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Birthday Bliss 2012
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The share that appeared under “Sweep Your Heart” called to mind for me the “sparkle seva” (that is, cleaning seva) that I have offered both at Shree Muktananda Ashram and at the Siddha Yoga meditation center in Rochester, New York. When I am still and focused on my breath, or am cleaning my home or office, my experiences of “sparkle seva” always come to mind. A lightness and expansiveness are present in those memories, which make me want to offer that experience to others.

New York, United States

Last night I had a hard time falling asleep because of some challenges I am facing. I asked Gurumayi inwardly for guidance on how to proceed.
This morning I picked a mango, and to my great surprise it contained an account titled “Ask the Moon Your Question.” It describes how Gurumayi let a little boy know she had heard his question.
Reading this, I realized that Gurumayi had heard my question last night too.  

Willemstad, Curacao

The mango basket with Shri Guru Gita verse 92 reminded me of a sweet experience of Gurumayi’s “gentle smile” and “abundant grace,” as described in the verse. It was my birthday during a difficult period in my life, and I was feeling sad. Suddenly, a light expanded in my heart, and an image of Gurumayi appeared. She was seated cross-legged beside a tray with three oval slices of mango. With the sweetest of smiles and gentle compassion in her eyes, she held her hand up and offered me a slice of mango. Filled with wonder, I made the physical motion of taking the mango to my mouth; I was filled with the sense of being cherished and deeply understood.

Later in the day, when I went to a restaurant, I was amused to see mango on the dessert menu. Imagine my astonishment when it arrived as three oval slices, exactly like the ones Gurumayi had offered me in the vision!

Hastings, United Kingdom

For me, this mango tree represents the Guru—rich in grace and its fruit.

Friuli, Italy

I felt as if Gurumayi was inviting me to choose my mango. Keeping my eyes closed, I saw her in my mind’s eye, and I chose a mango. It was the abhanga “Anandatse Dohi.” I felt full and grateful, as if Gurumayi had filled me with bliss. I sense that I am always flowing in the ocean of bliss, no matter how challenging my external world can seem. I realize that the only time I feel helpless is when I am distracted from my real nature. When I consciously bring my mind back to dwell in my own blessed nature, I reconnect to my experience of bliss.

Cuttack, India

The sparkling-clean marble floor of the Gurudev Siddha Peeth courtyard in the picture takes me back to a time when I was there and was offering sweeping seva. Gurumayi would sometimes walk among us and remind us of Baba’s teaching to “Take a broom and sweep your heart.”
Filled with a strong desire to hear Gurumayi’s voice, I pick a mango, and lo and behold, it is the one in which Gurumayi sings Anandatse Dohi.
My heart fills with sweet nectar and gratitude! The Guru is the wish-fulfilling tree that hears and answers my sincere prayers!

Nora, Sweden

The mangoes in the picture are a delight to behold and to relish! I can imagine how delicious they are, as I tasted them when I had the opportunity to visit Gurudev Siddha Peeth. I was told then that Baba had planted 108 varieties of mango trees around the Ashram and nurtured them with love and with water brought from the Tansa River.
And now, as I click on each mango cluster, I taste the deliciousness of love and knowledge in each one.

Hyderabad, India

The mango I picked led me to a letter to Gurumayi with the title, “Gurumayi Loves Me So Much.” It immediately reminded me of the time my mom and grandmother met Gurumayi.
At the time, I was a young adult serving on staff at Shree Muktananda Ashram. Although my mother and grandmother had not shown any interest in the Siddha Yoga path, they came to the Ashram to celebrate my birthday and because they were always curious to visit new places. When I introduced them to Gurumayi during darshan, she gave them each a silk scarf, which her attendant placed around their necks. To me, it seemed she was honoring them.
Throughout their visit and beyond, they continued to show no interest in the Siddha Yoga path. However, the day after meeting Gurumayi, my grandmother said spontaneously, "Gurumayi treated us so wonderfully because she loves you so much." I could tell that these words came directly from her heart, the place in her—and in all of us—that knows the Truth.

