been offering dakshina on major Siddha Yoga holidays.
When my cousin shared with me about his regular Monthly Dakshina Practice, I felt I had found the way to complete the cycle of giving and receiving. For the past four years, I have been offering dakshina monthly. Offering dakshina has helped me develop detachment. I have also begun to share about my practice because of how much I benefited from my cousin’s sharing.
When I renew my commitment to the practice each year, a sense of contentment arises within.
I have also realized that nothing is mine; I am just a custodian who completes the natural cycle of giving and receiving.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for teaching me the meaning and purpose of dakshina.

Pune, India

When I received shaktipat and began following the Siddha Yoga path in 1989, I began offering dakshina during darshan at the end of satsang at the Siddha Yoga Meditation Center. Then, when the Monthly Dakshina Practice became available, I began offering a portion of my income each month, and I began to have a deeper understanding of the transformative power of this practice.
When I feel contracted in any way, feeling fear or anxiety or doubt, I remind myself to give. I contemplate how I can give, expand, and offer myself beyond that small state; in this giving I find that my heart softens and opens. As I practice dakshina, I remember and trust the love and grace at the heart of the universe.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for the practice of dakshina and the understanding it brings.

North Carolina, United States

I have participated in the Siddha Yoga Monthly Dakshina practice for many years. I also love to make a daily offering. Each morning after lighting and waving a candle to Gurumayi, I offer a coin, close my eyes, and allow myself to become still. I hold the awareness that I am offering a portion of my earnings for the day as dakshina.
Offering dakshina like this has allowed me to experience more and more that each day is sacred. I have been able to recognize my work as the dharma that supports my dakshina practice. And I have found it easier to recognize and enjoy grace manifesting in my life each day, often in simple ways, like remembering Gurumayi, or the teachings, or experiencing the kindness of my friends and family.
Above all, my dakshina practice has allowed me to express my love and gratitude and deepen my connection to the Guru.

Farnborough, United Kingdom

Gurumayi’s Message for 2017 filled me with longing to explore and expand into a deeper knowledge of the Heart. My heart yearned to stretch, to give more, to open wider. Out of that longing, I decided to increase the amount of my monthly offering of dakshina.
I carefully considered the amount to give. The moment I made my decision, I found myself bathing in expansive waves of effervescing love, emanating from a profoundly still and powerful core inside. I sat quietly, savoring that vibrant energy, rejoicing in this deep connection with the Self.
My participation in the Siddha Yoga Monthly Dakshina Practice, with its steadiness and regularity, is one anchor of my sadhana. Each time I look at the 20th of the month on my calendar, the day my offering is withdrawn from my account, I touch a place of sweet love and gratitude inside.

Maryland, United States

The Siddha Yoga Monthly Dakshina Practice has been fundamental for me over the years: it has aligned me with the rasa of the cycle of giving and receiving, and put me in the very heart of the energy of love, of Gurumayi’s heart.
Dakshina equals true wealth in my life—I give in gratitude for more than I could ever say thank you for. In months where something significant happens in my life (a joyous occasion, an unexpected turn of events for the better), I increase my offering of dakshina. This way I remain aligned with the flow of life and grace. I always feel supported, protected, and cared for. The practice of dakshina is Gurumayi’s gift to me.
Dakshina as a practice of the heart has given me the opportunity to share my light in the form of a monetary offering to the Guru. To me, it is an exquisite exchange of energy. And for that I am ever grateful.

New Jersey, United States

For some time the Monthly Dakshina Practice has been a regular part of my sadhana. This practice has given me a sense of contentment and abundance. I have learned that abundance is not something that comes from outside, in the form of money or other material things, but is an inner state of fullness. This understanding has truly changed my experience of life. I have noticed the sense of inner fulfillment grows within me every day.

Naples, Italy

I started participating in the Siddha Yoga Monthly Dakshina Practice in 1996.
When I first decided to participate, I didn’t fully understand the meaning or importance of dakshina. But my heart was so expanded from all the love and grace I‘d received that I just wanted to give something in return.
Afterward, I learned that through the practice of dakshina, we align ourselves with the powerful and sacred cycle of giving and receiving.
Now, I have a deep conviction that I am part of this natural cycle of giving and receiving. And, more and more, I sense my own worthiness and experience the abundance in my life.
One way I know I’m part of this sacred cycle is that when I am facing a challenge in my daily life now, I’m able to turn inward and contemplate what I have received that can help me learn from the situation. As I close my eyes, I can notice how my heart expands, and I’m able to listen to what it has to tell me.
I know deep inside that the practice of dakshina—of offering without expectation—has transformed the way I connect to my heart.