California, United States

How wonderful it is to visit the courtyard in Gurudev Siddha Peeth once again. I feel I am receiving darshan of Gurumayi’s essence here in the company of others in the Siddha Yoga Universal Hall, in satsang! I am grateful for the unique gift within each stem of mangoes. Each mango is delicious and brings me joy, delight, and profound nourishment. My heart is soaring!

Nevada, United States

When I see this artwork, I feel Gurumayi is showering love like sweet mangoes. I have firm trust in her love, and I feel so much love in nature all around me.

Mahesana, India

As I read the teachings behind each mango, the gratitude I feel is immense.  Choosing and reading the teachings, I become tuned to the present moment. And I find myself blissfully connected to Gurumayi. I feel she is holding my hand and guiding me by showering each moment with precious teachings.

Mersin, Turkey

There is so much love here in the month of Birthday Bliss. And after picking many mangoes, I feel my heart opening up so wide it merges with the universal Heart.
I wish to live in this love my whole life.

Pune, India

I feel that each image in this garden of mangoes speaks to me personally and gives me a teaching that suits my life circumstances with great care and love. As I experience this, I feel I’m being guided moment by moment. I sense the Guru’s affection for me and complete peace in my heart.

Chennai, India

What a delightful surprise to come to the fresh, new June website this morning and find myself in Birthday Bliss in the courtyard of Gurudev Siddha Peeth! Such delight just to survey the courtyard and the lovely, shining, delicious mangoes. Such abundance! 
As I clicked on each cluster of mangoes and found the treasure held inside, my heart surged with ever new bliss. So many of my favorite verses from Shri Guru Gita! And the beautiful songs! 
This path fills my heart, especially when I'm feeling deprived in any way. When I'm missing the physical form of my Guru, there I am, in the courtyard of Gurudev Siddha Peeth, enjoying the mangoes of love. I receive reminder after reminder of what lives so fully inside of me and everywhere around me. I'm so grateful!
I wish you the happiest birthday and the blessings of the universe, beloved Gurumayi.

California, United States

When I read the meaning of the bhajan "Avadali Gurumayi," it gave me a great feeling of conviction that by repeating God’s name and remembering him always, and with the grace of all the Siddhas, we can “cross over the ocean of worldliness.”
Thank you so much, Gurumayi, for this beautiful bhajan, which helps me understand the profound meaning of devotion to the Guru.

Chennai, India

After I read the experience described under “Ask the moon your question,” I remembered an incident that took place when I was a child and living in Gurudev Siddha Peeth with my parents. It taught me how Gurumayi always listens to you if you pray from the heart. 
As a child, I really loved eating mangoes—and I still do. One night, it was already 9:30 p.m. and I wanted to eat a mango. My mother tried hard to make me understand that this was impossible, but that we could eat mangoes the next day. I cried and cried, and prayed that I wanted to eat mangoes, and wouldn’t sleep.
Suddenly, there was a knock on our door! And there stood a sevite with a whole basket full of mangoes for me, saying, “These mangoes are for your daughter from Gurumayi.”
I am grateful for this opportunity to “pick a Birthday Bliss mango” as it reminds me of my earlier mango experience and gave me a beautiful way of reconnecting to my heart.

Virar, India

The picture of mangoes is so beautiful and full of joy! When I went to “pick a Birthday Bliss mango,” I immediately clicked on the cluster of mangoes that showed me "Gurumayi loves me so much." My heart was filled with happiness!
When I started reading about the Siddha Yogi’s experience of love for their son, I was reminded of how the Guru's unconditional love transforms my life too.


Chennai, India

Just this morning, when I reached Gurudev Siddha Peeth as a visiting sevite, I saw that Guru Chowk is really filled with an abundance of mangoes. After the morning svadhyaya, I randomly touched one mango, viewing it as a symbol of blessings from nature.
Then, when I opened to this posting on the Siddha Yoga path website, I found the mango that appeared at the same place that I had just touched in real life. And when I clicked on that mango, it contained a teaching which I needed!
Happy Birthday Bliss!

Gandhinagar, India