Hermosillo, Mexico

For some time, our family has participated in the Siddha Yoga Monthly Dakshina Practice. We chose the monthly practice, rather than offering dakshina intermittently, to make financial planning easeful. The benefits we receive from our monthly practice have turned out to be much greater than the practical approach with which we began.
With a busy family life, on some days I don’t remember to pause and mindfully acknowledge the power of the Guru’s grace that I know supports our family every moment of our lives. In contemplating our regular practice of dakshina, I recognized that even when I haven’t paused and remembered grace on a particular day, I have expressed my gratitude through this practice.
Each month when our offering is scheduled, I take the time to remember the grace-filled month that we have shared together as a family. Looking back in this way allows me to see how grace has woven itself so beautifully through each day and each week.
I truly enjoy engaging with the joyful practice of dakshina. And, I find great blessings in participating in the Monthly Dakshina Practice in the midst of our active family life.

North Fitzroy, Australia

My first question when starting the discipline of dakshina was: “How much shall I give every month?” I chose an amount that I was comfortable with and began my practice with a feeling of easefulness.

After some time, I thought, “How long will I continue offering this same amount?” I compared the practice of dakshina with the other Siddha Yoga practices. If I want to intensify my practice of meditation, I increase the duration, asking a little more of my body and mind. Similarly, I felt I needed to come out of my comfort zone and increase the amount of dakshina. So, from time to time I increased the amount, stretching my capacity. And I kept increasing the amount.

I offer dakshina selflessly, not seeking any fruit, but what I have received is manifold. Now, I am experiencing a detachment from money. A new idea has surfaced—that whatever I am earning is not only for my enjoyment, but also it is money that can support me to continue this practice of dakshina. Because of this, every time I spend money on something, I am conscious that I am using sacred money.

This feeling of detachment has affected all spheres of my life, and I notice I am relinquishing the feeling of doership.

Pune India

During my japa walk this morning, I contemplated the significance of dakshina and how my sadhana has benefited over the years through my participation in the Siddha Yoga Monthly Dakshina Practice.

An immediate answer bubbled up from within in the form of a warm knowing of my true worthiness, a deep sense of wholeness and genuine well-being. I remembered that my deepest prayer during my first Shaktipat Intensive was to know my own greatness, my own true worth.

On reflection, I realized how the monthly practice of offering dakshina has been a constant and grounding support for my sadhana, strengthening my ability to see God in myself and in others.

Of all the practices, the sweet offering of dakshina is one of my favorites. This love of offering manifests every month as a gently increasing sense of joy and anticipation as the day of offering approaches. Before morning meditation on that day, I wave a special candle and, after offering a pranam, I pray to Gurumayi to please accept our sacred offering. Then, with a grateful heart, I sit for meditation.

Busselton, Australia

The practice of dakshina for me is like putting my heart at the Guru's feet. I experience dakshina as pure grace, as the opportunity for becoming established in the Guru's love. Dakshina is a sublime mystery, simple and unfathomable at the same time. I feel so fortunate to have this practice.

Madrid, Spain

I have been engaging in the Siddha Yoga Monthly Dakshina Practice for about two years. Knowing that I am making a regular offering to my Guru gives me great joy!
Practicing dakshina has helped me become more mindful about my relationship with money. I perceive money as a form of the Guru’s grace; through it I am able to support myself, my family, and sometimes even my friends. Instead of spending money on frivolous things for myself, I have come to value my choices to use money in beneficial ways. For me, the most beneficial and important way to use money is to make an offering to my Guru, who has graced my life with invaluable fulfilment.

 Florida, United States

When I meditated on the Monthly Dakshina Practice, I was transported to an ancient, moss-covered ground with a shiva-lingam. In this place, I experienced dakshina as a sacred, ancient practice alive with Consciousness.

The practice of dakshina has presented me the opportunity to study the vibrant cycle of giving and receiving. Observing this cycle in my sadhana, I have learned that the more consciously I observe, the more clearly I understand what I give and receive, that is, the cause and effect of my actions. This has empowered me to welcome challenges and good times with the same openness, for I have experienced that both have the power to reveal rich learning and an opportunity for joy.

Offering dakshina to the highest has uplifted my life. Doing my best comes naturally when offering dakshina to the Guru. As I practice offering without expectations, my attachment to my own actions diminishes and the inner virtues of generosity and lightness of being shine forth.

The sacred practice of dakshina is a true support in my sadhana. Its value is priceless.

Hawaii, United States

For many years when my son was younger, we had a lovely bedtime ritual. As he was drifting off to sleep, we would offer manasa puja, mental worship. We would imagine going into the Bhagavan Nityananda Temple in Shree Muktananda Ashram and saying good night to Bade Baba. We would offer dakshina and then walk around the murti of Bade Baba, thanking him, Baba Muktananda, and Gurumayi for all of the blessings in our lives. Sometimes my son would share with me that he was offering Bade Baba beautiful flowers or gold, and for many evenings one year, my son offered a big yellow bulldozer! He always made his offerings with so much love, purity, and sweetness.

As he got older, he also saw me offering dakshina when we visited Shree Muktananda Ashram or participated in a Siddha Yoga Family Retreat. He would pranam beside me, and would often want to make the offering directly himself.

He is almost 16 years old now, and every month, as participants in the Siddha Yoga Monthly Dakshina Practice, we offer dakshina as a family. We engage in this practice together by first making the offering at our puja at home and then chanting and meditating. For many years, I have been offering a percentage of my monthly income as dakshina. And now that our son has his own income from a small business he has created, he offers dakshina based on the same percentage.

Offering dakshina is one of the most powerful ways that I can express my great love and immense gratitude to my Guru. Her grace, protection, and blessings are the foundation of my life as well as the foundation for the lives of my husband and son.

Illinois, United States

I have been participating in the Siddha Yoga Monthly Dakshina Practice since 1988. I have always loved this practice, and on the day my offering is received, I perform puja at home.

One sunny morning a few months ago, I was kneeling in front of my puja. It was clean and sparkling. I waved an arati tray, adorned with a flower and a candle, to Gurumayi’s image. I offered pranam and then carefully placed a pink paper heart on my puja, with the amount of my offering written on it. This was a way of illustrating how, through the practice of dakshina, I was giving my own heart to the great Heart.

As the paper left my fingers, I experienced an inner rush of bliss. My mind went still, and “I” became a vibration of love. My awareness was firmly seated in the Heart, and I experienced happiness, peace, and a profound sense of connection. I felt that I was catapulted into an ocean of divine love.

This experience is one example of how, by practicing dakshina monthly, I am reminded again and again of my connectedness to the Guru. My steady practice of offering to the source of divine love has strengthened my ability to experience love, and give love, in my day-to-day life.


California, United States

I’d been participating in the Siddha Yoga Monthly Dakshina Practice for about three years when I was inspired to change the way I select the amount of my monthly offering. I wanted to offer a percentage of my income. In this way, as my income increased, my offering would also increase.

I was moved to offer dakshina in this way because I realized that all the good fortune in my life was a result of Gurumayi’s grace, love, and guidance. The splendor of what I experience on a daily basis, the qualities of my inner state, and the many wonderful ways I am able to express myself with love in this world—how I behave, how I treat people, how I work, and how I serve—were all springing from the divine well of the Siddha Yoga path.

So, after considering the inestimable value of the Siddha Yoga path in my life, and the other ways that I must responsibly allocate my finances, I set the intention to offer ten percent of my income. At the time, this did not feel easy. It took effort to organize my finances so that I would be able to offer dakshina in this way. I created a new budget and re-arranged my spending so that I could make this offering.

As I engaged with this practice in a steady way, I came to realize that I benefit even more than I could have anticipated. By placing my Monthly Dakshina Practice offering as the first item in my budget and the first priority in my spending, I not only experience the joy of giving, I am also continually reminded of where I place the significance of the Siddha Yoga Gurus and their teachings in my life. They are number one! This, in turn, supports me to approach other areas of my life—and their associated triumphs and challenges—with more love, equipoise, and detachment. Wherever I am, whatever I am doing, I know my highest priority. Through practicing dakshina monthly, I cultivate a more constant remembrance of what I hold dearest in this life.

New York, United States

After Gurupurnima last year, I decided to commit to the practice of dakshina each month. Since then, I have been surprised to see that I have more time for my spiritual practices, and I am progressing in all walks of life. I know that, as a seeker, offering dakshina is playing a crucial role in my life. I am experiencing that the practice of dakshina is a means, as every practice shown by Shri Guru is, to my progress on the spiritual path.

As I focus wholeheartedly on this path shown by our beloved Gurumayi, Shri Guru's grace is evident in all areas of my life.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for your never-ending grace, and for always being with me as my very Self.

Valsad, India

When I started earning a wage, I decided on a specific percentage to offer as dakshina. I did this because my father taught me to, and I felt it was a good and virtuous act. However, as I reflect on the impact dakshina practice has had on me, I realize that I no longer look upon money with a mundane, worldly eye. To me, money is the Goddess Lakshmi, whom I receive in the form of my income. With this awareness, I can live dharmically following the path shown by my Guru, and I can sustain life’s responsibilities.

At the same time, by offering a portion of my income to the Guru, I experience that Shri Guru is an inseparable part of my life, and her mission is my mission. Through my offering, I continue to reconnect and feel gratitude for all that Shri Guru has given me. My life is truly blessed.

Thank you, Gurumayi ji, for your countless blessings and your life-transforming teachings.

Ganeshpuri, India

As a young adult born to parents who follow the Siddha Yoga path, I truly appreciate the connection I’ve experienced, throughout my life, with the Guru’s love and teachings. I was fortunate to participate in the practice of dakshina with my family as a child.
My commitment to the Siddha Yoga Monthly Dakshina Practice as a young adult has given me an even deeper experience of my gratitude and inner connection to the Guru. The Monthly Dakshina Practice also provides a clear structure for disciplined practice, which I find quite helpful and important, especially at this stage in my life.
As I’ve reflected on and studied the significance of dakshina, I am particularly moved by the understanding of the natural cycle of giving and receiving in the universe, as described in the expositions on dakshina on the Siddha Yoga path website. Remembering that my own dakshina practice is aligned with the forces of the natural world, I feel connected to the divinity that exists in all things.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for your infinite love and light in my life.

 New York, United States

When I offer dakshina, my heart is full of joy and expansion. As I practice dakshina, I feel my bond of love with the Guru strengthening and becoming deeper every time.

To me, this practice creates a beautiful alchemy in which I offer my gratitude to the Guru and receive the knowledge of the great Self.

Milan, Italy

Earlier in my life, I didn’t understand dakshina as a spiritual practice. As an Indian, I knew it was customary to make an offering when visiting a temple or religious place. However, for me, this was simply part of our culture.

I grew up in a family following the Siddha Yoga path and always loved Baba and Bade Baba, but I see now that I didn’t fully appreciate what it meant to have the Guru in my life. Later, when I experienced darshan of Gurumayi, I felt certain that she was my Guru.

Gurumayi’s teachings have given me so much: fears have been replaced with courage; jealousy with love; anger with forgiveness; and contraction with expansion. Having received all this from the Guru, my husband and I began participating in the Monthly Dakshina Practice. I feel that this, along with offering seva, is taking me to the madhya, to the center of my being.

I know that I can never repay my Guru, but I’m so grateful to have a tangible way to make an offering.

New Jersey, United States

There are so many things to be grateful for on the Siddha Yoga path, so many blessings, many of which I find difficult to fully convey through my words. Practicing dakshina is one way I can concretely express my heartfelt thanks for all the gifts of grace that I have received.

What a wonderful way to make love manifest.

Horsham, Australia

When I began following the Siddha Yoga path, I often worried about the future and having enough to support my life—enough money, enough vacation, enough time, and so on. Sometimes, this state of worry was so present that it made it very challenging to live in the moment.

Then one day after satsang, someone talked to me about the practice of giving dakshina through monthly offerings. I wondered how I could give when I was so afraid of not having enough. The person suggested that I could give what I could afford. So I started to offer dakshina every month. Gradually, my state of mind shifted. My worry started to dissipate, and I was able to live more in the present. I realized that I have enough in my life. I do not have to worry. I have the grace of the Guru, and I have abundance in my life.

For me, this is the power of the practice of dakshina.

Bangkok, Thailand